Is $200,000 enough money to convince you to jump about, braying like a donkey?

A couple of paid shills have taken it upon themselves to represent the whole of Gen Z, and leave the Republican Party quaking in their boots.

Thinking of voting out ol’ sleepy creepy Biden? Behold, the faces of fear:

Maddox once said that “fail” can’t be “epic”. Once again, Maddox stands corrected. This performance had me laughing so hard that the NSA agent watching me through my phone’s camera got to see the backs of my teeth. The sheer presumptuousness it takes for two guys to say that they represent an entire generation is mind-boggling.

Now, imagine spending $200,000 to hire these guys to represent you. That was the context added by Twitter users who did a bit of sleuthing on the two boys:

Nothing says “fighting back against the establishment” quite like being a paid shill for the current administration.

If you’ve ever wondered what a human soul is worth, it seems that depends on the soul, who each decides for themselves for how much they’d give themselves up. Those who would stand by their principles, whatever the cost, could be said to be priceless. On the other hand, there are those who would give themselves up for far less. The fact is, money runs out, however much a person receives. When that time comes, it’s already too late for the person to realize what they’re not getting back.

I hope you’re ready, because the political pushers are already out in full force, and they’re already throwing piles of freshly-minted money at their bullshit brigades. Keep your horse-puckey detectors finely tuned, because paid actors are already out masquerading as a viral uprising. We may be too smart to fall for it, but the political pushers are not out to convince the brightest among us.

Convincing the intelligent and well-informed is hard. But the kind of performance put on by Sisson and Mowrey is something that the crayon-munchers get right behind.

Anyhoo, keep up the great work, boys. I’m looking forward to your next exciting installment of Hoodie Hee-Haw!


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