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BLM at it again. This time Philly.

Another black man charged at an officer with a knife, and the man was killed in the resulting exchange. Now, BLM is holding “protests” in west Philadelphia.

These protests are coming complete with the torching of police cars, and throwing garbage bins at cops. Which I admit is an effective way for the group to demonstrate their virtues.

So far, at least 30 people have been hurt, illustrating their ability to have safe, peaceful protests.

In yet another brilliant display of pyrotechnics, fireworks were detonated mere feet off the ground among buildings in the city.

There are also reports of a Rite Aid being looted, because what better way to stick it to the man than making off with off-brand vitamins and some toys made with cheap plastic that melts in daylight?

Similar demonstrations in places like Portland, Oregon have continued for the better part of a year. What can I say? These guys really know how to keep a party going.

Being the law-and-order candidate that she is, Kamala Harris already promoted a fund to bail these protesters out, so they can return to the streets and continue to amaze us as trailblazing paragons of left-wing valor.

Are we sick of this, yet?

Trending: “Can I Change My Vote?”

Currently trending in searches is the phrase, “can I change my vote?”, as noted by President Donald Trump in the tweet pictured above. But what does it mean that this phrase is trending at all? It would seem like voter regret is a thing.

But voter regret takes on a new dimension with online voting, where people can cast their votes. But then, as the campaigns continue and more information becomes available to voters, they may have a change in heart, even after their votes have already been cast.

Why would people be interested in changing their votes, now? It may have something to do with the fact that leaked information, confirmed by U.S. intelligence, found that candidate Joe Biden thinks little of using his political influence to profit financially off overseas energy companies, then threatening U.S. energy jobs by reducing fracking.

Early information shows that Joe Biden is winning, but this is skewed by reason of the fact that we’re only seeing mail-in ballots so far, which Democrats are generally in favor of. Matters are likely to reverse on Election Day, when Republicans who view in-person voting as more dependable would show up. Because the trending phrase concerns changing votes already cast, it would seem like Democrat voters are the ones interests in changing their votes, which were presumably for Biden.

The bad news for Biden, as Trump points out, is that in most states, changing a vote that was already mailed in is allowed in most states. If you’re curious as to how you’d go about doing that, now would be a great time to look into the rules for changing your vote in your state. There’s only one week until Election Day.

This election is important because it’s a potential referendum, not just against establishment politicians, but also against mass-market media, tech companies, and social media who through manipulative practices attempt to cultivate public opinion. This may even be our last opportunity to keep an anti-establishment President in office, since the political dynasties of old are not likely to allow it to occur again, just as the DNC was not willing to give Bernie Sanders a chance after grooming Hillary for years.

It seems like something big is coming. At this point, the question of whether we are prepared for it may be totally irrelevant.

Biden Himself Was Offered 10%, Says Businessman That Was In On the Deal

After claims of Russian interference regarding the Biden laptop were shot down by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, legacy media’s story about the emails contained thereon has became that they were faked. Now, the emails were confirmed again by the recipient of some of the emails.

It’s as though for every lie that legacy media can invent about this laptop, the truth has an immediate and powerful answer.

What Biden’s former business partner tells us is that Joe Biden himself was offered a 10% stake in a Chinese business deal, and that Hunter aggressively leveraged his family name to make millions while Joe Biden was Vice President.

Considering that we’re are in a trade war with China and are on the verge of a major conflict with them, for a Vice President to make trade deals with the Chinese doesn’t just come off as a conflict of interest, the man himself seems to be a threat to national security!

This comes just a day after it was revealed that Giuliani filed a police report over the laptop providing evidence of child endangerment. This batch of recent developments isn’t just a bombshell, it’s a firebombing!

The business partner pointed out that the deal was seen by the Chinese as “political or influence investment “.

So, at a time when tensions are high between America and the Chinese, nearly to the point of conflict, a Presidential candidate has made deals with the Chinese where they benefit with political influence. That sounds really interesting.

If you already voted for Biden by mail, and are just now finding these things out, I can imagine your regret.

How Fascist is Conservatism?

