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Things Are Looking Not-So-Grand For Chris-Chan, Right Now

Chris-chan and his OC, Sonichu

Things might not be going well for the infamous author of Sonichu. Just yesterday, Green County Juvenile and Domestic Relations court has decided to send Chris’ case before a grand jury to determine whether to try him.

A grand jury is not necessarily more important or serious than an ordinary trial. They convene to determine whether the evidence is sufficient to try a suspect. The defendant and judge are usually not involved, usually it’s just the prosecution and grand jury. The grand jury need not be unanimous; it need only reach a supermajority (about 2/3 or 3/4) to proceed with a trial. A grand jury gets its name from its size, usually about 23 peers, which is substantially larger than a trial jury.

This presents a potential for either good news or bad news for Chris:

  • The potential good news is that the grand jury may decide not to indict. Thus, he may soon be a free man. Though, this is unlikely, as grand juries have a high rate of indictment. As the saying goes, a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich.
  • The potential bad news is that Chris’ charge may be bumped up to a felony. The J&DR court hearing Chris’ case does not convene grand juries. The court only hears misdemeanors, and Chris’ current incest charge can be tried as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

Because most cases involve a plea bargain, and the case appears to be escalating, many following this case have begun to speculate that Chris may have declined a plea bargain, maintaining his innocence, or may have in some way mishandled the matter, akin to a previous court tantrum over pronouns (Chris has decided to identify as female, though the trans community is not humoring his game).

Based on the information available, the most likely date that a grand jury would convene in Chris’ area would be August 8. At that point, the case would be more public, by reason of the case being considered outside the J&DR court that has been hearing his case up to this point.

It’s unknown to those following this case whether Chris is still being held without bail. In a few days, it will have been a year since his arrest, the maximum amount of time a person may be detained awaiting a trial for a misdemeanor. Where he would go upon release is unknown, as he likely wouldn’t be allowed back to his previous home, as his mother presumably still resides there.

With the basic facts out of the way, it’s time for some viewpoints. First, and this should be obvious, don’t have sex with your elderly mother, no matter how desperate you might be to get some with anyone. If your pee-pee aches, and no one wants to do it for you, you might want to settle for applying the lotion yourself.

Second, if you’re the laughingstock of the online world, you might benefit from a diminished web presence. This especially goes if your historical attempts to manage your reputation have consistently fallen to shit.

Third, and this should go without saying, if you happen to be a lonely piece of work, it might be a bad idea to post a shitty webcomic expressing your abject loneliness in an infantile paracosm populated by a bunch of Sonic recolors. Tempting though it may be.

Fourth, just to get this one out there: Don’t pretend to be a woman to try to win over the lesbians. Lesbians tend to prefer biological females. It’s kinda their deal. I know, people can be so picky.

Chris-chan is what you get when you roll a 3d6 for a Wisdom stat, and somehow get a 1.

Jane’s Revenge Are Trolling Victims

Trolling got its name from the fishing technique that simulates movement. Illustration by Kanzaki Hiro.

Normally, when you think of a domestic terrorist, you think of someone who is only fit to be hung, drawn, and quartered. You don’t normally think of them as someone to be pitied. But when it comes to the typical foot soldier for the emergent terror group, Jane’s Revenge, there might actually be something there to be pitied.

If you don’t know who they are, Jane’s Revenge is a domestic terror group committed to attacking women’s support centers that offer services other than abortions. The terror group is sperging out over the Supreme Court’s decision to honor the tenth amendment of the Constitution by allowing states to decide for themselves the legality of abortion, which doesn’t change anything for the blue states where the majority of abortions are conducted. But Jane’s Revenge isn’t happy unless they are making everyone’s choices for them, all while complaining that anyone who disagrees with them are authoritarian. Except that they’re incapable of being happy, in any case.

Since the ruling, they’ve largely kept their bullshittery limited to vandalism, but they’ve also made explicit threats of harm, with phrases like, “If abortions aren’t safe, neither are you”. Incidentally, they still haven’t been officially designated as a domestic terror group, which goes to show that the designation has no meaning. Or that a group isn’t considered a domestic terrorist unless their ideology goes against the deep state and the establishment uniparty.

So, you might be thinking, why pity them? And I admit, they sound just right for the wood chipper. But to get into why they can be pitied: I think they’re being trolled.

