Biden Administration Now Wants Your Text Messages Policed For Wrongthink

Is anyone else getting tired of Edward Snowden being proven right? Because I sure am.

The Biden administration is now looking into working “with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages”, according to Politico.

Give that a moment to sink in, because it’s a whopper.

The vaccine is now publicly available, and has been in great supply for months. It’s to the point that people can just get the jab at Walmart, or at convenience stores. Everyone who wants immunity to COVID through a vaccine has already sprung for it, while those who decided against it for whatever reason has made that decision for themselves. But to the left-wing establishment, they haven’t vaccinated enough people, and they don’t respect your right to decide for yourself what you do with your health.

What’s more, even though the left has establishment control of social media, the tech industry, and news media, that’s still not enough control of information for them. They want control over the text messages you send.

Are you tired of self-censoring in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, the message you send might be seen by human eyes, and properly decoded so that your intentions are properly understood? Maybe it’s about time you came to realize that what you could get out of Facebook you can now get out of Minds. And you can find me there, too.

Or that there are email clients, search engines, and video hosting sites that don’t build Google’s psychological profile about you, which they then sell to advertisers. Better still, because these are on the blockchain, the tech oligarchs can’t do jack about them.

It seemed suspicious that the vaccine manufacturers were indemnified against claims of harmful side-effects. It seemed suspicious when a Freedom of Information Act request determined that the COVID vaccines caused harmful spike proteins to gather to ovaries, and YouTube censored an evolutionary biologist who discussed this. And it continues to be suspicious that the left-wing establishment, including the Biden administration, has their hearts set on putting a vaccine into as many people as they can manage, even though the survival rate of the virus it was supposedly made to protect against is well over 99%.

If big-pharma, or the left-wing establishment, or the Biden administration is trying to hide something, their best hope is to stop acting so suspicious. Because their long, storied pattern of behavior has already made it clear to everyone who is paying attention that something is not right.

There is a popular idea that the vaccines cause fertility issues, and there is substantial evidence behind it. Considering this, there is a certain irony that it’s mainly leftists and the gullible who are getting the vaccine.

But the real question is whether, when the general public finds out what’s going on, the Biden administration is willing to fall on it’s own sword. I’m not placing any bets on it.

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