You might have heard conservatives and those on the political right called “fascists”. It’s evident that the term fascist in this context is used as a snarl word to be hurled at someone the user strongly disagrees with, and is not a proper use of the word to describe the target’s political ideology.

Put simply, fascism is a brand of authoritarianism with an emphasis on collective action. Putting that difference aside, any generality that applies to authoritarianism applies likewise to fascism.

The word fascist originated from the Italian word, fascio, which means, “a bundle of sticks”. The implication is that a stick on its own is weak, and prone to breaking easily. However, when a bunch of sticks are bound together, they’d be a lot stronger than they would be separately. The implication is, stronger together.

Let’s make some direct comparisons in an effort to figure out just how fascist conservatives really are.

  • Conservatives favor a free market, while fascists favor a command economy.
  • Conservatism is driven by individual interest, while fascism is driven by collectivism.
  • Conservatives believe in the rule of law, while fascists believe the government can be above the law.
  • Conservatives believe a constitution should provide the framework for how the government operates, while fascists oppose such a solid framework.
  • Conservatives favor individual liberties, while fascists believe government has the final say.
  • Conservatives are free speech advocates, even if it doesn’t favor their ideology, while fascists favor the suppression of dissent.
  • Conservatives favor religious liberties, while fascists usually only favor ideologies useful to them.
  • Conservatives are capitalistic, while fascists are socialistic.
  • Conservatives believe in limited government, while fascists prefer that government should impact every aspect of one’s life.

From everything we see above, it should be evident that not only is conservatism not fascist, everything about conservatism makes it fascism’s mortal enemy. This would explain fascism’s historical efforts to wipe conservatism out, along with anything resembling a constitutional representative republic.

Understanding this, it’s ironic to consider Antifa’s origin as an arm of Communism, and that their insistence on collectivist socialism makes them the fascist authoritarians they pretend to fight against.

No one can govern you unless you let them.

Biden Laptop Now In Hands of FBI Over Child Endangerment Suspicions

The hits keep coming, don’t they?

Remember the laptop that’s been getting Hunter and Joe Biden in hot water over their overseas connections? Now it seems like it’s vintage bad news for Hunter, as Rudy Giuliani has filed a police report over evidence of child endangerment on the laptop, and the laptop is now in the hands of the FBI.

By Delaware state law, a person is required to come forward if they believe in good faith that a child is being abused or neglected. Giuliani’s complaint concerned evidence of what he called an “inappropriate sexual relationship”.

I can imagine that Hunter Biden would be sweating bullets, now.

But he wouldn’t be the only one. Rudy Giuliani had previously indicated that more material would be on the way, including that which would explicitly implicate Joe Biden himself. When a reporter had questioned Joe Biden about the laptop, he brushed off the question, even going as far as avoiding public appearances until it was time for Thursday’s debate.

Speaking of, the topic of the upcoming debate was supposed to be foreign policy. But since the laptop reveals, the topic has changed. Therefore, Trump has pointed out that the debate commission is helping Biden, which they obviously are.

What’s more, in yet another example of the Dark State at work, legacy media is doing what they can to keep the laptop stories buried. This includes the classic tactic of blaming the Russians right off the bat, as though that were the first bullet in their chamber. Just afterwards, the FBI and DOJ point out that no evidence exists to back up their claim. The Director of National Intelligence himself pointed out that there is no evident Russian connection.

It would seem as though Hunter Biden really had his laptop dropped off at a repair shop, forgot about it, and it contains data with the potential to sink a Presidential run. Now it’s in the hands of the FBI, and some of the contents may be evidence of activities that are highly illegal.


I know that Donald Trump is not the ideal candidate, but if your interest is in normalizing the sexual abuse of children, you’re now much more likely to see Joe Biden as your rational pick.

I wonder what it’s like to believe in a man’s efficacy as a leader, but also see the need to insulate him from the intellectual criticisms of another man.

Google Faces Antitrust Case from DOJ

In the biggest antitrust case in over a decade, Google is being sued by the Department of Justice for antitrust behavior.

The tech giant has been making deals with cell phone companies, including Apple and Samsung, for Google’s namesake search engine to be the default for cell phones. The DOJ alleges that this behavior blocks out search engine competitors from being the default on these devices.

