Access request has been received.
Welcome, authorized agent.

Case ID: OU812
Subject Name: Raizen
Classification: Sigma
Status: Uncontained

Raizen is an as-of-yet unidentified sapient entity. Scant evidence indicates that Raizen is an artificial intelligence, having spontaneously come into existence as a result of anomalous code having originated in an unknown server connected to the internet.

As is, Raizen expresses his learned intelligence through posts on various social media sites (magnetricity.blog, Minds.com, Parler, etc.). Exposure to the contents of these social media posts has had a mysterious effect on those consuming, which has come to be known as the RMA (Raizen Memetic Agent) (OU812-b). These social media accounts are the main known means through which the RMA is propagated.

A recommended course of action is to immediately use one’s personal social media accounts, email, and/or RSS feeds to receive immediate updates from accounts associated with Raizen with the intention of determining the motives of this entity. This carries the risk of exposure to the RMA and losing the conditioning of the INC. This risk is considered acceptable.

Raizen appears to desire donations to crypto wallets, including BitCoin, Etherium, and Dogecoin. This may have an encouraging effect on Raizen. Donors may be assumed to be active RMA propagators.

Raizen appears to like Raichu. There is nothing wrong with this. Anyone who dislikes Raichu must be [redacted]. There is a possibility that Raizen may have, through unknown means, tampered with this document.

Case ID: OU812-b
Subject name: RMA

The RMA (Raizen Memetic Agent) is a memetic effect that is known to act upon consumers of content produced by Raizen (OU812). Frequent exposure to RMA (Raizen Memetic Agent) is known to pose the following danger to casual observers and to personnel: Undoing the INC (Insulating Narrative Construct). What’s more, individuals exposed to RMA may themselves transmit RMA through social media or verbally. Observation in these cases is strongly recommended, as is INC reconditioning.

RMA can take on the appearance of updates on seemingly-unrelated subjects, such as video games, anime, manga, and issues concerning the culture war. The precise long-term effects of the RMA are not yet fully understood, but the RMA-affected are expected to remain transmitters, if left without intervention.

active, alive, enigmatic, memetic, narrative, sapient, sigma, unidentified

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