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T.W.A.T. News: Biden Tests Positive For COVID

It’s been a shaky couple days for news of the health of the worst President in the history of the republic. Just today, the White House has announced that Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID. This announcement comes just a day after Biden stated in a speech that he has cancer, yet another Biden blunder that was clarified by the White House, pointing out that he was referring to skin cancer treatment that he had received prior to assuming the presidency.

The announcement also comes one year after Biden stated that if a person was vaccinated against COVID, they would not catch COVID.

Biden was vaccinated and boosted twice.

Considering the lethality of COVID, it might not be the reason he gets replaced with a better leader. But even then, the current veep is Kamala Harris, who is like a Chuck Norris of evil.

In any case, it’s clear that Joe Biden isn’t benefiting very much from this experience. Especially if he loses his sense of smell, which could end his career of hair-sniffing.

In any case, it’s clear that Biden is not all there. There’s no telling when he’ll fall off another bike, or fall going up a flight of steps. When the time comes, will you have decided what to drink to celebrate America’s return to energy independence?

Democrat Governor Caught Sending Federal Covid-19 Relief Funds to BLM

The Coronavirus epidemic, and especially the lockdowns that came along with it, really didn’t tickle. People were ordered to remain in their homes, which really sucked for those of us who wanted to make a living. People were ordered to wear masks in public, which really sucked for people who like fresh air.

Making matters worse was the riots caused by BLM, colloquially referred to as Burn Loot Murder, which really sucked for those who wanted to avoid violence and property damage.

So, you can imagine the outrage when it was discovered that Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker had provided $300,000 in funding directly to BLM. The kicker? This money was funneled directly from federal Covid-19 relief funds.

While that already sounds like a kick in the teeth, it gets even better when you understand that part of the intention behind the Covid-19 relief concerned “the increased potential for violence in underserved and disproportionately impacted communities.”

So naturally, a Democrat that received funds that were intended to help deal with violent crime under the pretense of Covid relief had allocated those funds to a bunch of violent terrorist extremists operating under the pretense of racial justice.

There comes a point where it’s no longer fitting to call someone “incompetent”, because it’s much more apparent that there’s malice involved. What else does one attribute to Pritzker’s use of the Covid-19 relief funds, which is like receiving the gasoline needed to fuel his family’s automobile, but instead throwing the same gasoline directly into a housefire?

Apparently, the Coronavirus Apocalypse is over, because governors can now afford to spend Covid-relief funds on stupid bullshit.

Maybe next, the Bidens should invest in Werther’s Originals.

Hey Biden, how’s the jaw? It looks like a you took a solid one-two.

Just yesterday, one of two blows were dealt to the Biden administration. One was from the Supreme Court, which struck down an attempted vaccination mandate on employers with at least 100 employees, saying that the President had no such authority, and pointing out that the likes of Covid-19 was a universal concern, and not specifically a workplace hazard. However, in a split-decision, the court upheld a similar mandate on healthcare workers.

This was a huge blow to the Biden presidency, for which this was considered a flagship piece of legislation, and would have been a significant part of Biden’s legislative legacy.

Opponents such as myself were concerned, considering that if the Supreme Court had favored it, the mandate would have fundamentally changed the relationship between the individual and government, as the government would have mandated a consumer product, and what’s more, the product would have been an irreversible medical procedure, violating the individual’s bodily autonomy.

I can only imagine how much Hunter Biden lost in investments.

But hey, it helps to have a backup plan, in case things go awry. That’s why Biden wanted to end the legislative filibuster, which would have made it simple to push through a bill that would have allowed non-citizens to vote without identification.

That’s where Biden suffered another blow. Democratic senator Kyrsten Sinema came out in opposition to changing the long-standing legislative filibuster, effectively denying Biden the majority he would have needed to end the filibuster, and ending his dream of pushing through what he pleased.

This left Biden reeling, as the announcement came about an hour before Biden was to address Senate Democrats, and his writers had to scramble to come up with something for the man to read from his teleprompter.

Unless Biden can invent another way to screw things up, he’s on the fast-track to becoming a figurehead for the rest of his term. His popularity is expected to continue to reach new lows, as inflation is getting out of control, and the costs of gas and food are continuing to rise, with no apparent plan to mitigate these problems.

Of course, it’s not helping him that he’s been devising schemes to make peoples lives worse, and continuing with the divisive rhetoric, and painting a bleak outlook, all while offering nothing in the way of encouragement.