To say that Google is enormous is not an understatement. Not only do they have the most popular search engine in the world, they have numerous applications and services, including YouTube and Gmail, which are ubiquitous.

If you wonder how Google makes money by offering their products and services free of charge, they do this by collecting enormous amounts of data on everyone who uses these services, whether they have a Google account or not. This information is then sold to advertisers who use this information to serve you targeted ads.

It’s likely that Google already has an extensive profile on you.

I’ve warned before that the extensive information collected by tech companies and social networks is already in the hands of those who can abuse it. This information includes, but is not limited to, search engine terms, the websites you visit, the links you click on, the tabs you have open, how long you have them open, among other things. Using this information, they can determine things such as medical conditions you may not have been diagnosed with, possible mental illnesses, and perhaps even sexual preferences you may not be aware of.

If Google got into the business of blackmail, we’d pretty much all be screwed.

While the antitrust suit has bipartisan support, it’s notable that each of the eleven Attorneys General joining the case as plaintiffs are Republican. This indicates a certain hesitance of Democrats to get on board, regardless of their stated agreement with the development.

The fact is, Google has been a key player in the Dark State, having a strong left-wing bias that becomes evident in how they target right-wing content, while promoting left-wing content and propping up legacy media.

What’s more, their hyper-popular search engine plays a significant role in Google’s cultivation of public opinion. This is achieved by omitting certain pages from search results, and providing search term suggestions that clearly indicate their biases.

The reason I’m interested in the outcome of this court battle is because Google exercises way too much influence over public opinion for a privately-owned business. What I’d like to see is for the company to be broken up, and an end to come to their shady deals. Or at least for them to stop abusing their position of power to influence public opinion.

Because as they are, Google are less like librarians, and more like book-burners of the digital age.

TWAT News: Francia Raisa Tormented ( in her own mind?)

Francia Raisa, who donated a kidney to Selena Gomez, has complained of a harrowing experience on the 405 freeway, in which she was boxed in by Trump supporters, and tormented by reason of her Hispanic heritage.

She didn’t provide evidence of the tormenting itself, but she did produce a tearful Instagram video while driving, so the only crime she provided evidence of is her own distracted driving.

What was really happening was that a caravan of Trump supporters had formed en route to a fundraiser event. She happened to be using the road at the same time they were, so she ended up surrounded by people who have opinions that aren’t her own. Apparently, her mind was not strong enough to emotionally withstand the presence of people with differing viewpoints.

I share this story because Francia’s account provides an interesting look into the mind of the kind of person that leftism attracts. The kind that entertains paranoid fantasies to the point that they perceive them as reality, and they devolve into a sort of paranoid schizophrenia.

Racists are everywhere! Misogynists are around every corner! Plots congeal in the shadows! Don’t go anywhere alone, because gang-stalking!

When someone gets to the point of thinking like that, if they were to end up surrounded by Trump supporters, they might perceive their very presence as an attack on themselves.

The Dark State feeds into paranoid delusions because they stand to benefit from bringing people to the point that they shut themselves off from reality. What’s more, they face no repercussions from doing so, similar to how a cult can get away with damaging the minds of its adherents under the guise of a religion.

So, someone was surrounded by Trump supporters, and she believes they boxed her in and made fun of her. That Was Actually The News?

“What is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

Hitchens’s Razor

What is the Dark State?

There is a phrase that you may have heard, the Dark State. You may wonder what this phrase means.

The Dark State is a colloquial term that refers to a certain movement that is collectively laboring to bring world affairs to a certain point, even if the different elements thereof aren’t necessarily part of a formal organizational structure.

To understand this, consider the concept of a stand-alone complex. This is a phrase that was coined by the popular anime, Ghost in the Shell. A stand-alone complex is what happens when the activities of different people or groups gives the appearance of collective action, when in reality, the different parties were acting independent of one-another.

Similar to this, the Dark State labors around the clock to bring about a global authoritarian socialistic system that empowers a political class at the expense of everyone else, under the guise of acting in the interest of ordinary people.

