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Europeans Rioting, Fleeing in Response to New Lockdowns

Going against the advice of the WHO, leaders across Europe are calling for second round of lockdowns in an effort to contain the coronavirus.

The novel coronavirus, also known as SARS-CoV2, causes a disease known as COVID-19. Symptoms include a mild, persistent cough that lasts about two days. The survival rate is almost absolutely guaranteed for most people, but there is a fatality rate of about 6% for the elderly. In most respects, it’s like the flu.

Traffic is backed up for “hundreds of miles” outside Paris, France as people desperately flee the city in an effort to escape more draconian measures of the lockdown, which involves confinement to one’s home, save only by those with paperwork. This measure is to be enforced by police.

A similar lockdown in Spain has provoked similar riots, Germany faces a lockdown for the month of November, and Belgium faces the possibility of another lockdown as early as this weekend.

Previously, the World Health Organization (WHO) has advised against lockdowns, stating the damage that such lockdowns have done to the economy, causing poverty that’s likely to double, and exacerbating the problem of child starvation.

Of course, the leaders of the EU countries threatening their people with lockdowns don’t care about you or your children. To them, the lockdowns are trivial because they are rich and you are not. They are insulated from the consequences of their policies, and care little beyond that. They have the means to eat well for the duration of a lockdown, but did not consider you.

Europeans, stop voting for people who don’t care about you.

Americans, the ball will be in our court in just a few days.

“We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.” -President Donald Trump

Glenn Greenwald Resigns Over Suppression of Hunter Biden Stories

Glenn Greenwald, co-founder of The Intercept, has stated his intention to resign from the news organization in a letter published on Substack.

In his letter on Substack, Greenwald noted the tipping point as being The Intercept’s decision to censor information in an article he authored covering the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

He has posted the original version of his article on Substack.

Greenwald has joined a growing number of journalists who have noted with dissatisfaction the clear left-wing bias of corporate information outlets, which as of late have collectively become pseudo-arms of the Biden campaign.

While corporate media has long held biases, they have become increasingly shameless in their biases, making little attempt to enshroud them in a veneer of objectivity.

When news outlets refused to cover the Hunter Biden laptop scandal because it doesn’t conform to their personal biases, that’s disingenuous. But when they attempt to make it out to be a hackjob or Russian misinformation, they are lying. In either case, they are not anyone you should want informing you.

Glenn Greenwald has been resisting the systematic censorship of his corporate media outlet for a long time. The Intercept’s attempts to censor the content of its own co-founder is ironic considering that they had previously covered the story of the whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

Now, The Intercept is being rejected by its own co-founder, which should give you an idea of how far they’ve fallen. As they are now, they are indistinguishable from much of the rest of the corporate information media, which claims to “side with their audiences”, but in reality they just pander to themselves.

One who observes nothing can learn nothing.