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The UN Yeeted An Op-Ed Touting Benefits of World Hunger After It Trended


Yesterday, an article published by the U.N. touting the benefits of world hunger (for the ruling elites) had caught my attention. As I read the article for myself, I anticipated it to wind up with “just kidding” or “this is sarcasm”.

The short essay concluded with no such indication, and came off as sincere advocacy for exploitation of the hungry. The article was originally published in 2008, but resurfaced at a time when global food shortages were anticipated.

As you might have expected, the moment the connected world took notice, it started trending. Then, the U.N. yeeted the article from their page, never to be seen or heard from again. Rest in peace, you beautiful bastard.

Just kidding. The article was archived, so you can still read it. Once something is on the internet, it’s up forever.

Consider what author George Kent had posted from the perspective of an employer. For many employers, particularly the unethical ones, it’s considered a dream come true when there are hundreds of applicants for each position, with each one willing to do the job for minimal compensation. I’ve seen a supervisor tell his crew as much.

Kent makes a point when he points out that there are exploitative relationships that aren’t legally classified as slavery. When a low-skill worker attempts to live off minimum wage, they usually have to endure whatever they have to with their employer, because they live hand-to-mouth, and can’t afford to miss a paycheck.

If this scenario hits close to home, perhaps the best advice I could give is to try to get into a skilled trade. A person could get into plumbing or masonry or what-have-you with relative ease by seeking out an apprenticeship, which is usually paid. If there is a career center near you, they might be able to set you up with an opportunity.

If you’re wondering whether the article was serious, here’s the U.N. on Twitter, assuring us that it was satire:

Oh, yes. Satire. Seems legit.

Does it really not occur to the U.N. that they’re central figures to conspiracy theories all over the world? Or that many people all over the world are literal-minded? Or that sarcasm is not carried very well with the written word, especially when something is translated (something that has a high potential of happening with their articles)?

Of course, when the article was first published (in current-year-minus-fourteen), the author likely didn’t anticipate that everyone would be on edge in the face of global food shortages.

But in an odd way, Kent may have provided us with a warning of exploitation that can be expected in the months to come. Those of us in the first world wouldn’t have it so bad, but things can get really nasty in places where food shortages were already a problem.

Don’t be hard on the author, as his article was written in a different time (and could have used more indication that it was satire).

But, in any case, food shortages are anticipated. Are you doing what you reasonably can to prepare?

NASA Took Interest in How People Would Respond to Extraterrestrials

There is a story going around that makes the claim that NASA hired 24 theologians to help determine how humans would respond to news of finding aliens.

Except, that’s not entirely how the matter went down. As pointed out by Inverse, NASA provided an $11 million grant to a Princeton study that looked into how humans would respond to finding extraterrestrial life. What’s more, the team didn’t consist entirely of theologians, it consisted of a variety of experts, a theologian being among them.

Most people alive today are religious, so the question of how religious people would respond to the idea of extraterrestrials is a valid one. I suspect that the Christian world would take the news well, considering that it was out of a predominantly Christian background that we got Star Wars and Star Trek, with Star Wars having more apparent religious themes.

The religious group that I’d be more concerned about would be the Muslims. They have a tendency to respond not-so-kindly when anything challenges their worldview, which happens to be easy to do, even accidentally. It doesn’t help that their worldview is seriously narrow. If the first land that aliens were to set foot in was the Middle East, we might be in trouble.

Some have taken what they heard to mean that NASA has made a huge discovery, and they decided to look into how to deliver the news to the world at large. That sounds plausible, considering the amount of money they invested into the project. But it might be that they were curious as to the possible sociological impact of a potential discovery in the near future.

The story got some folks from the Project Blue Beam crowd buzzing. If you’ve never heard of Project Blue Beam… I’m hesitant to call it a “conspiracy theory” due to the sheer number of things conspiracy theorists have gotten right, lately. Maybe we need to think up a new term to use for crazy, crackpot fringe ideas. But if you’ve never heard of Project Blue Beam, look it up. You might get a laugh out of it.

And before we get carried away, ”extraterrestrials” doesn’t necessarily mean “advanced interstellar civilization”, it could just mean, ”we found some moss on Mars” or something like that. Which would still be an awesome discovery, but not necessarily a childhood dream-come-true.

But if we did find some interstellar travelers, one thing to be concerned about is that they might not have our ideals. It might be that they’d be giving socialism its 5482nd chance to fail tragically, and our own lives might become miserable again for the time it takes for the hundred-or-so million people to be killed to realize that it’s still a garbage economic philosophy.