Just sit him down in his recliner, put a blanket over him, and give him a small bowl of Werther’s Originals to hand out. Biden’s best days are behind him.

German Shepherd Arranges Sheep In Shape of Syringe to Prove Something

Remember when a bunch of FakeBook users changed their profile photos in an effort to fight cancer, misogyny, and child abuse, but mostly just to prove that they’re herd animals? (Pepperidge Farm remembers!)

To continue the ongoing theme of expressing support through worthless gestures, a German farmer decided to arrange his sheep in the shape of a syringe in an effort to encourage taking the Covid-19 vaccine, or something.

If there’s anyone who can identify with having a bunch of sheep listening to them, it’s the governments of the world, who don’t need the help of some hick playing banjo in the woods. Threatening people’s jobs and freedoms has been plenty effective, just ask the people who want to see your papers before you’re allowed into a theatre to watch The Matrix.

The entire effort goes against the intended end when you consider the people that are bringing this up as yet another example of how the coof lockdowns made people’s brains break, and has turned the pro-vaxx crowd into a cult.

While the Greek Orthodox man arranges the pins in the shape of crosses at the grocery store bulletin board, the Branch Covidians would arrange their sheep in the shape of a syringe in what can be described as a fitting allegory for their government’s relationship with them.

Perhaps another farmer can make a point by taking a booster right in the rooster.

Looks Like We’re Done With the Federal Mandates.

Joe Biden, in a meeting with state governors, went over plans on how to handle the Covid-19 epidemic. During which, he had this to say:

“Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level,”

Joe Biden

We know how the United States of America works: Each of the states has the authority to govern their own affairs, with limited intervention on the part of the federal government. That’s one of the basics of United States government, and one of the reasons why some states may have different laws than others.

It’s great that Biden has come around to realizing the obvious, but it brings up a question. Actually, it brings up a few, but here’s the big one:

Did Biden just admit that he’s giving up on his vaccine mandates on employers?

Because that’s what it sounds like. Granted, Biden’s OSHA scheme was issued a stay by a federal court by reason of grave constitutional concerns, and at this point, it’s looking like it might not go much further.

While Biden’s statement fell short of admitting that he was wrong to issue federal vaccine mandates, in saying that there’s no plan on the federal level (outside of providing assistance to states that request it), Biden is pretty much giving up on federal intervention as far as handling Covid-19.

While I’m among the many who are ready to move on, I think we can agree that there should be consequences for the damage that the Democratic party helped cause when it comes to how they handled Covid-19. While they may be backing down now, I haven’t forgotten that it was the Democrats that were the ones that got behind excessive lockdowns that threatened or destroyed livelihoods for millions of Americans, resulting in a wave of suicides. Even now, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic, America is facing a mental health crisis.

It’s plain to see why Democrats are backing down: midterms are coming, they’re facing a big red wave, and they can see that their president and their own policies are unpopular. What’s more, parents are freaking out because they’re finding out what pure untreated sewage that schools are pushing on their kids.

People are pissed, and we could end up seeing record turnout at primaries to get the establishment out. It’s no secret that people have had different values than the political establishment, and the Democratic party is as establishment as it gets.

They’ve pissed me off to the point where I got involved. I didn’t originally want to get involved in politics. To me, a fun time is hanging out with friends, drinking beer and playing games. But then, what leftists did had an effect on me, and on people that I know. That made it personal.

It’s because of this that their little attempt at saying “You can have your freedoms back now, just please don’t be mad at us in the upcoming midterms” is going to be met my me looking back at them, and saying, “no”.

Having said that, the left is certainly free to back down from their hardline positions in an effort to reduce the consequences against them. Depending on what they do to make peace, it might somewhat work. But they’ve got a lot to damage to repair, so they’d better get started.

Okay, now on to the second question: What exactly has Biden and his leftist buddies been doing all this time?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Democrats have been exploiting everything about the virus in an effort to accrete more power to themselves. At the outset, it was “fifteen days to slow the spread”, which wasn’t even about eliminating the virus, it was more about preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed by a sudden influx of visitors. But as people complied, more demands were added in an apparent effort to see just how far people could be pushed. We’re now about two years in, and some places have yet to see the end of lockdowns, and blue states in particular have borne the brunt of the most unfair restrictions.

