Twitter Quietly Drops Prohibition On Correct Gender Pronouns For Transgender Individuals

I’ve pointed out before that when dealing with horse-puckey of great magnitude it helps to have at least one foot in reality. If you agree, then I have great news for you today: Twitter has quietly dropped its prohibition against use of biologically correct pronouns when referring to transgender individuals from its hateful content policy!

291 replies to 163 likes. What a ratio.

In addition to use of biologically correct pronouns, users may also refer to transgender individuals with the names that they were given at birth, an action called “deadnaming” by transgender individuals who decide to change their names as part of the pretense of being someone they are not.

The majority has never at any point agreed with the transgender insanity. However, the fraction-of-one-percent who have furthered the movement have recently held disproportionate influence over institutions, appealing mainly to the political left who present the issue as a matter of social justice.

However, as the transgender movement continues towards extremes, such as exposure of children to the transgender ideology and actions such as of the deadly mass-shooter Audrey Hale, the public conversation continues to turn against it.

For a short while there, to speak against self-delusion and sexual perversity was to speak truth to power. But with Twitter coming around and becoming stronger as a free-speech platform, the public is enabled to honestly and earnestly discuss the matter, and the flow of the era continues to turn against the sexual deviants.

Personally, I suspect that the perverts are going to turn more towards extremes, particularly the dead-enders who understand that they’ve taken positions that will result in them becoming pariahs at a point when they’ll have lost the ability to influence public policy, and a lasting record of their deviance will remain on the internet for ages to come.

The side of the truth has always been the safest side to be on. For those who got on the side of the trans insanity, their best bet would be to jump ship and pretend that they’ve never been a part of it, wipe their social media as needed, and hope that no one remembers that they once pushed tranny bullshit.

Because at this point, the trans movement doesn’t have much of a bright future ahead of it.


4 thoughts on “Twitter Quietly Drops Prohibition On Correct Gender Pronouns For Transgender Individuals

  1. Reality check

    I really don’t understand why people like you care enough about the way others chose to live their lives that you’ll be vicious and hateful towards them for no reason what so ever.

    I stumbled across this website via the post about Hale so I don’t know if you’re a religious zealot or just a hateful person in general.

    It’s one thing to rally against kids transitioning or being angry with the trans adults who advocate for such matters but to label every single trans person as a sexual deviant & pervert is just utter stupidity. Not every trans person agrees with the crazy extreme side of the movement and not every trans person is left wing.

    Maybe you need to go touch grass or find a hobby that occupies you so you have better things to do than go around attacking people who are just living their lives in a different manner than you.

    1. Raizen Post author

      At no point has it ever been hateful to challenge a delusion, which gender dysphoria and it’s many variants clearly are. If anything, it’s an act of concern for those who are being deceived by that delusion, and can have the effect of preventing a person who is being deceived from hurting themselves or anyone else. The only ones who perceive the act of challenging a delusion to be hateful are those who are victims of the same delusion, because they view any challenge of their delusion as intolerable.

      Because you call yourself “Reality check”, one might expect that you understand the true nature of reality, and that reality is something that exists independent of the mind of any human being, and cannot be influenced by the will of the human mind. When someone believes that they can change physical reality through force of will, that person is said to be delusional, and they are considered to have “magical thinking”, and can be determined to be mentally ill. This is relevant as relates to biological sex, because a person’s biological sex is the reality of the matter, and their gender is an expression of their intellectual acceptance of this reality. As with language when someone says something that is false, when a person who identifies as a gender which expresses a biological sex that they are not, they are wrong. When a person sincerely holds a belief that is inconsistent with reality, that person is delusional.

      Of course, it occurs to me that I’m telling you something that you’re already aware of. But there are people out there who might not be as well off. In any case, if a person wants to play make-believe, that’s their choice. Everyone else has a right to their opinion of that choice, and are under no obligation to play along.

      1. Reality check

        I think you’re missing the main point which is that you calling an adult who makes a random decision about their gender that has nothing to do with children a pervert & sexual deviant is both incorrect and hateful regardless of whether you feel that their decision was right or wrong.

        Regarding the validity of the decision: you said yourself in your reply that there is a difference between biological sex & gender and whilst there are some crazy radical trans people who claim a different biological sex, the vast majority (who are the quiet majority, as is always the case in groups) are simply claiming a different gender, not biological sex.
        Gender is a social construct, that’s the entire reason it’s seperate from biological sex, so if someone feels they fit more into the male side of that or the female side then, who cares? It’s likely true that they fit all but the physical part of that gender description better than they do the other gender.

        The way I see it: if someone wants to be called sarah & use she/her pronouns then it’s no different than if someone else wants to change their legal name or switches their last name to their husbands when they get married. It’s just polite to respect their chosen name and not use their old name.

        A lot of religious people, Muslims especially, change their legal names when they convert, so if I’m suppose to change how I refer to a bloke who use to be named Nathan and call him Mohammad now because he decided he believes in some magical floating being who created the world & lives in the sky – which is a much greater delusion and has many more social implications than simply thinking you are the opposite gender – then what’s the problem with you respecting the name of that same person who use to be called Nathan if instead of believing in a floating at god, they instead simply want to be called Natalie?

        1. Raizen Post author

          I find it interesting that you are as willing as you are to pivot the discussion to the belief in gods, then speak of the belief in a manner that’s belittling. The belief in gods of many kinds has existed for countless eons, apparently for as long as there have been human beings. The belief in gods has been a tenet of stable and peaceful societies in all that time. On the other hand, transgenderism has only resulted in instability in the few years of its prominence.

          You are the one who is missing the point regarding the relationship between gender and biological sex, that being that gender is a communication of biological sex. An accurate communication of this is vital for social stability, considering humanity’s nature as sexual beings. As has been the case throughout human history, the family is a fundamental building block of society, and sexuality plays a role in a family’s establishment. It should stand to reason then that sexually aberrant behavior such as transgenderism is a destabilizing factor for the whole of society.


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