Think about it; domestic terror groups such as Antifa are about getting other people to do things. Their online communities are largely provocateurs that want something done, but they don’t want to face the consequences.

So, they put someone else up to it.

And, as it so happens, there is a seemingly-endless supply of stupid people who are easy to exploit. These useful idiots get pissed off that their political team ended up getting an “L”, so they meander over to a community for Antifa or Jane’s Revenge, where they can get their fill of intoxicating rhetoric from the influencers (who might not even live in the United States). These influencers tend to be quite patient, playing the long game as they groom their victims, who eventually reach the boiling point.

Then, all the provocateurs have to do is sit back and watch as someone else commits the crimes. And if that person gets punished for it, the provocateurs find entertainment in this, as well.

And the saddest part of it all is that the useful idiots sincerely believed that they were thinking for themselves, and that the ideas that the influencers fed to them were their own.

Sorry, it gets sadder. Fact is, there are many, many stupid people out there that can be exploited in this manner. So many, that they’re impossible to avoid. Think about all the people who live in cities who collect checks from the government, even though they don’t actually contribute anything of value to society, all while in a sad state of illusory superiority. Most people think of the Army as the place a person could turn to when all other prospects aren’t looking so great, but the Army rejects those with an IQ of less than 83, which is ten percent of the population. One-forth of Americans believe that the Apollo lunar landings were a hoax. One-third believe that the 9/11 terror attacks were an inside job.

See what I mean? Stupid people are everywhere. And for the influencers, that means plenty of chumps to exploit. And if all they get out of it is entertainment, and the knowledge of being the one that influenced a nutcase into actually killing someone, that’s something they wouldn’t lose sleep over.

At Antifa “protests”, it’s not the provocateurs that throw the explosives. Instead, they hand them out, so someone else will have to deal with the consequences that come with throwing them.

Can the chumps be pitied? Considering that they are likely only being used as tools, maybe. Are they still only fit to be hung, drawn, and quartered? I don’t know, but if someone is that gullible, it’s hard to imagine that they can turn their lives around and become someone that contributes value to society.

Diversity Works Better Without Top-Down Control

One of the talking-points that comes up in politics is diversity. Particularly, racial diversity (though, as my smarter readers are aware of, there is more to diversity than looking different). In this area, the left (particularly Democrats) love to boast that they’re the pro-diversity party, even going as far as to pretend that their rivals are opposed to diversity, as though they themselves were always diverse, all along.

However, that’s a misconception. But it’s a misconception that they’ll feed into, knowing that it benefits them.

The fact is, both sides of the American political climate are for diversity. The difference between them is in how diversity is achieved.

First, the right (usually represented by the likes of Republicans and Libertarians). The American political right believes that diversity should come about naturally, and to this end, a person’s race should not be considered in their endeavors.

Ideally, an employer should consider a candidate based on their merits. If this were the case, people of different races will be present in a large enough business by virtue of the fact that no race is being purposely excluded. Likewise, a college considering an applicant should consider the potential student based on the likelihood that they’d succeed in the environment, without regard to the applicant’s race. Under these conditions, diversity on campuses wouldn’t just be likely, they’d be expected.

Practices that discriminate based on race, such as racial steering and block-busting would be illegal, as they would exclude qualified candidates and applicants based on race.

The left, as exemplified largely by Democrats, has a different approach when it comes to diversity. Their difference in approach provides an excellent illustration in how their political philosophy as a whole differs from their opponents.

The left’s approach when it comes to diversity involves achieving diversity through top-down intervention.

Rather than allowing diversity to occur naturally, the left prefers to pressure employers and institutions to achieve diversity with quotas. As the left would have it, the representation of each individual race in each setting must be consistent with their own ideal of how each race should be represented. Whether this is through equal representation of each race, or consistent with each race’s representation in the general population, the left isn’t always clear.

When you understand the left’s tendency towards top-down controls, even on the societal level, you’ll have an easier time understanding why social engineers tend towards the left.

When you consider the left’s tendencies towards top-down societal controls, the implications should give you the chills, especially if you’re of the opinion that each individual should have the freedom and autonomy to determine for themselves how they live their lives.

And I would think that most people would prefer to make choices for themselves, such as which car to buy, without having the selection limited by a governing body they does not understand the nuances of an individual’s decisions. And, for that matter, an individual should have freedom of choice as to who their spouse would be, without having their selection limited based on race, provided their selection consents. And the couple should be free to produce the number of offspring that they choose, without external manipulation or intervention.