When the vaccine was introduced, at first it was like “take this, then you can have your old life back”. But when people took it, Democrats proceeded to blame everyone who didn’t want to take a vaccine that hasn’t been sufficiently tested, and proceeded to place restrictions back on people who already took the vaccine.

At first, bribes were offered to motivate people to take the vaccine (like a lottery, for example). But then, they started threatening the jobs of the unvaxxed, because nothing says that they care about someone’s safety and well-being quite like destroying their livelihoods and putting them out in the street without a home.

And then, they attempted to coerce people into taking a booster, then a third shot, then a fourth…

And now we’re to the point where the left is figuring out there could be consequences to them in the mid-terms, so we’re now seeing Biden backing down and leaving the matter to states.

And now Anthony Fauci is out doing damage control in an effort to avoid being justifiably pilloried:

Hey Fauci, I have something to say about that. Come closer. Lean in. Ready for it? Here it is: NO FLIPPING JOKE! That’s exactly what those of us on the ground had already known from the outset of the epidemic! Did you really just figure this out?

And then, on top of that, Fauci admits that children with Covid-19 are being counted among those who were hospitalized of Covid-19, thus inflating the numbers. And if you can’t tell the difference, you might have a future in government.

Enlightening. Maybe next he’ll tell us that people who are “fully-vaccinated” can still spread Covid-19, right? Oh wait…

It’s great that Fauci figured out the value of keeping society running, but personally, I suspect that some amount of self-serving is behind his new position. Being a government employee, Anthony Fauci’s income is entirely dependent on people who, unlike Fauci, produce value. Therefore, it’s to his benefit that people are allowed to actually produce value. Thus, it’s counterproductive to continue calling for measures that disrupt business and supply lines. When you understand this, it’s plain to see that Fauci’s favored policies fit nicely under screwing the pooch.

I’d like to close this article with an observation. Notice how Fauci is now coming out and saying things that most of us already knew since the start of the epidemic, particularly as things are going badly for his pet policies?

This is reminiscent of an interrogation technique employed by American intelligence during the War on Terror. When a terrorist that was suspected of having information was detained, he’d be exposed to news stories during his confinement. Those news stories were carefully selected to show that things weren’t going so well for his fellow terrorists, which had the effect of inspiring a why-not-tell-all attitude in the terrorist, resulting in him giving up valuable information.

Perhaps something similar is happening with Fauci. It may be that he sees what’s going on, and just how poorly things are going for Biden, the Democratic party, and for his own legacy, so he’s starting to give in and come right out and say what’s been obvious to the rest of us for a long time.

“Longing… Impurity… Joy… Pain… I have cast them all away. Pick them up and carry them with you. All that you gather is your value.”

Belaf, Made in Abyss

Japan’s Vaccine Statement is Trending, Because It’s Actually Sane

Fighting off contagious disease is a game of strategy. While the United States and Europe are playing checkers, Japan is playing chess.

I know that there are a ton of nerds out there that think that everything about Japan is awesome, and seek to emulate them in every single way. In light of this, I present the following, and let the otaku nerds know that the ball is in their court:


Actual, honest, richly-needed SANITY!

While it’s all sound, I’d like to zero in on this part:

“Although we encourage all citizens to receive the COVID-19 vaccination, it is not compulsory or mandatory. Vaccination will be given only with the consent of the person to be vaccinated after the information provided. Please get vaccinated of your own decision, understanding both the effectiveness in preventing infectious diseases, and the risk of side effects. No vaccination will be given without consent. Please do not force anyone in your workplace or those around you to be vaccinated, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.”

Put another way, “Please don’t be like those Americans or Europeans, who have collectively lost their minds.” This seems to have been written with a certain awareness of what’s going on around the world, particularly in places like Australia where the way the coronavirus has been handled has been distinctly authoritarian. Chillingly, vaccine authoritarianism seems to be on the rise in Germany.

I get the idea that there may be a spike in demand for plane tickets to Japan, particularly for one-way trips.

How about it, anime nerds? Is Japan based, or what?

Fentanyl Death Explosion

As bombastic as that title may sound, it’s not an exaggeration. According to watchgroup Families Against Fentanyl, fentanyl has become the number one killer of Americans aged 18-45.

The synthetic opioid has killed over 64,000 Americans this year alone, surpassing suicide, Covid, and car accidents. As the group also points out, the fatality rate has doubled over the course of the last couple years.

