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Neil deGrasse Tyson is Not a Scientist.

The following tweet from Neil deGrasse Tyson is ignorance, distilled:

Neil deGrasse Tyson is not a scientist. He is a social commentator. He is distinct in that his opinion is delivered with a flavor of science.

What’s interesting about his above statement is that it’s almost true, if one would only make a simple word substitution. If one were to replace the word “Science” with “truth”, he would be entirely correct.

There are three great things about truth:

  1. The truth exists regardless of whether anyone accepts it.
  2. The truth exists independent of anyone’s opinion of it.
  3. The truth exists whether “Science” agrees with it, or not.

The implication that “Science” must always be agreed with is dangerous to actual science. Real science is not about determining something to be true, then refusing to further question it. Actual scientists are skeptical, even when it comes to observations that have been repeated and are taken for granted.

Again, Neil deGrasse Tyson is not a scientist, regardless of what his accolades or diplomas actually are, or how he got them. He is a social commentator. He has an opinion, it is an opinion that is central to his commentary, his opinion is not difficult to figure out, and once you know what it is, you already know much of what there is to know about him.

Real science requires skepticism, and Neil deGrasse Tyson doesn’t have any.

Sharing From My Playbook: How I Argue Against Idiots

Sometimes, you get into an exchange with someone who is trying as hard as they can to justify themselves. The effort is there, but the capacity is not.

What does one do when they are arguing against someone who is plainly an idiot?

I can tell you what I do. Normally, it’s not a great idea to share from your own playbook, but I think that this approach is so effective, that the benefit to be had outweighs the setback that comes from putting it out there.

When I argue against an idiot, what I do is I allow them to take the floor. I ask them to explain their position, and allow them to spend as much time as they wish to do so. But as for me, my participation in the exchange is minimal.

This works well due to the misconception that if only one person is participating, then the one person who is contributing wins by default. That very assumption is simply not true.

Simply put: The more time a fool spends with his mouth open, the greater the potential for him to put his foot right in it.

Because you’re allowing the idiot to ramble on and on, you’re giving him more opportunity to slip up. There’s no need to call him out on it, either. The foolishness of their position and every blunder that they make are all immediately evident to anyone who is of at least average intelligence.

And what makes this work so well is the fact that, when you allow an idiot to speak to his heart’s content, he’ll think you’re doing him a favor.

When you allow idiots to argue long enough, you tend to notice a few things about them. For one thing, they tend to be characterized by illusory superiority. From what I’ve seen, they tend to be proud of whatever accolades they have, such as a college education. Most of us know that the hard part of most degrees is paying back loans afterwards, and most college programs amount to just showing up and wiping from front to back. Yet, an idiot would proudly boast of their accomplishments in an obvious effort to validate their superiority.

They also tend to appeal to authority quite a bit. Often times, they’ll think that their position is the pro-science position, and assume that any idea that’s scientific (by their reasoning of how science works) must be universally accepted by anyone who is of a sound mind. In many cases, they’ll get their “scientific” ideas by reading about studies on some content-aggregator website, not aware that what data that was trickled down to them was what made it through the filter of the aggregator’s biases.

They’ll let other people do the legwork for them, unaware that they’re merely being served a narrative under the guise of science.

Another thing you’ll notice about them is that they tend to simultaneously hold conflicting viewpoints. That’s not that unusual for people, but the nature of the conflict tends to be more egregious among those who think too highly of their own brilliance.

A notorious example is among intersectional feminists. They claim that they are about women’s liberation, but at the same time, they insist that all women do things their way. If a person insists that an entire category of people must march in lock-step with them because they believe that their ideas are better, they’re not about liberation, at all.

In other cases, it’s the ironic atheist who fancies herself a non-mystic, has plenty to say about your religion, but still attends dormroom seances and checks her daily horoscopes.

Another way that an idiot shows their hand is through psychological projection. This is particularly the case among the intersectionalists, or really just about anyone who tends to assume that the worst qualities are an innate feature among all human beings.