In fact, any form of external manipulation or intervention in any of these choices should absolutely not be tolerated.

However, the left is of a different mind. They are generally more favorable of the idea of top-down control on the part of the government, even as far as engineering society into the shape of their preference. This is in stark contrast with the right, which favors limited government, by principle.

The right tends more towards libertarianism, while the left tends more towards authoritarianism. As one examines their respective policy positions, this becomes evident. The moniker of liberal really doesn’t fit the left very well.

If we were to examine the American political right in good faith, it would be apparent that they desire diversity. Not only that, they have a far superior way of achieving it, which involves a stronger society, by reason of important roles going to the best qualified, rather than to diversity hires.

The left might try to paint this as a pretext for racial discrimination, but there wasn’t much expectation of an argument in good faith from those lacking moral absolutes. While that may sound like a cheap shot, it holds up with the observation that a larger representation of leftists are of the idea that human government is the highest level of authority, and that there’s no truth but power. But that’s an issue for another essay.

T.W.A.T. News: Biden Tests Positive For COVID

It’s been a shaky couple days for news of the health of the worst President in the history of the republic. Just today, the White House has announced that Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID. This announcement comes just a day after Biden stated in a speech that he has cancer, yet another Biden blunder that was clarified by the White House, pointing out that he was referring to skin cancer treatment that he had received prior to assuming the presidency.

The announcement also comes one year after Biden stated that if a person was vaccinated against COVID, they would not catch COVID.

Biden was vaccinated and boosted twice.

Considering the lethality of COVID, it might not be the reason he gets replaced with a better leader. But even then, the current veep is Kamala Harris, who is like a Chuck Norris of evil.

In any case, it’s clear that Joe Biden isn’t benefiting very much from this experience. Especially if he loses his sense of smell, which could end his career of hair-sniffing.

In any case, it’s clear that Biden is not all there. There’s no telling when he’ll fall off another bike, or fall going up a flight of steps. When the time comes, will you have decided what to drink to celebrate America’s return to energy independence?

Anti-censorship Mangaka Wins Seat In Japan’s House of Councillors

In a huge culture war victory, mangaka Ken Akamatsu has just won a seat in Japan’s House of Councillors. He ran as a member of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, and became the first mangaka to win a seat in said house.

By the way, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party is similar to America’s conservatives, and a mangaka is an author of Japanese comic books.

This is a culture war victory because Ken has strong anti-censorship views, particularly concerning manga (Japanese comic books). He’s of the opinion that if westerners are interested in manga, they should have them as the author intended. He was also outspoken against proposed legislation which would have outlawed many doujin (unofficial, independently-made manga) because the legislation in question would have been overly strict in handling copyrights, and made no distinction between drawings and photographs when it came to depictions of nudity.

Considering this, it seems likely that Japan’s mangaka are going to continue to hold strong in resisting western pressure to adopt woke themes in their work, and with a mangaka now championing them in public office, their position is getting stronger.

Because Japanese entertainment is free of woke themes, many are turning to manga and anime as an alternative to the politically-charged comics and cartoons produced by western entertainment companies. Foreign influencers recognized that this is happening, and have attempted to include manga and anime in their sphere of influence, to various degrees of failure.

It was just last year that the president of Kadokawa expressed his belief that manga was more extreme than swimsuit content, and that he wanted the company to change so it would be more likely to be reviewed by western tech companies like Apple and Google. Because his words had the potential to cost his company a lot of money, he was made to take a pay cut, which included paying back back-pay.

Prior to his election, Ken Akamatsu was most famous for Love Hina, a comedy about a boy who made a promise to meet a girl again upon attending a prestigious university, but forgot her name. As he studies for the entrance exam, he becomes the manager of a girls dorm.

It stands to reason that those in the creative arts would take less kindly to attempts to censor them, but things aren’t always so straightforward. With western media companies, it’s usually the companies that have creative control over IPs, and the IP creator usually sides with the media company because they don’t want to risk losing involvement with their own brainchildren. Western media companies tend to bow to vocal minorities, in part because they wish to avoid the potential for negative publicity, but also because western activists tend to be entitled and belligerent. Worse yet, western media companies tend to lack either courage or principle.

