Protect Your Ovaries (from the COVID vaccine)

You may remember Dave Cullen’s video expose on the effects of the COVID vaccine on fertility, women’s fertility in particular. Embedded above is a clip from Bret Weinstein’s DarkHorse podcast, posted just today, in which he examines data concerning spike protein behavior in those who get the Pfizer coronavirus jab.

The spike proteins gather in female ovaries.

TrialSiteNews points out: “There are areas of the body that are not included here like the injection site (165), liver (24), spleen (23), and adrenals (18). These were not included so you can see more detail. The graph ends at 48 hours because that is the extent of the data provided in the original Pfizer study.”

This is interesting, considering that in Dave’s video, he pointed out that an experimental vaccine, that had previously been tested in Africa, was found to have a detrimental effect on fertility, in females in particular.

As pointed out in Bret’s podcast, the spike proteins don’t gather as much in male testicles, only in female ovaries.

Is this deliberate? And what is the long-term effect of the spike proteins on female fertility? And why is their concentration so much stronger on ovaries than most features of human anatomy?

These questions become more sobering to ponder when you consider the fact that a disproportionate amount of the medical profession and the political left are of the opinion that that there are getting to be a bit too many human beings for this planet’s ability to sustain.

When they say “slow the spread”, do they mean a virus, or do they mean people?

EDIT (22 Jun 2021): The video has since been removed “by the uploader”, as the following graphic would appear to indicate when one attempts to view the above video:

What it looks like when Google lies.

This makes it appear to be the case that Bret Weinstein of DarkHorse has removed the video himself, when in reality, Google has deleted his video, then subsequently put a strike on his channel.

Bret has continued discussion on the topic on his channel, and is not backing down, which makes Google’s action of attributing the censorship of Bret to the man himself more apparent for the deliberate lie that it is.

Here’s the thing about Bret Weinstein: he’s an evolutionary biologist, and therefore, an actual scientist. When Bret Weinstein discussed the implications of harmful spike proteins gathering to the ovaries of women who receive the COVID jab, he did so not as a conspiracy theorist making tenuous connections, but as a reputable scientist interpreting data that was available to the public.

Google’s activities aren’t consistent with the interest of allowing men of science to discuss the implications of available data, but more consistent with censoring dissent in the interest of maintaining a narrative.

Not new activity for Google, and hasn’t been for a long time.

Now for the obvious question: What is with Google’s interest in quashing the truth? If getting this valuable information out there could protect the fertility of millions of women, and by extension preserve the family plans of countless people out there, wouldn’t Google have a moral obligation to expedite the dissemination of this valuable information?

And could there be any correlation with the emerging revelation that Google had actually funded virus research in Wuhan? Why? What is Google’s interest in viruses?

The exciting saga continues.

If it turns out that Pfizer’s vaccine actually is damaging women’s fertility, then when most women find out in a few months, people are going to raise hell.

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