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Federal Judge Finds PA Coronavirus Restrictions Unconstitutional

Image source: The Free Telegraph

In a huge win for Pennsylvanians, a federal court has found that coronavirus restrictions put into place by PA governor Tom Wolf (D) are unconstitutional. Specifically, the ruling was against Wolf’s ban on large gatherings and his arbitrary list of businesses that he deemed “life-sustaining” and therefore worthy of remaining open during the pandemic.

Look, if someone is going to hold elected office in the United States, they should be required to read the Constitution of the United States, including the Bill of Rights, at least once. It’s not a long document, so it’s not much to ask.

While late victories are still victories, the major issue that remains is that the bulk of the damage has already been done. The PA coronavirus restrictions have been in place for months. In that time, hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians have been unemployed, the unemployment rate has shot up as high as 13.7 percent, and many businesses have shuttered, some of which will not open again.

If you’ve been reading a lot of my posts (thank you, by the way), you may have noticed that I tend to side against Democrats when it comes to most major issues. One of the reasons for this is because I’ve noticed that Democrats have a tendency towards totalitarianism, which expresses itself in how they wield their authority on those over whom they have power, and their adversarial relationship with a constitution which stands to limit their power.

In Tom Wolf’s case, he used the authority he was granted to overstep the U.S. Constitution. In fact, it was the very first tenet of the Bill of Rights that he overlooked, which is generally regarded as the most important of the lot (it’s first for a reason).

But it gets worse: Tom Wolf’s initial list of “life-sustaining” businesses that he deemed acceptable to remain open was both inconsistent and arbitrary. For example, he initially disallowed automobile sales. If your your car was totaled in an accident at that point, you’d have been in quite a predicament.

But hold on, his list permitted automobile rentals. So, a person wasn’t allowed to buy a car for themselves by reason of an infectious disease, but they were permitted to rent a vehicle that frequently changes hands? What kind of sense does that make?

But mass transit remained open. Excuse me? So a person was restricted from getting a car for themselves, including out-of-state car purchases, but crowding into a filthy bus is somehow just peachy-keen?

On the surface, it seems senseless. But when you consider that some Democrats want to get people out of cars and get more people using mass-transit, it suddenly becomes evidence of the totalitarianism that has become increasingly evident of them.

When you look at Democrats in terms of their agenda, their eagerness to wield power over those they have authority over, and their tendency towards totalitarianism, it’s far easier to see the reasoning behind some of their apparently-senseless decisions.

So it turns out, Tom Wolf’s ban on large gatherings and closure of certain businesses was illegal. How the government of Pennsylvania proceeds in light of this is to be seen.

What’s it take to find some smiles during a pandemic?

Have you found yourself wondering what it takes to find some smiles during a pandemic? Notice how the guy in the middle is the only one smiling? Maybe he has the answer.

”Paid for with Pennsylvania taxpayer dollars.”

If this is the kind of thing that Pennsylvania is doing with taxpayer dollars, they can make Pennsylvanians smile by giving them their money back.

Newspapers Remove Pro-BLM Strip For Being “Offensive”


In an unusual change of pace, left-wingers are on the victim’s end of a free-speech issue. This one is over a supposedly-offensive panel (pictured above) in a pro-BLM, pro-mask comic.

Running in it’s place was an apology over the offending strip:


Oh wow, they didn’t just censor the panel, they dropped the entire comic. That’s a strong reaction.

So, what was offensive about the panel? Having seen it for myself, it doesn’t seem terribly offensive. There’s multiple layers of humor to be had. For one thing, a woman is pointing out the irony behind a woman wearing a face mask also wearing a shirt that reads, “I can’t breathe”. What’s more, the poor woman wearing the shirt seems taken aback by the ignorance of the woman who didn’t seem to understand the significance of the phrase to the black community.

Of course, it’s apparent that what’s being focused on is the potential for interpretation against the ironic combination of face masks and the “I can’t breathe” slogan. Lately, those on the left have demonstrated themselves as having far thinner skin regarding anything that even has a slight potential for being interpreted as against them, to the point that they’ve called for the censorship of anything that they could determine to be upsetting to them. This has given rise to “cancel culture”, wherein people start digging into the past of content creators to find a pretext for getting them censored, perhaps even costing them their jobs. An early victim was James Gunn, the director of Guardians of the Galaxy.