Japanese media companies tend to be more principled, and what’s more, because the manga industry is highly competitive, mangaka tend to make fewer choices that would risk alienating their audiences.

Principled and based.

Japan now has someone in their House of Councillors to represent mangaka and those who read manga, and he has a strong anti-censorship position. The woke mob continues to lose ground.

The UN Yeeted An Op-Ed Touting Benefits of World Hunger After It Trended


Yesterday, an article published by the U.N. touting the benefits of world hunger (for the ruling elites) had caught my attention. As I read the article for myself, I anticipated it to wind up with “just kidding” or “this is sarcasm”.

The short essay concluded with no such indication, and came off as sincere advocacy for exploitation of the hungry. The article was originally published in 2008, but resurfaced at a time when global food shortages were anticipated.

As you might have expected, the moment the connected world took notice, it started trending. Then, the U.N. yeeted the article from their page, never to be seen or heard from again. Rest in peace, you beautiful bastard.

Just kidding. The article was archived, so you can still read it. Once something is on the internet, it’s up forever.

Consider what author George Kent had posted from the perspective of an employer. For many employers, particularly the unethical ones, it’s considered a dream come true when there are hundreds of applicants for each position, with each one willing to do the job for minimal compensation. I’ve seen a supervisor tell his crew as much.

Kent makes a point when he points out that there are exploitative relationships that aren’t legally classified as slavery. When a low-skill worker attempts to live off minimum wage, they usually have to endure whatever they have to with their employer, because they live hand-to-mouth, and can’t afford to miss a paycheck.

If this scenario hits close to home, perhaps the best advice I could give is to try to get into a skilled trade. A person could get into plumbing or masonry or what-have-you with relative ease by seeking out an apprenticeship, which is usually paid. If there is a career center near you, they might be able to set you up with an opportunity.

If you’re wondering whether the article was serious, here’s the U.N. on Twitter, assuring us that it was satire:

Oh, yes. Satire. Seems legit.

Does it really not occur to the U.N. that they’re central figures to conspiracy theories all over the world? Or that many people all over the world are literal-minded? Or that sarcasm is not carried very well with the written word, especially when something is translated (something that has a high potential of happening with their articles)?

Of course, when the article was first published (in current-year-minus-fourteen), the author likely didn’t anticipate that everyone would be on edge in the face of global food shortages.

But in an odd way, Kent may have provided us with a warning of exploitation that can be expected in the months to come. Those of us in the first world wouldn’t have it so bad, but things can get really nasty in places where food shortages were already a problem.

Don’t be hard on the author, as his article was written in a different time (and could have used more indication that it was satire).

But, in any case, food shortages are anticipated. Are you doing what you reasonably can to prepare?

Watch the Georgia Guidestones Get Wrecked

Ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, the Georgia Guidestones being destroyed:

I prefer to call them the Georgia Geldstones, because they’re sometimes referred to as the “American Stonehenge” by those whose pet ideology involves tricking young boys into having themselves neutered after convincing them that they’re actually girls. However, the Georgia Geldstones are a Stonehenge in the same way American cheese is a cheese: it’s a shitty failure.

No one knows for sure who set the Georgia Geldstones up, but it’s believed that their anonymous builders intended them to be a lasting set of instructions for how to manage the world after a nuclear war. Whether a nuclear war is specified or not, it’s still troublesome that one would believe that they’d be an ideal set of instructions for how to manage a global society, at all. That’s because the first set of instructions involved setting the global population to a very low number:

1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

As of this posting, there are around 8 billion people alive. So for the Neuterati to achieve their vision of an ideal society would take a shit-ton of murder.

Then, as if it weren’t already clear that the Geldstones were set up by the kind of shits you wouldn’t share a lunch table with, here’s the second commandment of their blighted religion:

2. Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

Ideally, people decide for themselves who they partner with, and how many offspring result. To say so wouldn’t be telling any decent person anything they didn’t already know.

However, the Neuterati have their own ideas for how you live your life, and they want to make your most personal decisions for you. This makes them your enemy.

The real Ten Commandments concern personal conduct, including commands not to murder, steal, commit adultery, or bear false witness. None of the ten commandments of the Georgia Guidestones mention anything of the sort. It might be that the people behind the Guidestones have a problem with the real Ten Commandments. Or maybe they prefer to recraft society in its own image, and then proceed to micromanage every human being.