But hey, if they’ve managed to master interstellar travel, they had to have figured it out, right?

And the award for the most ignorant tweet of the year goes to…

You ever have a difficult time sleeping because you know that someone out there is using the internet to say something ignorant? This time, we have the President of the United States to blame.

Before we get to his tweet, check out his header:

Ever the entrepreneur, the salesman in chief will take every opportunity to plug for his corporate interests.

While there have been a great many bad tweets this year, the Commander in Cheat has come through with a strong late-game push. Now, submitted for your amused disbelief, here’s Joe Biden’s own take on his own performance:

In the most transparent attempt by a D-student to give himself an “A”, Biden hopes that his attempt at weasel words will disguise what he considers a clever attempt to pat himself on the back. I suppose I could care who this hypothetical economic analyst is, but the term is so vague that just about any onlooker can claim to be one. But whoever it is, it’s likely that it’s one of Jabby-Joe’s corporate interests in big pharma.

Look, just because Beijing Biden’s corpo-buddies are making a killing doesn’t mean things are great for the rest of us. It’s certainly not great for those who want forgiveness for the student loans that they took out for a degree that basically comes down to a consumer product that wasn’t properly researched. It wasn’t great for the small businesses which collectively employ roughly half of Americans. The cost of gas and food is going up, which really sucks for those who barely afforded these things to begin with.

But apparently it was really great for the Biden family, which has the financial capital to be unaffected by the damage they help cause, and insulated enough that they have no problem kidding themselves into thinking that they’re actually helping.

Let’s go, Brandon.

Fentanyl Death Explosion

As bombastic as that title may sound, it’s not an exaggeration. According to watchgroup Families Against Fentanyl, fentanyl has become the number one killer of Americans aged 18-45.

The synthetic opioid has killed over 64,000 Americans this year alone, surpassing suicide, Covid, and car accidents. As the group also points out, the fatality rate has doubled over the course of the last couple years.

Considering that the lion’s share of fentanyl is produced in China, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s introduction into the U.S. was a deliberate move to further aggravate a country destabilized by Covid lockdowns. And considering that it comes into the U.S. through the Mexican border, it would seem as though it’s presence is a direct result of Democrat’s opposition to placing a wall along that border.

As FAF’s factsheet on fentanyl fatalities illustrates, fentanyl deaths for Americans age 18 to 45 overtakes Covid deaths, eclipsing them over 3.5 times:

Can we expect leadership from Democrats during this hard time? No, but we can expect them to push a fourth booster in a year for a vaccine that doesn’t seem to slow down the very virus it was intended to stop, while lining the pockets of their corporate interests with billions of dollars.

Let’s go, Brandon.

An Image to Describe 2021

Each year, this blog posts a picture which, in the eyes of myself, describes the year accurately, sometimes edited, and sometimes not. However sardonic it may be, I think we can all appreciate that humanity has made it as far as we have without reducing ourselves to irradiated primal components over things like economic strategy.

I think we all know that QAnon Shaman is going to take the honor this year. But before we get to that, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how zany this year has been. After all, this year wasn’t just crazy in a way like standing at a safe distance and laughing at the insane thing that some celebrity as done. This year’s craziness affected every single one of us in one way or another.

As we recap, know that I’m not even going to bother listing everything crazy about this year, as writing up such a list would take at least another year.

  • Thousands of protestors flooded the U.S. Capitol building, resulting in the people being represented therein for the first time in over a century.
  • After a nearly-two-decade military campaign, President Biden surrendered Afghanistan back to a bunch of hairy men who believe that pedophilia is normal, abandoning both equipment and American people in the process.
  • In the highly-publicized Rittenhouse trial, a jury helped millions of morons to come to the conclusion that if someone with an assault rifle is running from you, chasing him and attacking him is a bad idea.
  • Twitter banned a standing President of the United States from their platform, even though he didn’t do a damn thing wrong.
  • After months on end of the uniparty calling the lab-leak hypothesis a “conspiracy theory”, U.S. intelligence released a 2-page declassified report calling “laboratory-associated incident” a plausible source of Covid-19.
  • A huge container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, disrupting trading for much of the world.
  • Anthony Fauci gives hope to the least of us as he demonstrates that a slow-witted, narcissistic ass-wipe can hold the highest-paid government office.
  • NASA launched its Double Asteroid Redirection Test to determine whether we are currently capable of protecting earth from an asteroid collision, showing that science can be used for something other than marketing useless garbage to gullible cretins.
  • The ultra-left are so obsessed with getting you vaccinated, that they threatened your job over it. Because nothing says that they want to protect you quite like threatening to turn you into a homeless drifter that eats garbage out of the gutters. Thankfully, the courts are succeeding so far in blocking that bullshit.

