You Can Watch the Disgraced Pfizer Director Flip Out As His Career Collapses

You’re probably having a better day than Jordan Trishton Walker, the Pfizer director behind mRNA Scientific Planning. He was the guy who was the subject of a Project Veritas sting in which he was caught on camera saying that Pfizer was floating the idea of deliberately making COVID mutate so they could profit more off of their vaccines.

Here’s some fine entertainment:

One would almost feel bad for the guy. But not quite.

He’s evidently someone who never faced resistance in his entire life. But then, he realized that everything he built up was about to come crashing down.

Where most people would have realized that the best way to handle the situation would have been to clam up and say no more to incriminate themselves, Jordan instead attempted to take control of the situation, apparently unfamiliar with having no such control.

For one thing, he claimed that he was only lying about the possibility of participating in gain-of-function research in order to impress his date. I suspected as much, but that’s certainly better than him having told the truth, which is still a possibility. But even if he was just BSing, he still made his company look bad, and perhaps also violated some non-disclosure agreements. In either case, he loses.

But how insecure does a man have to be if, as a director for one of the wealthiest companies, he still feels the need to lie to impress a date? That’s really sad.

The way he attempted to take control of the situation says everything about where his mind was. He tried calling the police, because he was a victim in his own mind. He tried bringing race into it, which suggests that that’s the kind of thing he does to get what he wants.

Personally, I suspect that it was just before he seized James’ iPad and attempted to destroy it that he realized that his career was over. And not only was his career dead, it was just executed with the cruelest stroke.

At some point, the restaurant owner locked the door on the PV crew, as they were being pressured to by Jordan Walker. While that was a no-no, perhaps they could make the case that they were under duress by reason of Jordan’s behavior.

But hey, the cops did show up, just as Jordan wanted. However, they would have just arrested Jordan, if James hadn’t already left the scene. By the way, what was with Jordan running into traffic and trying to stop a car? I know that it was already established at that point that he was unhinged, but that was the thing of movies.

So, what does the future hold for Jordan Trishton Walker? I don’t know, but I suspect that Pfizer would fire him by reason of the bad publicity, then distance themselves from him as though he had a super-cancer that’s contagious. After that, an ordinary-person job would be the best he could hope for. And he doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would be happy with his work evident in his hands.

It’s rare for things to get so bad that they can’t be made worse by acting like a jackass. As bad as things were for Jordan Walker, he had more to lose, and he went for it.

Just exquisite.


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