Most of the rest of the commandments on the Geldstones aren’t terribly noteworthy, and may even fall into platitudes that don’t mean anything. However, the tenth acknowledges “nature”, the Moloch of the secular age:

10. Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.

I stick to my own kind: the human kind. Any reasonable person would. In contrast with this, the Neuterati view humans as a problem. They have declared war on mankind, and have placed their manifesto in plain sight.

The Neuterati have their own religion. “Nature” is the name of their god. “Sustainability” is the name of their altar. The scalpel is the sparagmos with which they tear our children apart. And the Georgia Guidestones were among their graven images.

Until they were destroyed.

Review: Girls’ Last Tour

Genre: Slice-of-life, science fiction
Studio: White Fox
Original Author: Tsukumizu
Status: 12 episodes as of 2017
Platform: Amazon Prime

Sometimes, it comes out of nowhere: an anime that you’ve never heard of catches your attention. You give it a watch, and it surprises you because what you just saw was effectful for how understated it was, and for how little attention it gets. And it’s thoughtful enough that one can ponder its themes days after watching the finale.

Girls’ Last Tour (GLT) features Chito and Yuuri, a couple girls journeying through a desolate futuristic cityscape aboard a kettenkrad (a small, WWII-era utility vehicle). As they journey, they converse with each other, make discoveries, and learn more about their world through these discoveries.

Here’s the official trailer:

While one might imagine a post-apocalyptic setting to be grim, dark, and edgy, GLT is lighthearted in tone. While the girls do sometimes make difficult choices concerning their own survival, the survival aspect is eclipsed by the philosophical undertones.

The Girls’ Last Tour anime is based on the manga of the same name, authored by Tsukumizu. Those already familiar with the manga will see that the anime follows the manga closely. But while the manga has a messy but emotive look (comparable to Ueda Hajime of FLCL fame), the art in the anime has a more basic, clear look. In either case, it’s clear that both manga and anime are made with a whole lot of heart.

As is typically the case for slice-of-life programs, there is a particularly strong emphasis on the personalities and interactions between the characters. In GLT, the stakes are a lot higher due to the fact that there are only two main characters.

The main characters are Chito, a diminutive and reserved character who is often quite meditative, and Yuuri, an impulsive, free-spirited person who wears her heart on her sleeve. The two are nothing alike, resulting in the two frequently expressing difference of opinion as they find themselves in different scenarios. Which is one of the joys of this show.

The differences between the two characters makes their positive attributes more evident. Chito is a bookworm, but Yuuri doesn’t know how to read, so she’s slow to see the value of books, or keeping a journal. Yuuri is more physically inclined, being a better aim and being better at swimming. Neither one of the two can do everything on their own, a point that their experiences prove well.

The two sometimes beat each other up.

Perhaps I’m imagining it, but it seems to me as though GLT does more to portray Chito in a sympathetic light. Which is perhaps to be expected concerning an introspective character in a light-hearted, philosophical slice-of-life anime. But there are times when Yuuri’s relatively care-free approach wins out, and makes Chito’s concerns seem perhaps unnecessary. One of the two is more prone to worry, and while the case can be made for that being beneficial for one’s survival, sometimes the case can be made for worrying very little.

Over the course of their journey, the girls find joy in the little things: food that they find, fuel to top off the kettenkrad, enough water to bathe in, and sometimes the odd artifact. In rare cases, they might even find another human being. And there is a lot to find in the huge, multi-level city that is GLT’s setting.

Sometimes? Often.

As one watches GLT, they may take an interest in the show’s lore. What is the girl’s mission, if they have one? Where did they come from? What is their destination? How did the city get to be in the condition it’s in? How far ahead in the future is the setting?

The show doesn’t do much to answer these questions, aside from the occasional clue. But it seems as though answering these questions isn’t the point. For all the worldbuilding that’s there, it serves the purpose of providing the characters with a setting. Having established the setting, the focus of GLT is the interactions between the protagonists. And Chito and Yuuri are two characters that reflect off of each other so well that to dedicate an episode just to expanding lore would seem like a distraction.

No one will card you after the world ends.

And when we get into the brain-fuel that GLT provides, I almost don’t care how the world ended. Besides, there are many, many anime out there that’ll happily tell you the many creative ways that the world could end. And personally, I think there’s more new ground to be covered when the purpose of life is pondered by two girls who can easily find joy in what they find, rather than be miserable that they don’t have what someone else has.