With all that said, here is the image that describes 2021, depicting the most honest man to stand at the house podium:

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days when conspiracy theorists were wrong about stuff, and mainly just went on about a flat earth and space aliens. But now that the left is so insistent that the idea that there are reptilians in government is a harmful and dangerous conspiracy theory, that gets me to thinking. Streisand Effect, and such.

Nostradamus was still a hack.

Chris Chan Thinks He’s Jesus, Now.

After having been jailed and awaiting trial for allegedly raping his elderly mother, Chris Chan is now comparing himself to Jesus Christ. But more than merely making a comparison, Chris Chan actually made the claim to being Jesus Christ, in a letter that he wanted forwarded to Null of Kiwi Farms, and to his defense attorney.

The letter can be read on Kiwi Farms, where Null has provided a transcript. Just be warned that the letter reads as a window into the mind of a kind of crazy that one might have thought they didn’t make anymore.

(By the way, my use of male pronouns for Chris is not intended to be insensitive. Though Chris Chan identifies as a transgender female, the transgender community is not humoring Chris, recognizing his proclamation as an attempt to appeal to lesbian women.)

Hoo boy, where does one even begin to break this down? How about the fact that Chris wanted this letter sent to his defense attorney, as well as make it public? Can you imagine how his defense attorney must feel, having read a full-on, remorseless confession that was simultaneously broadcast to the general public? How is the poor guy supposed to defend him, now?

As evidence, Chris invites anyone to photoshop certain features onto old photographs of Chris (but only certain ones, not the ones where he’s wearing glasses, and only from the shoulders and chest up, which might make it less apparent that Chris is a big beef cow, and that if you were to place one of those yellow jackets on him, he’d look like a school bus.

Chris then wants his picture placed next to a picture of Jesus Christ for comparison. Chris’ request is impossible, because there are no pictures of Jesus Christ. The most popular idea of what Jesus looked like came from Renaissance art, when artists used their imaginations as to what Jesus looked like, which would explain why they depicted Christ as an Italian man.

But what expectation would there have been that Chris Chan would know this?

Chris also calls himself “Central Camera #000”, which indicates himself as the first of observational existences, having perception that he claims as infinite and includes the first-person perspective of all others. If this is a concept that he learned about from some video game, feel free to take to the comments to clue me in. But it does nothing to explain why Chris has been so gullible all these years.

Chris follows this up with a voluminous mountain of self-indulgent mushugganah, where he invites the reader to engage in some kind of transcendental meditation to arrive at his conclusion, and I’ll hard-pass on that. Right now, I’m trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Chris was able to hammer all this nonsense out in a jail cell, absent the controlled substances that would be available to those of us on the outside.

One thing he points out is that the Dimension Merge is “Completed and Concluding”. The Dimensional Merge is a concept that Chris may have invented with the help of a group of influencers called the “Idea Guys”, where supposedly all the fictional universes are to merge with the one we know. Chris has long stated that the merge was underway, but it seems he now thinks it’s “Completed”. That sucks for him, because he’s stuck in a jail cell, and can’t currently experience it.

Chris goes on to lay out his justification for withdrawing money from Barb’s bank account, in violation of an order against him. This justification on Chris’ part legally holds up as a confession. Chris really needs to get it out of his head that having excuses does not absolve him of guilt before he sets foot in a court of law again. But at this point, he’ll likely have already self-incriminated his way to prison.

Even though Chris currently fancies himself as the savior of mankind, he’s still so vindictive that he informs Null that he failed “HIS DESTINED TEST And Betrayed Me”, implying that he had only one test in his life, and he failed it. If guilt were Marmite, that was like emptying the bottle on a single slice of toast.

Then he went on to justify the act of rape that he was charged with, effectively issuing a confession to the act. And what’s more, he’s so narcissistic that he writes of the act as though it were a favor to his victim. And being an apparent fan of the concept of abrogation, Chris has declared “eased up” the Biblical view of adultery, presumably including the prohibition on having sexual relations with one’s own parent.

