The US Post Office is Now Yet Another Surveillance Agency

A package that I’d ordered from Canada has been sitting in Chicago for about nine days. I’ve wondered what was going on, but now it seems like the Post Office has better things to do.

Like spying on your social media posts.

It seems like the Post Office is now yet another agency of the US government that spies on US citizens, because apparently it’s not enough that we also have the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. doing just that. But the Post Office? What gives?

Email and social media has done a lot to push the Post Office to obsolescence. People have even wondered when the institution would die out, altogether. But the thing about government is that it seldom allows itself to shrink, even when what’s propped up loses its value. That’s because the government is an employer, and employers are made up of people. It’s the tendency of people to stick to their own, and they usually prefer to keep their own employed, if they can help it.

Interestingly, some Republicans have expressed concern that the Post Office has taken to spying. No surprise there. Republicans are the party that has long run on the position of limiting government, and for there to be yet another addition to the collection of massively inefficient government agencies that spy on ordinary people is just superfluous.

The World Atlas lists the US Federal Government as the largest employer in the world. Yet, the government doesn’t usually produce its wealth by offering a service or product, as the Post Office does; rather, the government extracts its wealth through taxation. As a private employer, the Federal Government is an interesting case of a special interest which has an interest in maintaining high tax rates. Because the Republican party has historically favored reducing taxes and limiting government, things that government agencies can be threatened by, it’s easy to see how government agencies wouldn’t be politically impartial, and why the likes of the IRS have historically acted in clear left-wing interests (targeting conservative groups in particular).

And, what do you know, the surveillance is of social media posts, which were already a hostile environment overseen by social media outlets and a tech industry which already have a clear left-wing bias.

At this point, leftism has infiltrated society on just about every level, almost to the point that they can push through nearly anything on their agenda. The only things that slow them down in government is the courts (which they threaten to pack) and the filibuster (which they threaten to do away with). If leftists were to have their way with them, the inefficiency of the government would be the only thing that could slow them down.

And if you think that sounds ugly, think about what it would take for that to change.

Hey, Post Office, thanks for reading my stuff. I like having an audience and all, but do you think you can get back to shipping my package to me?

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