Often, the idiot would assume that if given the opportunity to commit a crime and get away with it, most people would go ahead and commit the crime. When you understand how idiots tend to project their shortcomings onto others, it becomes clear that the idiot is revealing more about themselves than other people. This is particularly revealing when it comes to the people who assume that people are inherently racist, or, more alarming still, those who believe that humans are rapists by nature. And it pretty much tells you what you need to know about those who believe that strangers are child-abuse waiting to happen.

What they fail to comprehend is that not everyone has their sensibilities, and the real problem is with themselves, and not so much with the people that they observe.

As I’ve pointed out before, those who virtue-signal the hardest usually do so with a guilty conscience, often because they themselves have committed the crime they speak so vociferously against.

There’s an expression: Never correct your enemy when they are making a mistake. In time, you learn to recognize those who err the most (and the hardest). In many cases, they’ll attempt to speak over you. But what they don’t realize is that, when you allow them to do so, you’re really not doing them any favors.

The surest way to expose a fool is to permit him to speak.

Diversifying Energy: Stating the Obvious

Sometimes, someone says the most obvious thing, and it’s just what everyone needs to hear. In this case, it’s former Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette, in an interview with Fox News.

Yes, Fox News, the program that impressionable morons teach other impressionable morons to piss all over, because it might expose them to ideas that aren’t their own.

On Fox Business, Brouillette points out that it’s better to have more than one source of energy, which may even include non-renewables:

Within days of taking the President’s seat, Joe Biden pulled the plug on the Keystone Pipeline, putting 11,000 people out of work, because his idea of pursuing renewable energy is destroying what’s established while work on alternatives is still underway.

As if it weren’t already obvious that this was a stupid strategic move, Texas is paying the price for its over-dependence on wind power after having seen its wind turbines freeze during a winter storm. It gets worse: while many Texans are still without power, another winter storm threatens the state.

While leftists might just make Biden out to be a victim of poor timing, Texans are the greater victims of left-wing ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, I think renewable energy sounds great. However, it’s implementation should be strategic, which may even take the admission that fossil fuels may be the most practical choice for a little while.

Environmentalists like to say that there’s a lot at stake. But if that’s the case, then all the more reason to take a more deliberate, thoughtful approach. Surgery is performed with a scalpel, not a battle axe.

Two Different Terrorist Bomb-Making Classes Go Awry Within Days

It’s already apparent to most of us that Islamic terrorists are on the wrong side of things. But if they are the type of religious folk that are dim enough to consider coincidences to be signs, these past few days would give many of their kind pause for thought.

Days ago, ISIS held a training class on how to make bombs. But just because they held a training class doesn’t mean that they know what they’re doing. A class went wrong when a bomb detonated, killing 21 of them. And because the blast alerted authorities to their presence, another 23 of them were arrested.

Not enough schadenfreude? Mere days later, a Taliban bomb-making class also went wrong, lightening the world by thirty incompetent terrorists.

The cultures of both groups are characterized by a certain grim fatalism flavored by overly-legalistic religion, and they had every intention on killing other people with their craft, which makes it kinda hard to feel bad for them.

According to their theology, had they died while actively engaged with an enemy, each of them would have been treated to 72 virgins in paradise. Doing the math, a product of 3,672 virgins would have missed out on the opportunity to perform favors for a small group of cave-dwelling fanatics.

If being religious to you means making financial decisions based on things like the contents of fortune cookies, that’s just stupid. But if you decide not to become an Islamic terrorist because they’re accidentally blowing themselves up out of hilarious incompetence, then you obviously think too hard to join the world’s deadliest flat-earthers.

The Star Wars franchise is still being threatened with Rian Johnson’s trilogy.

Rian Johnson, passing up the high ground

If at first you don’t succeed, keep chugging away at what resulted in failure. That seems to be Disney’s approach with Star Wars.

Sariah Wilson has announced on Twitter that Rian Johnson’s trilogy of Star Wars films is happening:

This news comes days after Disney fired Gina Carano for having a non-establishment opinion. That in itself was a poor choice, which makes the Rian Johnson announcement seem like a poor attempt at damage control. But it doesn’t make the situation any better for Star Wars, because the fans don’t want Rian Johnson making another Star Wars film, in light of the disaster that was The Last Jedi.