Chris is pretty far from the first person to use religion as a justification for his own vices. But claiming to be the Messiah while doing so is something special. What’s more, he points to the popularity of the gay and trans movements as though it meant anything other than people were doing what they wanted to do. Just because Chris thinks that he’s a god, doesn’t mean he comprehends that the truth of a matter is not determined by consensus.

So, Chris pretty much admitted to raping his mother, and claimed that he had healed her of her “past sins and regrets”, and that he improved “her abilities directly and personally”. Is it too late for a vomit advisory?

Reviewing this letter, one theory that’s being passed around is that Chris might just be playing it up in an attempt to make an insanity defense work. I don’t know, because it’s hard to tell just how sincere Chris is. From a jail cell without internet access, Chris no longer has “Idea Guys” to fill his head with plop, so either Chris is spewing from the plop that has already been implanted, or his new delusions were actually self-generated plop. In any case, he has ample plop with which to fire his plop cannon, with pages of cheap prison stationery as his target.

If Chris really is gunning for an insanity defense, it would seem he’s yet another legally-illiterate half-wit who believes that a successful insanity defense means just a few months in a padded room, followed by getting off scot-free. Don’t settle for dinner-table legal advice, people.

One thing that Chris seems to excel at is making matters worse for himself. His history of this is long and well-documented, but it now includes confessing to a crime he was charged with in an attempt at his own defense against the very same charge, while simultaneously committing what is considered a capital offense in any Abrahamic religion.

At this point, how can anyone predict what Chris Chan is going to do next? I don’t know, but I suspect that the Sex Offender Registry is about to become far more insane.

Bin Laden Wanted a Biden Presidency, Reasoning That Biden Would Lead America Into a Crisis.

This is one of those things that sounds like it was totally made up to troll us, like when people started saying that Nostradamus predicted the 9/11 terror attacks, then passed this idea along in email forwards.

Even now, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came forward and said “just kidding”, and confessed to being behind the whole thing.

In case you dived right in without reading the title, a letter from Osama Bin Laden is going around, which shows that the terror leader wanted a Biden presidency, because he viewed Biden as so unfit for office that he’d lead the US into a crisis.

As crazy as that sounds, there are receipts. On page 36 of the letter, as Bin Laden goes over a plan against then-president Obama, when Biden was Vice President, Bin Laden specifically stated that he wanted Biden to remain alive, so that he would assume the role of presidency, and lead America into a crisis.

Imagine being so inept that your greatest enemy sincerely wishes for you to assume command, believing that you’d cause an unmitigated disaster.

Except we really don’t have to, because Biden actually became president, and his handling of just about everything, including the abandonment of Afghanistan, has been a sight to behold.

Score one more point for those who believe that Biden was installed in an deliberate attempt to sabotage America.

What Is Happen? (26 Jul 2020)

cirno bsodBooting up again in Safe Mode. Administration of strawberry ice cream is recommended.

There have been so many black-pill category events last week that if each of those pills were to be emptied into a glass, you could use the liquid to make a black-pill cocktail. But that’s one drink that’s not going to cheer you up, unless genocide is your cup of tea.

Think I’m kidding? Read on.

You already have access to the news stories, so rather than explain them to you as though I’m someone from whom people would prefer to hear about them first, I think it more expedient to link to the stories, then afterward offer my opinion.

I know that I’m not going to come off as cheerful as usual in this installment of What is Happen?, but that’s to be expected when literal genocide is among the topics.

A lawyer dressed as a FedEx driver showed up at a judge’s home and killed her son. What makes this especially interesting is that this murder occurred just days after the same judge was assigned to a case related to Jeffery Epstein. So, as you could imagine, the conspiracy theorists proceeded to do just what you might imagine they would.

To tell the truth, I didn’t actually follow the Jeffery Epstein case when it was huge news a while back, so this story had the effect of me taking notice, and I decided to start looking into it. If the purpose of this assassination were part of an unsavory effort to keep things quiet, it could be said that that effort backfired.

Epstein was a seriously wealthy individual, and from the sound of it, he may have very well been history’s most satisfied pedophile. He also had a thing for using his wealth to get close to highly influential people, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump (though, by all accounts, those two in particular seemed well-behaved in his presence). There therefore came to be conspiracy theories that allege that perhaps Epstein had some dirt on some important people. After being convicted, Jeffery Epstein apparently “lost the battle” in his jail cell, though there is strong doubt that he did so without assistance.

