Computing Forever’s Video, “Sterilisation”, is a Must-Watch

Dave Cullen of Computing Forever has posted an important video to alternative video-hosting service BitChute. This video, titled “Sterilisation”, is a must-watch, especially if you’re thinking about getting the COVID vaccine, considering how quickly the vaccine has been rushed by certain persons interested in limiting the human population, who also have an established history of causing permanent sterilization through vaccines. Re-read that previous sentence, if you have to. Here is the video, embedded:

I’ve long been subscribed to Computing Forever on YouTube, even since his early days when when his channel was focused on computing, with a particular emphasis on bashing Apple products. In more recent times, he has switched gears to world trends, and has spread his presence to alternative media platforms, considering that his viewpoints aren’t in lockstep with the official narrative. Dave as recently been blocked from uploading new videos to YouTube, likely because his recent offerings rock the boat.

In the above-embedded video, Dave succinctly makes the case for why it’s obvious that the COVID vaccine was specifically-designed to damage human fertility. Some of the information was already well-established, but he does get credit for outlining the information available in a manner that is succinct enough for a quick watch, but with information compelling enough to help a person make up their mind.

I also believe he deserves credit for finding the Jaffe Memo, a 1969 document outlining population control tactics by Planned Parenthood. I’ve happened upon it before, but for some reason, it has since become notoriously hard to find. Here is a link to read it, where it can also be downloaded, which I recommend doing before that particular site were to vanish.

If you’re in the black community, you should take special interest, as the eugenics movement behind the population control measures have long looked down on your race. But even if you’re not, your attention in this matter is strongly advised. (Remember: Racism is bad.)

It’s not a pretty thought, but the fraudulent game is about artificially-induced natural selection, where the winners are those whom perverse scientism deems worthy, or at least those who are not gullible enough to get a vaccine more dangerous than the actual disease.

Considering this, it’s interesting that the big players in social media are working to prevent anyone from saying the wrong thing about the virus, in much the same way that we aren’t allowed to question the results of the election this time around. It’s as though the tech oligarchs have allied with the state to impose strict top-down controls to push an unethical agenda. But hey, that sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t it?

Now that the establishment has selected their leaders, things will move along quickly, now.

7 thoughts on “Computing Forever’s Video, “Sterilisation”, is a Must-Watch

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