Considering that the lion’s share of fentanyl is produced in China, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s introduction into the U.S. was a deliberate move to further aggravate a country destabilized by Covid lockdowns. And considering that it comes into the U.S. through the Mexican border, it would seem as though it’s presence is a direct result of Democrat’s opposition to placing a wall along that border.

As FAF’s factsheet on fentanyl fatalities illustrates, fentanyl deaths for Americans age 18 to 45 overtakes Covid deaths, eclipsing them over 3.5 times:

Can we expect leadership from Democrats during this hard time? No, but we can expect them to push a fourth booster in a year for a vaccine that doesn’t seem to slow down the very virus it was intended to stop, while lining the pockets of their corporate interests with billions of dollars.

Let’s go, Brandon.

An Image to Describe 2021

Each year, this blog posts a picture which, in the eyes of myself, describes the year accurately, sometimes edited, and sometimes not. However sardonic it may be, I think we can all appreciate that humanity has made it as far as we have without reducing ourselves to irradiated primal components over things like economic strategy.

I think we all know that QAnon Shaman is going to take the honor this year. But before we get to that, let’s take a moment to appreciate just how zany this year has been. After all, this year wasn’t just crazy in a way like standing at a safe distance and laughing at the insane thing that some celebrity as done. This year’s craziness affected every single one of us in one way or another.

As we recap, know that I’m not even going to bother listing everything crazy about this year, as writing up such a list would take at least another year.

  • Thousands of protestors flooded the U.S. Capitol building, resulting in the people being represented therein for the first time in over a century.
  • After a nearly-two-decade military campaign, President Biden surrendered Afghanistan back to a bunch of hairy men who believe that pedophilia is normal, abandoning both equipment and American people in the process.
  • In the highly-publicized Rittenhouse trial, a jury helped millions of morons to come to the conclusion that if someone with an assault rifle is running from you, chasing him and attacking him is a bad idea.
  • Twitter banned a standing President of the United States from their platform, even though he didn’t do a damn thing wrong.
  • After months on end of the uniparty calling the lab-leak hypothesis a “conspiracy theory”, U.S. intelligence released a 2-page declassified report calling “laboratory-associated incident” a plausible source of Covid-19.
  • A huge container ship ran aground in the Suez Canal, disrupting trading for much of the world.
  • Anthony Fauci gives hope to the least of us as he demonstrates that a slow-witted, narcissistic ass-wipe can hold the highest-paid government office.
  • NASA launched its Double Asteroid Redirection Test to determine whether we are currently capable of protecting earth from an asteroid collision, showing that science can be used for something other than marketing useless garbage to gullible cretins.
  • The ultra-left are so obsessed with getting you vaccinated, that they threatened your job over it. Because nothing says that they want to protect you quite like threatening to turn you into a homeless drifter that eats garbage out of the gutters. Thankfully, the courts are succeeding so far in blocking that bullshit.

With all that said, here is the image that describes 2021, depicting the most honest man to stand at the house podium:

I don’t know about you, but I miss the days when conspiracy theorists were wrong about stuff, and mainly just went on about a flat earth and space aliens. But now that the left is so insistent that the idea that there are reptilians in government is a harmful and dangerous conspiracy theory, that gets me to thinking. Streisand Effect, and such.

Nostradamus was still a hack.

Maddox’s Article on Swine Flu Aged Well.

Maddox’s online persona, not to be confused with a popular graphic depicting a racist communist sympathizer.

In the year 2009, web comedian Maddox published an article on swine flu. If that article were like piss in a bottle, that piss has aged, fermenting into a fine piss schnapps.

In case you’re having trouble remembering what swine flu was, it was a coronavirus that caused a mild cough, and that was about it. It was pretty much like Covid-19, except the political left didn’t go absolutely insane.

Maddox started his article by claiming that he deleted his mom’s number, because she called him worried about some sensationalist news story. While Maddox’s politics seem to be left-leaning today, what he went on to say was surprisingly red-pilled:

“If you’ve spent more than a few minutes worrying about swine flu, you are an idiot. That’s because it only takes a few minutes to look up the symptoms, mortality rate, and treatment to realize that it’s no different from the common flu (which kills way more people and by extension is way more awesome), and going back to whatever it is you were doing, which was probably turning off CNN and canceling your cable subscription.”

Maddox was early on the whole fake news dealie, and on comparing symptoms and fatality rates, and realizing that the virus in question isn’t worth letting world leaders carry out an economic suicide pact.

