GQ and Weaponizing Paranoid Delusion

This article is a criticism of a recent GQ article, titled, The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion. Before getting into it, there’s a concept that I wish to bring to your attention which you may already be aware of: gaslighting.

Gaslighting is the act of causing a person to doubt their own perceptions, usually in an effort to make them easier to manipulate. In extreme cases, a victim of gaslighting may become convinced that they have a mental illness.

Another thing to know about is targeted individuals (TIs, for short). TIs are a community of people who believe themselves to be the victims of sophisticated gang-stalking. Some of them even claim to be the victims of unethical experiments or attacks with acoustic or electromagnetic technologies. Many of them have claimed that these attacks are the cause of headaches or various other maladies.

It’s a tad indulgent, but there is another thing to bring to mind, and that is Hitchen’s Razor. It goes something like this: “What is presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

Having said all that, here’s a link to GQs article.

The story featured a man who went to Russia to spy on Russia and experienced his first major migraine there. Either that, or he had one vodka too many. I know that sounds like a joke, but what he described was similar to what I’ve experienced from two daiquiris and a shot of strong rum right before bed.

Like a Hillary campaign staffer, he blamed the Russians.

The first indication that there is something wrong with the article is the unironic assertion that the 2016 Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory is an undisputed fact, as though it weren’t thoroughly and painstakingly investigated over the course of years, and was absolutely debunked.

But hey, why would a major publication like GQ have gotten the memo?

Of course, there are more major problems, including their repeated insinuations that Trump is cozy with Russia. What the author doesn’t seem to realize is the conflict of interest this creates: If the Russians were cozy with the President of the United States, it would be absolutely counterproductive to squander that goodwill by attacking Americans visiting their homeland, especially if they are government officials. To attack another country’s citizens is an act of war.

Because it’s conspiracy theorists we’re talking about, they probably already thought of some way to iron this out. And it’s probably quite complicated.

The article’s TI wasn’t without a plan to determine that the Russians were behind the attack: snubbing them on their holiday card tradition. He understood that exchanging Christmas cards was one of the ways Russian bureaucrats express respect, so he decided to withhold cards one year, and watch how they reacted.

And whaddaya know? When you disrespect someone, they get upset. What did this prove? That the TI would make a terrible diplomat, it seems.

You might be wondering whether I believe that there does exist the technology to attack someone with EM waves. And I believe it. One doesn’t have to look into anything classified to know it, since it’s been publicly known for a long time that something similar has been used to generate a sensation of heat as a deterrent, as the article points out.

However, in the article, the author jumps to conclusions, implying connections based on incomplete information. That is conspiracy theorism per se, and any smug sense of superiority over others who practice it on the part of the author is forfeit.

The reason I suspect gaslighting in GQs article is because there is a twisted message that it alludes to: that if you’ve been experiencing strong headaches, Russia may be to blame, and Trump doesn’t care. This makes the article out to be an attempt to prey upon vulnerable adults, weaponizing the TI community and others with paranoid delusions in an effort to swing an election.

If the apparent effort were not deliberate, and the article’s author was sincere, it offers yet another window into the thinking of a kind of person the left and the Dark State attracts: the conspiracy theorists that don’t like to be called conspiracy theorists, while accusing others of the same. Yet, their paranoid delusions are evident: they see racists as around every corner, and secret sexists all around them. Plots congeal in the shadows, and the Russians made them misplace their slippers. Trump! Russia! Possible collusion!

Obviously, the author isn’t stupid, as Julia Ioffe was able to construct a narrative in a lengthy article that’s an interesting read. However, the article was obviously authored in such a way as to try to get the reader to assume connections based on limited or missing evidence.

There’s no shame in engaging in conspiracy theories if you’re honest enough to admit that that’s what you’re doing.

“All things being equal, the correct hypothesis tends to be the one that makes the fewest assumptions.”

Occam’s Razor

Biden Himself Was Offered 10%, Says Businessman That Was In On the Deal

After claims of Russian interference regarding the Biden laptop were shot down by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, legacy media’s story about the emails contained thereon has became that they were faked. Now, the emails were confirmed again by the recipient of some of the emails.

It’s as though for every lie that legacy media can invent about this laptop, the truth has an immediate and powerful answer.

What Biden’s former business partner tells us is that Joe Biden himself was offered a 10% stake in a Chinese business deal, and that Hunter aggressively leveraged his family name to make millions while Joe Biden was Vice President.

Considering that we’re are in a trade war with China and are on the verge of a major conflict with them, for a Vice President to make trade deals with the Chinese doesn’t just come off as a conflict of interest, the man himself seems to be a threat to national security!

This comes just a day after it was revealed that Giuliani filed a police report over the laptop providing evidence of child endangerment. This batch of recent developments isn’t just a bombshell, it’s a firebombing!

The business partner pointed out that the deal was seen by the Chinese as “political or influence investment “.

So, at a time when tensions are high between America and the Chinese, nearly to the point of conflict, a Presidential candidate has made deals with the Chinese where they benefit with political influence. That sounds really interesting.

If you already voted for Biden by mail, and are just now finding these things out, I can imagine your regret.

How Fascist is Conservatism?