So here we are. A judge was assigned a case related to Jeffery Epstein, and days later, a man shows up at her residence and kills her son. But that’s not all, shortly afterwards, the suspected killer was found, having made the spot where he was found his personal Mount Gilboa. If this were a hit as part of a grander conspiracy, that sounds suspiciously like “tying up loose ends”.

Carrying on with the theme of wacko people knowing where notable people live, Tucker Carlson has warned that the New York Times intended to reveal the location of his family’s home. During his show, Carlson warned that the New York Times wanted to publish information about where he lives in an effort to inflict pain on him, saying they are doing so because they hate his politics, and want his show off the air.

The NY Times answered on Twitter, saying that “@nytimes does not plan to publish Tucker Carlson’s residence”. Which actually sounds more specific than the broader “where my family and I live” that Carlson was initially concerned about.

The fact that this concern came up just days after a judge’s son was killed at her home shortly after being assigned a case related to Jeffery Epstein is understandable, as this represents an escalation in the trend of “doxxing”, which involves getting back at certain people by publishing their personal information such as their home address. What’s more, Carlson has seen demonstrators show up at his house before.

Could it be that legacy media is getting in on the doxxing party in an effort to intimidate those with a non-establishment viewpoint? One motivation for doing so is that Carlson has an enormously popular program, with ratings that have soared to the point of becoming the highest-rated program in cable news history. Carlson has what the ideologues at left-wing outlets like CNN and MSNBC wish they had, which is an enormous viewership. So, we’ve established a means and a motive.

But if left-wing news outlets want viewers so badly, why don’t they start expressing viewpoints consistent with the values that people actually have?

Think that’s dark? We’re now onto the really dark stuff.

I think we can all agree that Nazis were bad, and that Hitler was bad. So was the genocide associated with them, with killings numbering so high, that efforts to tally them have had margins of error numbering in the millions.

Something similar can be said about Josef Stalin, who killed tens of millions of people, apparently more than Hitler did. As bad as Hitler was, in terms of number-of-humans-killed, Stalin was even worse news.

But then there’s Mao Zedong, who killed so many people, efforts to count them have failed. But the death toll of the Mao administration may have surpassed Stalin himself.

So, communism and socialism have this thing for intentionally murdering people in enormous numbers. But one would think that we live in a more civilized world, and that places like China have become more forward-thinking, right?

See for yourself:

What did you just watch? It’s drone footage of Uyghur Muslims in China being detained and led away. But to what?

Apparently, they are being led away to internment camps, where they can be reeducated to be better Chinese citizens. In the case of females, they face a high likelihood of birth control, or perhaps forced sterilization. The act of suppression of birth makes China’s actions, if true, fall under the definition of genocide.

China’s ambassador to the UK was brought on to The Guardian for a very special reaction video in which he is treated to the footage above:

You’re likely infuriated at his attempts at diversion, and that he went on about the beauty of the region. Because the ambassador is a citizen of China, he’s not allowed to talk in such a way that would make China look bad.

One would think we could turn to the U.S. for some form of moral superiority, but seeing as it was just this month that we learned about a civil complaint about American juveniles being forcefully administered estrogen in involuntary experiments, it would seem that America’s ability to act from a moral high ground is in question.

And if it turns out that various “TIs” are right about psychotronic experiments, then we might be in for some days that somehow manage to be darker than the ones we already have.

The ideal government protects the people. A debased government is something to protect the people from.

What Is Happen? (19 Jul 2020)

book reading confused.png

Welcome to another attempt to answer the question, What is happen?, where we try to search through the confusion for answers to the confused question.

The topics this week:

  • Attacks on American culture are taking on a spiritual dimension,
  • 130 high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked, but it could have been much worse,
  • Involuntary human experimentation must end.

I had suspected that, in the week since the inaugural installment of this series, current events would have a hard time stepping to the week prior. As it turns out, they did quite step.

fire fist

There appears to be an escalation in attacks on churches. Because of the themes of attacking statues of Jesus and Mary, it’s easy to suspect a connection between the church attacks and the recent civil unrest that saw the toppling of statues of historical figures. While the statues targeted were initially those depicting slave owners and confederates, the rioters seemed to segue to historical figures in general, including abolitionist (anti-slavery) Mattias Baldwin, abolitionist Hans Christian Heg, and even an arbitrary elk statue.