The indications we have so far is that Rian Johnson’s trilogy won’t involve the “legacy” characters. If his stories were to take place in a separate galaxy, then perhaps we can take relief in knowing that Johnson can’t do much more damage to the established material.

By Johnson’s own admission, things like world-building don’t interest him. That’s really a shame, because that’s one of the finer elements of writing. That also makes him the kind of person you wouldn’t want directing a Star Wars film, and certainly not a trilogy of them.

If you’ve cancelled your subscription to Disney Plus, it seems like your timing was great!

Photographers are trying to make Joe Biden look saintly, and it’s deeply unsettling.

I doubt I’m the only one who noticed this, but there has been a surge of photographs in legacy media that depict Joe Biden as though he has a halo.

It seems deliberate. The picture puts Biden’s head directly within a circle in the background, usually yellow, that’s just a little larger than his head.

In classical art, when an artist wanted to ensure a viewer knew that a person depicted was a saint, a bright yellow circle (a halo) was placed behind their head.

Crafters of religious symbology were excellent early marketers. They understood what patterns and shapes that people responded more favorably to, and used this to get a desired reaction.

Are leftist media outlets conspiring together to get the American public to view Joe Biden with the same reverence and devotion as one would a religious figure? If so, what does this say about their fanaticism, or for that matter, their ability to speak impartially concerning him?

Disney Screwed Up: “Cancel Disney Plus” Now Trending at #1

The Mandalorian Star Gina Carano posted to Twitter comparing the dehumanization of the political right to the dehumanization of Jews in 1940s Germany. As she pointed out, this dehumanization leads to a certain justification for atrocities to be committed.

The legacy media are currently working hard to ensure that Gina’s words are interpreted in the worst way possible, telling you how they want you to interpret them, but not telling you what she actually said. Speaking of, here is what she actually said:

“Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbors…even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbors hate them simply for being Jews.

How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?”

Gina Carano on Twitter

You’re free to tell me how it’s intolerant to point out that Jews were demonized to the point that their own neighbors were attacking them.

The Twitterazis, upon determining that someone had a thought not in lock-step with intersectional leftism, acted as predictably as sunset. But Disney took things much further: by firing Gina Carano.

Just to remind you, this same Disney has no problem with keeping a director in their employ who used Twitter to wish a violent and bloody death on children who disagreed with him, via wood chipper:

Jack Morrissey, who, interestingly enough, used the German version of Twitter

Which goes to show that if Gina’s opinion were to incite violent, deadly mayhem and be multiplied in insanity by a factor of 100, she’d still have a job if she had simply taken the other side.

Another cool Disney fact is that they filmed Mulan in the Xinjiang province of China, where the Uighur genocide was (and is) taking place. Disney then thanked the Chinese Communist Party in the movie’s credits!

In spite of, you know, the concentration camps, re-education programs, forced abortions, sterilizations, and torture. That boiling blood sound is probably coming from you.

Disney is now beginning to pay for their indiscretion, as #CancelDisneyPlus is now trending #1.

Come to think of it, why not cancel Disney Plus?

With how bad the sequel trilogy was, it really seems like Star Wars’ finest moments are behind them. Dave Filoni did great with The Mandalorian, but where does the series go, considering how season two ended, and with one of the most talented members of the cast no longer in Disney’s employ?

Then there’s Marvel. The big-bad of the franchise, Thanos, is no longer relevant. Wandavision is interesting, but I don’t have a strong attachment to it. I’ve watched each of the MCU movies that they have up, unless there’s some hid somewhere under Disney Plus’ menus that I’ve missed.

But what else is there? There doesn’t seem to be anything else Disney Plus has to offer that interests me. Does continued access to movies I’ve already watched justify a continuing monthly charge to my Verizon account?

At this point, it seems more appealing to turn to streaming anime. That was an attractive option to begin with, but gets even better when you consider that the Japanese won’t pollute their products with intersectional politics. Japanese animators are more interested in making quality products than activism, and as a result, the products that they produce are actually entertaining.