On the surface, it would seem that cancel culture is driven by the desire to fight injustice. In reality, cancel culture is driven by the desire to destroy. When people are young, they have a lot of restless energy, but usually no direction or outlet for their energy. Therefore, many of them will seek to bring about a change, just to have seen it come about knowing that they were the ones who made it happen. The man who destroyed the temple of Diana did so for no other reason than to be remembered for doing so. Somewhere out there, there’s someone who knows that he was the one who got James Gunn fired, and all he had to do was find an old social media post that could be used to make him look bad.

That’s the kind of cheap sense of empowerment that cancel culture hungers for, as they enable under-employed content consumers to think to themselves, “I can ruin the life of someone more accomplished than myself, and I don’t even have to drag my distended paunch from beneath my Chromebook.”

Intersectional causes are a powerful weapon in the hands of cancel culture, as they take on left-wing causes to try to get content creators canceled, and media companies don’t seem to have the nerve to resist. Seeing that it’s playing into their hands, leftists aren’t doing very much to address cancel culture for the threat that it is, but instead feed into it, believing they stand to benefit from the efforts of armchair activists.

Now that cancel culture is turning on leftists themselves, it’s interesting to see the leftists that previously fed into it complaining on free speech issues. As sad as it may be, they manufactured the conditions of their own plight.

What goes around, comes around.

It’s Actually Happening: Social Media is Now Censoring Medical Professionals

book burning.png

If you’ve been a proponent of free speech, you’ll agree that dark times are currently underway. Social media giants Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have deleted a livestreamed video wherein real doctors tout their successes when treating coronavirus, with one of them boldly proclaiming invariable success in treating patients who were sick with COVID-19. In addition, posts linking to the original video were deleted. According to the social media giants, these claims were classified as misinformation, and were subsequently censored.

Did you guess what medication was discussed? If you guessed hydroxycloroquine, go ahead and treat yourself to an imaginary cookie of satisfaction. The very same medicine that isn’t being given a fair shake just because it’s already been touted by Trump is now getting the doctors that prescribe it censored because their medical advice is not in line with the official stance of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Excuse me? The WHO is not even an American organization, so why are a bunch of American social media companies deferring to it when determining what constitutes sound medical advice, and what position are these same social media companies in to decide that a foreign agency’s official position overrides the advice of a trained and educated medical professional?

And, for that matter, why are they allowing a foreign organization with a suspiciously close relationship with China to determine what constitutes misinformation to be censored?

More important still: why the failure to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with a civilized western society that protects free expression in a free and open marketplace of ideas? The excuse that they are a corporate entity, exempting them from the superordinate governing principles of the progressive societies that surround them on all sides, is a rotten crutch getting ready to splinter.

I get that leftist propaganda media dislikes Trump with a burning passion, but to stem the dissemination of information about a possible treatment that could potentially save the lives of thousands just out of spite is taking it way, way too far. If hydroxycloroquine is actually saving lives and is touted by real doctors, why take any action that might prevent it from getting into the hands of people whose lives may very well depend on it?

If Twitter has any intention of being consistent in their censorship, then they can start censoring CNN:

cnn did an oopsie.png

After all, if doctors can be censored for prescribing a drug that works against the coronavirus, why exempt CNN, who aren’t even doctors, for sharing a story that suggests that the very same drug might actually be effective?

And while we’re at it, CNN also did a story about how masks don’t have any benefit when it comes to the coronavirus. What about that story? Oh, hold on… It was actually the WHO that called masks ineffective, and CNN merely passed the information on. Oops.

But it gets worse. As Anthony Fauci admits, the reason Americans were discouraged from wearing masks in early 2020 was because there was a shortage of masks, and they wanted to be sure healthcare workers had enough. So then, is misinformation on the part of the medical community okay if someone benefits from the misinformation, that is, the medical community? And how does the medical community benefit from censoring its own? And how does the public benefit when what’s censored indicates a treatment that might save perhaps millions of lives?

Considering the WHO’s close relationship with a regime that is actively committing genocide, I doubt they can be trusted with the health of billions around the world.

TWAT News: Socialism Statement at WalMart Backfires

stupid facemasks.pngIt’s like they’re being smothered in stupid.

You likely did Nazi this coming, but a Minnesota couple’s political statement backfired in an amazing way during a trip to Walmart. The couple decided to protest the prospect of a Joe Biden presidency by wearing Swastika face masks.

“I’m not a Nazi. I’m trying to show you what’s going to happen in America. If you vote for Biden, you’re going to be in Nazi Germany. That’s what it’s going to be like.” said the woman in the mask.