Having watched the first season, I wondered whether there would be more. The 12 episodes we have now account for most of the manga’s story. However, the few chapters that are left would only fill a few episodes. Thus, a second season seems unlikely to happen unless it involves a lot of filler. And it’s been a few years since season one concluded. Thus, it’s unlikely that Girls’ Last Tour will be picked up for a second season.

Thus, if you’re interested in how the story concludes, the fifth volume of the manga picks up where the anime leaves off, while volume six closes out the series.

Girls’ Last Tour season one gets a score of 8.5 out of 10.

Girls’ Last Tour is a lovingly-crafted, intelligent show. I recommend giving it a watch. Then, go out there and live the best life you can live.

Beavis and Butt-Head Discover That They Have White Privilege

It’s been a decade or two since I’ve watched Beavis and Butt-Head. I thought that, after the initial attempt to revive the series, that was it. As it turns out, there’s more coming, and it seems the two are going to college.

Considering the current college environment outside of trade schools, it’s easy to picture them as places where they belong.

I also don’t remember them being this funny. The clip below is of the dimwitted duo discovering that they have white privilege. They then proceeded to interpret it their own way.


It flew under my radar, but just days ago (on June 23, 2022), a new Beavis and Butt-Head movie was released on Paramount+, called, Beavis and Butt-Head Do The Universe. What’s more, two seasons of the Beavis and Butt-Head TV show are in production, also for Paramount+.

If the new Beavis and Butt-Head episodes are going to be this hilarious, I might give them a watch.

Feast Your Eyes: One Redditor Wants To Turn the Masses Into His Personal Army

A user on Reddit by the handle of ripitthrowaway wants to try to usher in a bloody revolution, and he wants to mobilize his own personal army to turn his sick wishes into reality. To this end, he made a post on Reddit encouraging his fellow Redditors to go fight his battle for him.

It can be appreciated that Libs of TikTok and others like them bring this kind of stuff to our attention. Because otherwise, the vitriol-filled missives of the terminally-online who think they know the world better than the rest of us would have gone largely unnoticed, lost in a sea of impotent rage.

Because Twitter is infamous for deleting Tweets that make their guys look bad, here’s a cap to ensure you don’t miss it. Check it out, because this shit is gold:

The kid shows his hand in the last paragraph. He doesn’t want to do it; he wants other people to do the dirty work for him.

I want to know what it is about city life that makes the leftists there believe that they’re smarter than they really are. You probably know what I’m talking about, it’s the leftists there who have no idea how their food is made, make fun of the people who produce it for them, yet happily accept that food when it’s been heavily processed, treated with preservatives, and shaped. What they don’t seem to realize is that people who don’t live in the city tend to have a strong understanding of how the world works, and they prefer to use that knowledge to avoid living in the city.

City-dweller or not, you’re probably bright enough to understand right away why this guy’s little fantasy would quickly fizzle out. For one thing, can you imagine how quickly a gaggle of protestors would get tired walking around in a rural area? This would give you an idea of what we’re talking about:

If they were hoofing it, they wouldn’t make it very far before they’d want to retreat to their dwelling-cubbies to drink off their sorrows while immersing themselves in entertainment. This would especially be the case for those among them as heavy-set as the typical American.

But okay, suppose some of the protesters were among the city-dwellers who owned automobiles. At that point, their bloody raids would turn into logistical nightmares. That’s when they’d get hit with the reality of what their buddy did to the price of energy.

It wasn’t long ago that the cost of gas was that low.

But that’s not the most obvious reason why messing with suburban and rural folks is a bad idea. You don’t need to go far outside of town before you’d find yourself in 2A country.

Do I really need to say much? Messing with people who have piles and piles of guns is a really bad idea. There’s no need to labor the point. There’s a reason why protestors generally stick to cities, where the main resistance they come across would be officers, who usually try to arrest them instead of kill them.

By the way, I do appreciate the Supreme Court’s foresight in upholding public concealed carry right before overturning Roe v Wade. The timing is just exquisite.

Anyhow, Redditor ripitthrowaway is yet another oversized child who is angry that he didn’t get his way, so he tried to sic Reddit on the Ultra MAGA who disagree with him.

If you’re wondering how he’s doing, this should tell you plenty:

The game he talked got him some negative attention. And, as it turns out, he just couldn’t take it. So much for his bloody revolution.