The use of the term Dark State allows us to identify the movement as a whole without having to labor to describe the relationship between the different groups (e.g. Antifa’s butt-buddies, the vast left-wing conspiracy, etc.).

For an example of how the Dark State operates on multiple levels of society, consider the effects a riot can have when the Dark State’s individual elements work predictably:

  1. An activist group, such as BLM, agrees on a time and place for a demonstration, communicating the intention for it to be peaceful.
  2. As the demonstration is in progress, it is co-opted by Antifa, who uses skillful agitation to turn the protest violent.
  3. Corporate media outlets with a left-wing bias use any police action against the rioters as examples of police brutality, discouraging their intervention.
  4. Left-wing Defense Attorneys dismiss charges against the rioters, sympathizing with their cause. Those released usually return to the riots.
  5. Rioters against whom charges have stuck are bailed out using funds raised by the likes of Kamala Harris (the rioters are then radicalized by the prospect of a lasting criminal record).
  6. The general population is terrorized, facing the prospect of violent opposition by rioters who can escape consequence, making people less likely to interfere with the Dark State’s agenda.

As this example illustrates, the Dark State is an insidious threat to American national security, in spite of its relative lack of organization.

But that doesn’t mean that the Dark State lacks sophistication, as they’ve already infiltrated corporate information media, the tech industry, social media, banking cartels, the education system, and various subversive movements designed to prey upon the disgruntled and the delusional.

The phrase Dark State may seem to have a flavor of conspiracy theory to it, which helps it to be catchy. Personally, I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I prefer to keep things grounded in what can be demonstrably proven. Those fighting against the machinations of the Dark State already have their hands full with that much.

A Special Appeal From Magnetricity

Dear readers, I thank you for your attention in an important matter that has relevance to every single one of us.

For decades, we have enjoyed the internet as the free and open marketplace of ideas. For the first time in human history, the summation of human knowledge has become available for instantaneous access by nearly every human being. What’s more, anyone could contribute to this knowledge, providing advice, viewpoints, scientific knowledge, entertainment, and much more, with minimal interference from an establishment that controlled that information. It’s not overselling it to say that the internet has fundamentally changed society in a manner comparable to the invention of the printing press.

However, the internet that we’ve enjoyed for decades is now in danger. Even now, a powerful establishment force is coalescing with the purpose of bringing the internet under its own control. With influencers in virtually all levels of society, this movement has been exercising its capacity to cultivate public opinion. What they stand to bring about is nothing less than a change in the relationship between the individual, government, technology, and even marketers. This establishment grows increasingly more powerful as the political scales tip closer to their side.

This growing movement is an enemy to free thinking and critical thought in a manner unprecedented in all of human history, and as bad as they are, if they were to win just a few more significant victories, it would seem that they might actually win forever.

Here is why:

Nearly every browser, search engine, social media outlet, and many retail outlets, are constructing a psychological profile about you. You specifically. Among the information collected includes websites you visit, search engine terms, links that you click, the tabs you have open on your browser and how long tabs are open, your purchase history, and much, much more.

Tech companies and social media outlets profit by selling this information to advertisers, which then use this information to market to you with an automated system using targeted advertisements.

The contents of these profiles may alarm you, as they contain potentially vast amounts of deeply personal information about you. Such information would include medical conditions yet to be diagnosed, sexual preferences that you might not be aware of, whether you’re pregnant, and even when you go to the bathroom.

Your information has long been used for targeted advertisements. Social media platforms use information about your interests to serve you updates relevant to you. However, the potential for abuse of your information is obvious. And even more alarming, your information is already in the hands of those who can abuse it.

Knowing this, consider the fact that the bias in favor of the new establishment is overwhelmingly represented in the tech industry, social media outlets, entertainment media, labor unions, academia, and the corporate information media. With enormous piles of data on the psychology of most human beings alive today in the hands of those with an interest in directing public opinion in favor of an establishment narrative, it’s easy to see why humanity, as a whole, is teetering on a cliff towards a plunge into dark times, from which there is no apparent means of escape.