Another incident during the week saw a man threatening to kill passengers on an airplane “in the name of Jesus”, who he also claimed was black. It’s not new that there are people whose religion is their skin color. While they were mildly belligerent before, the recent events have enabled them in a big way.

It’s interesting that the recent civil unrest is taking on a spiritual dimension, as the activities of the more destructive individuals does a lot to indicate their side on the matter. According to the Bible, God is a creative being. He created the entire universe, and according to the gap theory, a calamity befell the earth, and afterwards the earth was restored (the days of creation). God is the ultimate creator. But there’s more: upon the creation of human beings, God made the decision to make them in His image. His creative nature was imparted to us.

Each time we write, build, sculpt, draw, paint, or otherwise express our creativity, we are using a gift that God gave to us.

The Scriptures also tell us about Satan. He is an adversarial being who is opposed to God, and is the enemy of humankind. In Satan’s nature is destruction. His desire is to destroy humankind, which God has created. However, he lacks the means to do much besides mess with people’s minds. But that’s plenty.

When someone acts on Satan’s will, they are destructive. Destructive to self, destructive to other people, destructive to righteous living, destructive to family, culture, society, and civilization. If the destruction is not to be brought about immediately, it is intended to be the consequence of subtle acts committed over a course of time.

Of course, there are times when destruction of something is justifiable. Also, one can point out the use of images such as those of Jesus and Mary in worship is something that the Scriptures disallow. However, the nature of the damage done to these statues goes beyond a mere disposal of something forbidden, it indicates a brazen disrespect for the personages that these images were intended to depict. That goes a long way in telling us just what’s behind the destruction of these images.


Twitter was hacked. And this time, the scale was extraordinary. About 130 accounts were hacked, many being high-profile verified accounts, bypassing two-factor authentication, and using some of the accounts to post updates without the account owners’ permission.

Among the accounts hacked in this round were those of Elon Musk, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden. The accounts posted a Bitcoin scam, receiving over $100,000. It took Twitter hours to determine what was going on and put a halt to the operation. The account of president Donald Trump was apparently spared, as it was placed under extra protection since a 2017 incident where a person in Twitter’s employ banned his account on their last day of work.

As bad as this hack was, it could have been worse. A person with unfettered access to 130 high-profile accounts could do damage on a massive scale.

For one thing, Elon Musk owns a huge corporation, and his Twitter activities can actually impact the stock market. If it turns out his DMs were compromised, and they contain chatter about announcement yet to be made, they could do substantial damage to his company, and to investors.

As bad as that sounds, imagine just the kind of damage that could be done by speaking in the guise of public officials, directly to the public. If Trump’s account were hacked, it could be used to inform the public to seek shelter in the event of possible retaliation to a nuclear strike. One can imagine the public reaction.

Joe Biden’s account was among those hacked. Imagine if someone were to use it to say that he would withdraw from the presidential race, and endorsed Barack Obama as a write-in. Then, because Obama’s account was also hacked, it could have been used to “confirm” the imposter Biden’s wishes. People would believe it, and it might have caused substantial damage if it were to have occurred closer to November.

Considering the potential for damage that can be caused if high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked, I could imagine that there would be great interest in increasing Twitter’s security.

Interestingly, the hacker(s) behind this hack also posted Twitter’s back-end interface, which appears to indicate that users or their content are blacklisted from searches. That’s interesting, considering that Twitter themselves has denied shadow-banning users for years. Does Twitter owe some of it’s users apologies?


In a dark reminder that science is not always right, a suit filed against a pair of doctors, 100 unnamed nurses, and Los Angeles County alleges that the accused have given a detained young boy a strong form of estrogen in an experimental treatment, without the consent of the boy or his family. The complaint also alleges that other boys in the same facility were given similar treatment.

It would seem that the spirit of Josef Mangele is alive and well. What’s more, he has apparently made his home in the United States, where he continues to prey upon those who are helpless to defend themselves from him.

The tendency of the human mind is to seek answers. However, no answer out there is worth surrendering one’s mind to debasement. A determined and sustained predation on the helpless or disadvantaged is strongly against the spirit of human advancement. The nature of the crime of experimenting on the unaware is such that the strongest condemnation that can be afforded by the criminal justice system doesn’t quite properly answer it.

Because those targeted by this crime include marginalized groups such as religious and racial minorities and the physically and mentally handicapped, the strong interest of anyone with a sincere progressive mindset should be to end involuntary human experimentation altogether.