Maddox has his own idea on how to handle a pandemic of sniffles:

“Cowards worry and there is a 100% overlap between people who worry and people who regularly make cowardly decisions. That’s why natural disasters kick so much ass. You never really know when they’re going to hit, so you might as well let go and stop being such a scared pussy all the time. You’ll cross the bridge of death when you get to it. Time to start taking risks, asshole!”

What’s more, Maddox expressed a viewpoint that would have gotten him labeled as “anti-vax” today:

“I will never take the swine flu vaccine because I already have it; it’s called my immune system, and it’s badass.”

This has become even more awesome in light of the revelation that natural immunity is immensely superior to the Covid vax. The optics are stunning, and provide a window into the kind of thinking that was popular before the lockdowns driving up job losses and suicide rates drove everyone collectively insane.

Maddox also got into a short rant on how he believes that marriage is a sham institution, which makes him sound suspiciously MGTOW. If that’s something that you’ve never heard of, MGTOW is what happens when incels decide to give up, but then pretend that they’ve won. They then prattle on as though they’ve discovered some secret that makes them sound enlightened, even though their whole movement basically comes down to playing video games while waiting for death. What’s that secret? Apparently, it’s that if they can’t find a woman who’s willing to touch their genitals, they can just do it themselves. They’d be somewhat tolerable if they weren’t such obnoxious recruiters.

If you think Maddox’s points on swine flu would carry over to the coronavirus, it would seem like Maddox would, too. He republished the same article, striking out the term “swine flu” and replacing with with “coronavirus”.

When you look at how based Maddox once was, it’s almost a shame that he just about abandoned the website that made him popular, and went on to try to become yet another YouTuber. But as he is now, he’s another relic from the age of the internet angry man, trying to find his way in the age when everyone is looking over their shoulders.

Anthony Fauci is an Inferior Man.

Anthony Fauci literally just said that “There comes a time when you have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision”.

I can guess what you’re thinking: “There’s no way. How can anyone be so out of touch with reality as to say something so devastatingly wrong?”

I don’t expect you to take my word for it, so I’m sharing video evidence. In it, Fauci tells us plebs that because we’ve been benefiting so well from society, we should give back by giving up our right to make choices for ourselves. Putting aside, of course, that society under Fauci and his other leftist corporate interests have attempted to shut us in our homes and are now pulling out the stops to threaten us into taking a vaccine that we don’t trust.

Here’s what stupid sounds like:

One of the many things that Fauci is ignorant of is the fact that the American republic was founded by better men than Anthony Fauci. What these men understood was that human rights were axiomatic tenets of reality that every human being has, as they penned in the following blurb from some old document that they might still teach about in schools:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The United States Declaration of Independence

Even if you don’t believe in a Creator, you should still understand individual rights to be a matter of superordinate principle, in a manner similar to natural law. Every human being has a right to security in their property, without it being stolen from them. Every human being has a right to their own sincerely-held religious beliefs, or any conviction they may have. They have a right to express their opinions, even if there are consequences for doing so. A person has a right to defend themselves. A person has a right to their silence, without it being taken as self-incrimination. Every person has a right to their own means of production.

In that these rights are unalienable, means that they exist by default, it is impossible for a person to voluntarily give them up, are not granted by human government, and if any government doesn’t recognize the existence of these rights, that government is wrong.

Continuing on, the Declaration of Independence has this to say:

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,”

No one can be governed unless they allow it. It doesn’t require a lengthy explanation, because it’s entirely self-explanatory. Anthony Fauci doesn’t govern me, because I refuse to be governed by inferior men.

The republic’s founders continue with language that puts those who would follow Fauci’s example on notice:

“That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

I know that some limp-wristed incel might latch onto the use of the word “Safety”, and twist it to mean something that it doesn’t. The fact is, safety implies bodily autonomy, including the freedom to turn down a vaccine that one does not trust.

When a government twists the concept of safety into a pretext to challenge the axiomatic freedoms, that government should be altered or removed. That’s some food for thought for the Democrat establishment, if they are at all interested in retaining their place in American government.

After all, in nature, as is the case in human society, and has been demonstrated throughout history, the followers don’t endure being abused by their leaders for very long.

There is an old proverb, and because it originated in China, I suspect that Fauci has heard of it. It goes like this:

“The emperor that burned all the books was overthrown by illiterate men.”