It’s understandable that most people would not want this to be true. But for the roughly one billion people living in China, it’s already a reality. Currently, in communist China, a social credit system has been implemented which assigns a score to each citizen based on their behaviors. Cameras with facial-recognition technology are placed throughout the streets of certain Chinese cities, monitoring the activities of citizens and making changes to their scores in real time. If a person’s social credit rating drops low enough, that person’s face may be publicly displayed on electronic billboards to shame them. Using this, it’s conceivable that the Chinese Communist Party can determine possible sources of dissent, which they can then quash at an individual level before it has a chance of coming to fruition.

In light of this, consider the fact that in the United States, law enforcement employs drones in many areas, including rural areas, that have highly-sophisticated cameras that can make out the details of doorways as far away as three miles, by zooming in on them. These have the ability to algorithmically identify pedestrians for monitoring.

All this information shows that the establishment ideology is at the cusp of total control of the general population, even as far as exploiting your psychological profile in an effort to defeat your better judgment. I’ve been witnessing these trends develop for a long time, but I bring them up now in light of an important development.

Just last week, Rudy Giuliani came forward with a laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, who is currently running for the office of President of the United States. The laptop, which was abandoned in a repair shop in Delaware, contained emails implicating both Hunter and Joe Biden in using their political power as leverage to profit off overseas companies in Ukraine and China. The laptop also contained explicit images of Hunter engaged in sex acts while doing drugs, and a recording of Joe Biden bragging about getting an investigator who threatened his interests fired, who was subsequently replaced with another investigator who cleared charges.

Obviously, this development would sink anyone’s presidential candidacy. But something interesting happened instead.

Social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, blocked the original New York Post article from being shared. What’s more, corporate media outlets largely avoided covering the laptop’s discovery, or opted to downplay its contents, some immediately dismissing the laptop’s contents as “Russian hacking”.

As you may recall, “Russian hacking” was what was officially blamed for the DNC email hacking scandal. It was then that someone was able to guess that the DNC’s password to access their email was “password”, and uncovered email evidence that the DNC had no intention to nominate Bernie Sanders, instead preferring to nominate Hillary Clinton, in so doing subverting the will of the Democratic electorate, and defeating the democratic process.

Sadly, the Republican party isn’t ideal, either. The party has been plagued by “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs), who upon assuming office turned out to not have the same values as the voters that elected them.

Considering this, it’s understandable that the lead-up to the 2016 election saw two rising stars on opposing tickets: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. However, the Democratic party would not suffer that an anti-establishment candidate would bring years of grooming Clinton for president to go to waste. As vexing as it was for the establishment, Clinton was defeated, and Trump became president.

As Trump was the best chance to defeat the establishment in 2016, so Trump is the best chance to overcome the machinations of the establishment in 2020.

The establishment realizes this, which is why they are attempting any dirty trick they possibly can do prevent him from resuming office. The party who threatened to pack the Supreme Court to attempt to defeat the conservative majority is in league with the tech giants and social media platforms that block the dissemination of information that exposes the party’s wrong-doings. The party that propagates an outright lie about Russian interference using corporate media as a mouthpiece once again cries Russian interference when more evidence is uncovered of their shady deals, because the same approach has a history of tricking enough gullible people to make a difference.

The primary reason my vote goes to Donald Trump isn’t the historic mid-east peace deals that normalized relations between Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, though that certainly doesn’t hurt. Nor is the primary reason the development of the US economy, which reached its strongest point in over a decade prior to the coronavirus, which Democrat governors responded to by destroying the US economy. But the fact that Trump wants to get America back on track doesn’t hurt, either.

The primary reason why my vote goes to Donald Trump is because he is the best chance we currently have to defeat a surveillance society operated by a corrupt left-wing establishment.

While you may disagree with some of the things he says and does, getting behind Trump might be the best thing you can do to help maintain a society where you’re permitted to disagree with the president. Furthermore, a vote for Donald Trump expresses loud and clear that you:

  • are interested in a corporate information media that has integrity,
  • are opposed to continual abuse of power for profit,
  • are in favor of elevating national interest above global collectivism,
  • are for elected representatives that actually represent the people, and
  • desire a free and open marketplace of ideas that doesn’t just prop up one side of the argument.