“When did all of you forsake yourselves?”

What Is Happen? (12 Jul 2020)

sakura what is happen.png

Hello everyone, welcome to the first installment of what may end up being a series, based on my own petty whim. This series is titled, What Is Happen?, and it’s focused somewhat on current events in an attempt to answer the confused question, “What is happen?”

While the question itself may sound confused, it would seem that it’s pretty far from the most confused thing around.

In my first attempt to answer the question, I decided to type the query what is happen? into the DuckDuckGo search engine (a search engine I recommend). The main results seem to mainly come back with the dictionary definition of the word “happen”, so it seems I might have to dig into current events in an effort to answer the question.

In this installment of What Is Happen?, we’ll explore the following current events:

  • Kanye West is running for president,
  • Half the state of Oklahoma is being given back to natives because of a pedophile,
  • That last point is so jarring that I don’t remember the rest of the topics.
  • Oh yeah, there was another. An accidental vehicular homicide is being framed as racially-motivated, in spite of the driver’s race.

But before we get into that, let’s first do a short recap for the benefit of those who somehow missed out on the previous year, perhaps due to accidental cryogenic suspension in a manner similar to Fry from Futurama. If this is for your benefit, then I advise the following course of action for your safety:

  1. Sit down.
  2. Then continue reading.
  3. I’m not kidding, you’re probably going to want to be sitting down for this.

Are you ready? Consider yourself warned…

Late in 2019, a new virus was discovered in China which quickly spread to the global population. This virus is simply called “the coronavirus”. I know, it’s a stupid name since the word “coronavirus” describes a category of virus, and shouldn’t be used to describe a specific one. The coronavirus quickly spread around the globe, infecting many millions of people, most of which probably were never accounted for.

By now, you’re probably wondering just how deadly this new virus is. The answer is, not very deadly at all. Last I heard, only about 0.4% (or 4 in 1000) of those infected have died from complications related to the virus. It’s possible that the percentage is much lower because not everyone has been tested. Symptoms of the virus mainly involve a mild, short-lived cough, and is almost always followed by a full recovery. Apparently, a majority of cases are completely without symptoms, and the virus is mainly only a danger (however slight) to those already being killed by something else.

Based on this, it might sound like the coronavirus is no big deal. However, you only need to scare a few people in order to do a lot of damage, and if those people happen to be governors and heads of state, the potential for damage is far-reaching. U.S. governors have responded with state-wide shutdowns, costing millions of Americans their jobs, plunging people into destitution as welfare starts coming apart, and terminal self-destructive behavior has spiked.

The U.S. of A. is quickly turning into a third-world country, and it’s happening over a mild cough that quickly goes away. But that’s not all.

On May 25, 2020, a black man named George Floyd was killed by a white cop. The act itself was recorded and shared online, and millions were rightfully infuriated. People already furious due to having lost jobs from overreaction to the coronavirus were looking for an excuse to riot, and they found it. The riots initially started as frustration on the part of the black community, but were soon afterwards co-opted by Antifa, who took the opportunity to do what Antifa has historically done: sow violence and discord under the guise of activism. At the apex of the rioting, a portion of Seattle has been seized, with the police driven out, and declared an autonomous zone. The mayor of Seattle ignored the situation for weeks until people were killed in the autonomous zone, and rioters showed up at the mayor’s house. As it turns out, there’s no faster way to get the mayor to notice than to threaten the mayor with violence, so the police stormed the autonomous zone, encountering little resistance, reclaiming the area as part of Seattle.

If you’re wondering what the police are up to, you probably can’t count on them right now. This is because an officer in Atlanta, Georgia was threatened with the death penalty for killing a man who threatened him with a weapon. If the District Attorney of Atlanta is going to threaten officers with death for defending themselves, then what are officers supposed to do? It seems the answer is “blue flu”.

What’s a “blue flu”? Police officers are not legally allowed to go on strike. But they can call in sick, and when a large number of officers agree to call in sick, that’s called a “blue flu”. Police officers are now abandoning duty under the guise of sick days because they no longer feel safe doing their jobs.

There’s a lot more, but that’s the bare minimum to get you caught up. Now onto more current events. So, what is happen?

kanye with maga hat

Kanye West has announced his intentions for running for the presidency of the United States in the year 2020. This news has gotten the conspiracy theorists that call everyone else conspiracy theorists speculating that Kanye’s bid for the presidency is part of a conspiracy by Trump to try to get black votes away from the Democrats (particularly Joe Biden).