Is Disney even aware that they don’t have a monopoly on entertainment, and that alternatives exist? Japanese manga is destroying American comics (comucks?) as it is. Disney needs to come to realize just what activism is doing to their brands.

The Collector: Like suicide.
Thanos: So you do understand.

Dialogue from Avengers: Infinity War

AOC Lied: She Wasn’t In the Capitol Building During the Riot

If you’ve been watching the news your grandpa watches, you’ve probably already seen AOC’s recent rant in which she complains about her near-death experience at the Capitol building during the January 6th riot.

If you’ve been using the internet instead, you know that she complained that she felt threatened by the security personnel whose job it was to protect her, because even when it comes to perceived danger, it matters more to her how she feels rather than what she thinks. And she apparently thinks little of taking the people who protect her, and throwing them under the bus.

AOC has just been treated to a second helping of her foot. It turns out that she wasn’t even in the Capitol building at the time of the riot. When she said that rioters forced her to take shelter in a bathroom, she was making the whole thing up.

Having watched video of AOC already, I can tell you that she doesn’t come off as having the stability and confidence of a leader. She comes off more as an eccentric aunt trying to shoo an annoying boy out of her room, so she can retreat to some comfort animal that she takes with her to a supermarket in her purse.

She doesn’t come off as the kind of person who has ever faced any legitimate danger. I doubt that she’s ever been struck by a car. I doubt that she’s ever been attacked from behind with a skateboard. I also doubt that she’s ever gotten into a fight and left some guy in the mud, saved her best friend from drowning, challenged the neighborhood ruffians who were harassing a friend even though outnumbered, or stood up to kids who were bigger (multiple times).

But I have.

But as for AOC, she’s not for real. She’s not hard or street. AOC is only frontin’. She can take that fake stuff, and get out of here.

John Kerry says laid-off energy workers can “make the solar panels”

Photo credit: Cliff Owen, AP

Over 11,000 energy workers were laid off in light of Joe Biden’s executive order terminating the Keystone pipeline, leaving climate czar John Kerry with the question of what becomes of these workers whose livelihoods became fatalities in the inexorable march of “progress”.

Thankfully, Kerry has an answer. After all, for a person whose plans involve a radical transformation of society to not have a carefully-laid-out and considerate plan would be irresponsible.

Here is what Kerry had to say:

“What President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people to go to work to make the solar panels,”

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry (source)

Over 10,000 people were laid off? They should undergo career changes, likely involving a few more years of college education in a skilled trade, doing whatever it is they’re supposed to do to keep their families fed in the time it takes for that to happen, in the hopes of becoming inexperienced applicants in fields that will likely already be fully-populated in the time it takes to get their degrees! Isn’t it obvious?

Just how naïve can a person possibly be?

I wasn’t really expecting a career politician to have any idea what it’s like to have participated in the job market in the last decade, but certainly he could have given a better answer than the equivalent of “Just undergo a career change”, as if these thousands of workers weren’t already being made to compete with the millions of Americans sent to the unemployment lines during the lockdowns last year, on top of the millions of people who were already unemployed, to try to undergo a career change at a time when things are desperate.

Why does it seem as though John Kerry legitimately believes that the theory behind energy jobs carry neatly over from one energy field to another? There are many reasons why Petroleum Engineers and Electrical Engineers are not interchangeable, some of which involving that the type of energy is dissimilar, and the theory behind them is different.

Even strongly similar fields have a difficult time passing for one another. An Electronics Technician can pass for an Industrial Electrician without much trouble, while an Industrial Electrician would have difficulties attempting the same thing in reverse.

(Which, by the way, says something about how much more comprehensive the theory behind Electronics Technology happens to be, and what a tragedy it is that Electronics Technicians get paid significantly less. More on why Electronics Technology is a bad major, here.)

Whether you like it or not, our society is run by people who can terminate thousands of jobs at a time, not having any idea what the people who were employed actually did, and they are so out of touch that it seems valid to them to tell them, “just get another job”.