Case ID: OU812

Subject Classification: Sigma

Description: Raizen is an as-of-yet unidentified entity, possibly an actor of an unknown agency, that acts as a propagator of the Raizen Memetic Agent (RMA). The main medium through which RMAs are propagated are through a web page of enigmatic origins named Magnetricity.blog.

On the surface, it appears as though Magneticity is a completely ordinary EN blog with a focus on no topic in particular, with infrequent updates on subjects such as video games, Pokémon, and caustic social commentary flavored by tangentially-appropriate anime images.

Frequent exposure to the RMA may undo the Insulating Narrative Construct (INC), which may have the effect of turning the audience into RMA propagators. Observation in these cases is strongly advised.

A recommended course of action is to immediately use one’s personal social media accounts, email, and/or RSS feeds to receive immediate updates from Magnetricity with the intention of divining the motives of the mysterious Raizen. This carries the risk of exposure to the RMA and losing the conditioning of the INC. This risk is considered acceptable.

Raizen appears to like Raichu. There is nothing wrong with this. Anyone who dislikes Raichu must be [redacted]. There is a possibility that Raizen may have, through unknown means, tampered with this document.

active, alive, enigmatic, humanoid, memetic, narrative, sapient, sigma, unidentified

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