In short, the will of the people.

We’ve come to this point because far too many good people are not doing much. Whether it’s a new blog to get the word out, talking with friends and family, or simply voting for Trump, consider taking your first step in combating the new techno-tyranny, which we can colloquially refer to as the Dark State, to resist its efforts to enslave the world. To be honest, there is a lot of work remaining to be done, with little remaining time. Everyone has something to do. We may have differences of opinion, but it’s important that we strive to ensure that we have a future where different opinions can be shared.

It’s important that we act for our future now, considering that in the near future we may not have the same freedom to do so.

Comfort in the Concept of a Typical Life

It is the tendency of the human mind to take more comfort in an orderly world that makes sense. This being the case, I think it makes intuitive sense that a person can take comfort in the concept of a typical life, even if one’s own life is comparatively atypical.

When a person visualizes the concept of the ideal of the typical life, they can attain an introspective understanding of their own variance from that ideal. Though a variance from the ideal may be recognized in one’s own life, a comfort in a more sensible world may be attained with the intellectual acceptance of the concept of a typical life.

A person with an atypicality, such as a mental disorder, or a history of criminal behavior, or even victimhood of circumstances, can have the comprehension that there is a typical human experience. In having this understanding, the atypical person can find a comfort in knowing that a typical human experience exists within the realm of possibility, and with this understanding, a certain sanity can be achieved in accepting the existence of the ideal.

The reason for this is because the human brain continually strives to make sense of the world. The more consistent the world appears, with less apparently-conflicting information, the more comfortable that the brain seems to be, even as the person lives in a state of continual pyrasmos, transitioning from one form of struggle to another on a near-continual basis.

Where there is perceived inconsistency, there is more potential for cognitive dissonance, and a person feels less comfortable with the reality that they perceive as there is a higher possibility of simultaneously holding conflicting viewpoints.

However, when a person perceives a more consistent world, the world itself seems more sensible to them, and they can continue with a clarity of mind that enables them to maintain sanity even in a more difficult life.

For this reason, the intellectual acceptance of the idea of a typical life can help a person to maintain their sanity, even as the person understands that their own life deviates from the typical model.

Based on the general culture of western life in the 21st century, it seems like the model of the typical life would resemble as follows:

  • Being born to a married mother and father,
  • Starting to attend school at around the age of five or six,
  • Moving to a new home perhaps only once or twice prior to adulthood,
  • Obtaining a driver’s license at the age of 16,
  • Experiencing one’s first kiss during high school years,
  • Graduating from high school at age 18, not having been held back,
  • Being accepted to a college, and attaining a degree by about age 22 or 23,
  • Being gainfully employed shortly after graduation,
  • Buying one’s own house while in one’s twenties,
  • Being married before one’s thirties, perhaps to the person that they first kissed,
  • Having a number of children that’s around the population replacement rate,
  • Saving a consistent amount of money for one’s retirement,
  • Eventually moving to a smaller home as the children move out,
  • Perhaps at some point taking a vacation to Europe.

As one reads through this list, they might notice some variation between this model and one’s own life. They might even find no similarities at all. Yet, an understanding and acceptance of the existence of this norm can lend one the comfort of a sensible world, even if one doesn’t live up to it. In fact, it’s possible that surprisingly few actually do live up to that model of a typical life, as presented above. Even so, it’s the acceptance of the concept of a normal life that enables the mind to perceive a stable world.

The human mind’s preference for a stable world is one of the reasons the case can be made that the human mind is well-adapted to the acceptance of cultural norms and religious ideas.

Perhaps also the case can be made that too much exposure to novel ideas challenging one’s worldview might have the potential for affecting one’s mental health. If true, this might challenge the conventional thinking that continually cramming one’s head with new worldviews, ideas, and concepts would be the ideal way to develop. It might even be possible that continual learning from the internet might be stressing people in ways they aren’t aware of, as humanity as a whole didn’t in previous ages have the kind of access to information that they do today!

Your life might not be typical. But on the bright side, it’s typical for someone. And there’s comfort to be had in the fact that the world does make some amount of sense.