Pfizer Director Admits to Possibility of “Directed Evolution” of COVID Virus for Profit to Undercover Veritas Reporter

Oh, man! Someone is going to be goatsed so hard. I’m talking having their cheeks spread from sea to shining sea!

Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development for Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, just admitted to an undercover reporter for Project Veritas that Pfizer has been entertaining the possibility of creating new strains of COVID through gain-of-function research so that Pfizer could then profit off their mRNA vaccines. Except, the gain-of-function research would be spun as “directed evolution”. Because, as you probably know, to call it “gain-of-function research” would be bad for publicity.

How did this happen, you may be wondering?

The same way this keeps on happening: an undercover reporter succeeded in scoring a date. And the director, like many before him, saw the twenty-something and wanted some tube steak (he’s gay), so he tried to impress him. Then, his loose lips proceeded to sink the ship.

Yep. It keeps happening. Like Chris-Chan before them, Pfizer management keeps falling for the same ruse, over and over again.

If you have some people who are counting on you to keep some secrets, it helps to exercise some skepticism, even when faced with the prospect of some vertical smile. If you work for an intelligence apparatus, and some cute Chinese girl keeps changing the topic to your line of work, something is probably up.

Reportedly, the reporter identified himself as being with Project Veritas, to which the director responded by physically attacking the reporter. But by that point, the director had already dug his own grave.

The things people do when they realize that they’ve been played.

The report was such a bombshell, that some conspiracy theorists have floated the idea that Pfizer intentionally gave Veritas some misinformation to catch them. You know, the ol’ “start a negative news cycle surrounding us and cause our stock to drop just to own a Project Veritas reporter.” The classic 4D chess move.

If you’re wondering what I think might have happened, I suspect that the guy was just bullshitting to try to make himself seem more important and edgy than he actually is. The guy was presented with some beefcake to act as the dominant one, and he wanted to impress him. So, perhaps he just put on a performance.

Or, I suspect that there’s a need to impress, as women have an apparent tendency to reach for my stuff before asking any questions. But then, not every man may have had experiences like mine.

Still, the plot that Jordon gave up sounds so well developed, that it doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that someone would make up while drunk. He even outlined the process that would be employed, if Pfizer were to go about it, right down to how monkeys would be used in the research.

It’s because of this that it’s hard to entirely dismiss the possibility that he was telling the truth. Perhaps we’d benefit from shining the light on Pfizer.

Here’s an embed of the YouTube video. See it while it’s still up:

UPDATE: See the embed above? Looks like Google has once again proven themselves to be the book burners of the digital age.

The video is still up on Twitter, the recently-upgraded leadership of which seems to be sincere in a desire for a free and open marketplace of ideas, where earnest discussions of important matters can be held in good faith, and actual investigative journalism is no longer actively and deliberately suppressed.

You’ve changed, Google.


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