Kanye has previously expressed admiration for Donald Trump, and has famously worn a MAGA hat, which ruffled some feathers. Some might imagine that Kanye would run as a conservative or a member of the Republican party. Kanye intends to establish his own party, which he calls the Birthday Party, stating that upon winning, he’d hold a celebration as though it’s everyone’s birthday. He has stated criticism of the idea that a person’s race should determine how they vote, particularly objecting to the idea that black men should feel compelled to vote for Joe Biden.

While Republicans tend toward the free market and Democrats tend toward socialism, Kanye West’s vision of an ideal government is inspired by Wakanda from the fictional Black Panther IP published by Marvel, which, from my understanding, was an absolute monarchy with succession through combat.

I’m skeptical, but not just because it’s too late for Kanye to campaign in some states, but also because it sounds too awesome.

Oklahoma split.png Image source: KOAM News Now

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a large portion of Oklahoma is property of native Americans, honoring an 1866 treaty which granted native Americans much of eastern Oklahoma. The 5-4 ruling has determined that the areas fall outside state jurisdiction for prosecuting crimes, which would instead fall to tribes and to the federal government.

The Chief Justice, John Roberts, argued that “the State’s ability to prosecute serious crimes will be hobbled and decades of past convictions could well be thrown out.”

This issue was brought before the Supreme Court when an older man, who was convicted on three sexual offenses (including molesting a four-year-old girl) had made the case that the state could not prosecute him because his crimes had occurred on a reservation.

That’s right, a child molester just tore an American state nearly in half.

The reservations of Oklahoma wouldn’t become lawless zones reminiscent of the recent disaster called “the CHAZ” or “the CHOP”, as federal law would still have jurisdiction over crimes committed on reservations. Under the Constitution, states are not allowed to dissolve reservations within their borders; this is only allowed by Congress, which apparently hasn’t dissolved the Oklahoma reservation.

There are numerous other reservations in the United States for which an argument could possibly be made for returning to natives based on the 9 Jul 2020 Supreme Court ruling. But don’t get funny ideas about running off to a reservation in an effort to escape justice for a serious crime, as these reservations are still under federal jurisdiction.


A man who drove the wrong way on an exit ramp has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. The man was captured on security cameras driving his Jaguar onto the Stewart Street I-5 exit ramp at about 1:30am, past Wrong Way warning signs, colliding with pedestrians involved with Black Lives Matter protests. One protester was soon afterwards declared dead, and another was hospitalized.

Leftists have framed the vehicular homicide as being racially-motivated, and therefore a hate crime. Said leftists have taken to social media in outrage. But there is something that’s being overlooked…

The driver was black. Not only that, the two pedestrians who were struck were white. If there was racial motivation, it wouldn’t have been the kind it’s being framed as, though to be fair, the act was apparently an accident. The ingredients of an accident were there: a bunch of demonstrators were on an exit ramp, wearing black in the middle of the night. All that needed to happen for things to turn tragic was a car mistakenly taking the ramp, and that was just what happened.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

While the demonstrators and various leftists are predictable in overlooking the facts, it’s legacy media that proved disappointing, as many outlets aren’t even mentioning the races of the victims. While this usually isn’t relevant, it’s hard to imagine that the journalists don’t understand the potential behind the circumstances to stoke further racial tension. If they didn’t, wouldn’t they be too incompetent to be journalists? What’s more, why wouldn’t they be aware of the recent George Floyd riots, and how omitting the details of this story would give it tremendous potential to be distorted to fit an unsavory narrative?

The deception by omission by legacy media is one of those things that helps me to savor the nature of my conflicts with certain individuals: I care about the facts, whereas those I take issue with care more about how something can be framed to fit their narrative. It’s truth versus post-truth. As I see it, when in doubt, the safest course of action is usually the one that avoids harming a human being. As the post-truthers see it, harm to another person, including innocents, can be embraced if it somehow furthers their cause. In my perspective, the truth of a matter is used to lead to proper understanding, whereas in their eyes, the cause must never be questioned, regardless of whatever evidence exists.

A matter is being widely misrepresented in a way that furthers a destructive cause, when the facts omitted plainly had the potential to prevent such deception. It’s easy to see a deliberate malevolence on the part of information media.

So, considering all this, are we any closer to an answer to the question, What is happen? Based on what we’re seeing so far, it seems the answer is, This are confuse.