It is possible to be both smart and stupid at the same time. In this case, both people were smart enough to know that Nazism was a form of socialism, but stupid enough that it did not occur to either of them how their stunt could backfire.

Think about that: at any step along the way, from the point of having the idea to seeing it through, it did not occur to either of the two how their anti-Biden statement could backfire. One of them came up with the idea, and the other didn’t immediately shoot it down. From then to the point that they went to the store, either one could have had second thoughts.

But then, after the first person at Walmart questioned them about their masks, upon being made to see reason, at least one of them could have said, “This is stupid.” and at least turn their mask inside-out or something.

But no, they continued to justify their ridiculous statement, as though they still believed it the most brilliant idea in the world, overlooking the fact that we live in a culture pulled about by overly-sensitive imbeciles. One of them even proceeded to taunt anyone who would challenge their statement:


The two actually managed to get banned from Walmart locations nationwide for a year. Quite an accomplishment, considering Walmart shoppers’ inherent diversity in the spectrum of intellectual luminosity.

That Was Actually The news, but sometimes it takes a long, sustained insistence in a poor choice to make it happen.

TWAT News: Killer Coronavirus of Evil Death Murders People


Now that the George Floyd riots are no longer fitting the narrative, it’s time for corporate media to revert to what they already know scares morons. Are they still called the George Floyd riots? They seem like they’re knocking historic statues down, regardless of their side in American history. What’s more, the CHAZ “summer of love” police-free dealie quickly devolved into violence, resulting in deaths. See what I mean? Violent rioters, when left to their own devices, get difficult to spin.

So, it’s back to the coronavirus, with death counts that continually climb. Because of course they do. Think about what it would take for those numbers to decrease. But then, if some came back from a coronavirus death, would that make them a coronavirus zombie? Zombies have already been written into nightly news stories to appeal to the stoner market. Think of how the ratings would skyrocket with coronavirus zombies.

The novel coronavirus, as you may know, is an emerging virus that causes COVID-19, which is mainly characterized by a mild, short-lived cough, but usually there are no symptoms at all. The virus is suspiciously only a danger to people already being killed by something else, with death rates comparable to that of the common flu. In response, leaders the world over have enacted lockdowns and restrictions on the general population which have had a catastrophic impact on an economy that took decades to build up, destroying the lives and livelihoods of countless people, resulting in a surge in suicides (meanwhile, the leaders behind these choices are blissfully insulated from the destruction they themselves caused).

Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently stated his intention to mandate face masks in public by executive order. Face masks, as has been long known, increases levels of cortisol in those who habitually wear them. Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone”, which at high enough levels suppresses the immune response, making people more susceptible to recurring infections. Oh wait, that’s counterproductive.

Speaking of counterproductive, bringing up the coronavirus again is only going to remind us ordinary people of how badly Democrat leaders pulverized society in a massive overreaction, further cementing our decisions to not elect them. Having said that, it’s apparent that Biden has the moron vote and watch-the-world-burn vote, and the growing do-as-you’re-told-because-science vote.

Oh man, I’m glad that liquor stores are open again. I’m also glad that nearby grocery stores are no longer enforcing one-way aisles or face masks. It’s as though people are figuring something out.

They’re trying to distract us from the riots with some coronavirus scare stories. That Was Actually The news.

Nice publicity stunt, Blue Angels.


In the year 2011, a huge earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, prompting people to take to their DeviantArt accounts to post tribute artwork and to express sympathy. Many Japanese people were out of homes, but at least they had plenty of art on DeviantArt to look at.

I bring this up because in light of the derp virus pandemic, stunt pilots found their own way to pay homage to first responders, with flyovers.

I’m not a doctor but I think I know how I’d find this gesture: Whoop-dee-doo, a flyover! How is this in any way supposed to help me?

If society decided that it appreciated what I do, I’d know how I’d want it to thank me: with money. I have bills to pay, I get hungry, and I want a house that’s not joined to other houses, among other things. As it turns out, a STEM major isn’t as esteemed in the USA as it’s made out to be, so unless society decides to properly thank its STEM grads with sufficient paychecks, I might look into other fields of study.

But last I checked, flyovers don’t accomplish JACK.

That brings us to the motivation for the flyovers, and it’s not hard to figure out: publicity. Doctors and first responders are in no way enriched by flyovers, especially when they are busy with plenty of work to do. It’s the stunt pilots themselves that benefit from the publicity that comes from expressing a platitude that is popular to begin with: that we’re appreciative to the people who are there for us when we need them. But do you know a better way to express appreciation to a working professional who underwent an education for the prospect of a decent paycheck? By bolstering their paychecks. You know, the general motivation for going professional at something.

But otherwise, nice publicity stunt, guys. Maybe you’ll be invited to do your routine at more air shows.

Socialists don’t actually care about human lives.

American states are getting to the point of opening the economy up again, which is just what working Americans have wanted all along. But not everyone is happy about the development, particularly fringe lunatics with a chique taste for socialism. Now they’re calling the rest of us out, calling us “right-wingers” putting profit ahead of human lives.

As if they’re legitimately concerned with human lives.

People seem to be forgetting that the idea behind the mass-shutdowns and “flattening the curve” wasn’t to eliminate the possibility of anyone dying from the derp virus, it was to prevent hospital emergency rooms from being overwhelmed.

To risk getting sick, and possibly dying, because of the derp virus is a risk intrinsic to going outside. You know what else can result in dying? Just about anything else. Bug bites, automobile accidents, angry Frenchmen with sharp, pointy objects, the list goes on and on. And yet, we still risk going outside. The justification for this is written in the nature of every healthy living being:

A life that’s worth living is worth taking risks to experience.

In my decades as a human being, what I’ve found to be consistently true is that humans can’t stand not having hope. We get up in the morning and will ourselves out of bed because we understand the possibility of contributing something meaningful to society, and because we find it rewarding to provide for our wives and children. A continual hope for a better future and a willingness to contribute something substantial to society is what keeps the working class going.

That’s where the Socialist types can’t relate to the normal, working human being. They don’t understand that people love having a sense of purpose, and love knowing that they’ve contributed to society. That’s the kind of thing that a person can’t experience by just playing games on the computer all day while accepting hand-outs from the government. It’s because of this that when the unemployment rate increases, the suicide rate increases proportionately.

But the Socialists don’t actually care about them. In fact, they’ve pretty much always valued their ideology more than human life. This past century was the century of atheistic socialism, and under their direct supervision, they made it the bloodiest century in all of human history.

The reason why Socialists want everything shut down is because when workers are put out of work, they’re placed on the same level as the Socialists that don’t contribute anything. Personally, I suspect that Socialists are glad when more people die from the derp virus, as it provides them with an ongoing pretext for continued shutdowns.

The following is a list of things that could occur as a consequence of going outside and living life:

  • Experiencing daylight,
  • Kissing someone,
  • Buying an Almond Joy, and those rule,
  • Destroying lawn gnomes with golf clubs,
  • Driving somewhere,
  • Laughing at someone’s ridiculous Jeep Wrangler,
  • Getting something to eat that isn’t pasta or ramen,
  • Meeting Socialists so you can laugh at them in person for being such abject failures that they believe that a bloody Marxist revolution would be easier than learning a skilled trade and turning in some resumes.

All of which would come with the risk, however remote, of dying. Yet, we still take the risks anyway, because the possibility of a life worth living is immensely superior to an insipid existence of government handouts. That’s not something that one would expect a Socialist to comprehend, because if they did, they’d come to comprehend their moribund ideology for the immense, steaming load that it is.

But now they’re pretending that they give a care about human life? They’re not fooling me.

The Fist-Cough Cult is still dangerous.


In 2017, I posted this article about the Fist-Cough Cult. It’s very appropriate to share today, considering the current events about COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

Coughing on your fist has always been dangerously irresponsible, but the current coronavirus epidemic adds a whole new level to it. You might have already been treating the Fist-Cough Cult as the pariahs that they are, but now we all have a new reason, as their dangerous ideology can be firmly placed into a similar category to that of the anti-vaxxers.

Have you been seeing Fist-Cough cultists in your area?

The Horrifying Hysteria of the Coronavirus Apocalypse

teh shelvz be bare.JPG

I took this one at a nearby grocery store. As you might have guessed, toilet paper was on these shelves. Interestingly, this was the only item there was a shortage of. There were plenty of facial wipes and paper towels.

You might be thinking, “Everyone bought up the toilet paper!” But in reality, it’s just a few guys buying into the hysteria, leaving the rest of us searching for just a couple rolls to last us a week.

One guy I saw bought three cases of toilet paper, and he left the store strutting as though he accomplished something extraordinary (though in a sense, he did).

The COVid-19 outbreak is one set of events where the way people are over-reacting is way scarier than the disease itself.