You might have heard conservatives and those on the political right called “fascists”. It’s evident that the term fascist in this context is used as a snarl word to be hurled at someone the user strongly disagrees with, and is not a proper use of the word to describe the target’s political ideology.

Put simply, fascism is a brand of authoritarianism with an emphasis on collective action. Putting that difference aside, any generality that applies to authoritarianism applies likewise to fascism.

The word fascist originated from the Italian word, fascio, which means, “a bundle of sticks”. The implication is that a stick on its own is weak, and prone to breaking easily. However, when a bunch of sticks are bound together, they’d be a lot stronger than they would be separately. The implication is, stronger together.

Let’s make some direct comparisons in an effort to figure out just how fascist conservatives really are.

  • Conservatives favor a free market, while fascists favor a command economy.
  • Conservatism is driven by individual interest, while fascism is driven by collectivism.
  • Conservatives believe in the rule of law, while fascists believe the government can be above the law.
  • Conservatives believe a constitution should provide the framework for how the government operates, while fascists oppose such a solid framework.
  • Conservatives favor individual liberties, while fascists believe government has the final say.
  • Conservatives are free speech advocates, even if it doesn’t favor their ideology, while fascists favor the suppression of dissent.
  • Conservatives favor religious liberties, while fascists usually only favor ideologies useful to them.
  • Conservatives are capitalistic, while fascists are socialistic.
  • Conservatives believe in limited government, while fascists prefer that government should impact every aspect of one’s life.

From everything we see above, it should be evident that not only is conservatism not fascist, everything about conservatism makes it fascism’s mortal enemy. This would explain fascism’s historical efforts to wipe conservatism out, along with anything resembling a constitutional representative republic.

Understanding this, it’s ironic to consider Antifa’s origin as an arm of Communism, and that their insistence on collectivist socialism makes them the fascist authoritarians they pretend to fight against.

No one can govern you unless you let them.

BuzzFeed Writer Tries Justifying Jeffrey Toobin, Makes Cringe, Instead

You might remember the story from earlier this week about Jeffrey Toobin getting caught on a Zoom call, molesting his own mushroom. A BuzzFeed writer chimed in, intent on justifying Toobin, but instead made people the world over ponder just what is up with Buzzfeed.

Sometimes, a Freudian slip occurs, when a person accidentally reveals something about themselves that they didn’t intend to. Sometimes, it’s deeply personal, like when you accidentally blurted out your affection for a video game character. (What, just me?) Or like when a person says, “Doesn’t everyone change lanes without looking?”, to which you might answer, “Speak for yourself, and don’t drive anywhere near me.”

It’s because of this that when the title of a Buzzfeed article is “Jeffrey Toobin Can’t Be The Only One Masturbating On Work Zoom Calls”, you kind of wonder about the author, and the staff that permitted the article to survive the vetting process.

I don’t blame the author for taking the opportunity to use euphemisms for choking the chicken, including some I’ve never heard before. But she (yes, she) doesn’t seem aware that “tooting your own horn” refers to something different. Perhaps this is sloppy writing, or maybe it gives away some level of unfamiliarity with the craft.

But she brings up a point about the election simulation. That is, that it wasn’t discussed in much detail. Maybe there’s something about plotting out a violent revolt in response to a Trump victory that really makes New Yorker staffers wanna blow their loads.

But to the author’s credit, it seems like she was merely using the article as a backbone to share humor on the incident, what with her sharing a Twitter meme about changing comic captions, and a Twitter post about an Etsy mug.

There’s the BuzzFeed I know, aggregating content for profit. And producing such intellectual content as Take This Personality Quiz And We’ll Guess If You’re Sweet Or Sour.

So, apparently BuzzFeed thinks it’s normal for a person to squeeze the tomato during Zoom calls, and wonders why something like this doesn’t happen more often. Thanks for the insight into BuzzFeed’s corporate culture, I suppose.

Work-At-Home Falling Out of Favor With Employers

The reasons keep piling up to move on from the Coronavirus Apocalypse. This time, it’s becoming apparent to employers that working from home isn’t such a great long-term idea.

Earlier this year, companies adopted working from home as an approach to keep their employees safe from a virus that causes a mild cough for a few days. Obviously, it wasn’t an option for every employer, as many jobs require a physical presence to get them done, such as those in the service industry, or production jobs.

Initially, it the work-at-home deal seemed great, as well-motivated workers that didn’t need to commute could perform their jobs in spite of the distractions of home. But in time, productivity seemed to decline, and it’s becoming apparent why.

Much of the motivation behind the initial high productivity was fear. People were afraid that they might quickly lose their jobs, and the world was changing in a hurry. However, that fear has largely disappeared, as the world is slowly returning to normal due to a combination of factors (the virus being discovered to be far less deadly than first anticipated, the WHO being against lockdowns, various measures against the virus being found illegal in certain countries, etc.).

Also, the same efficiency that can be achieved with teams on collaborative projects is difficult to replicate when each member of the team is working remotely. According to the Wall Street Journal article, what could take an hour for a team could take all day for a group working remotely.

Another problem that I’ve seen from doing work remotely has to do with school attendance. The Coronavirus Apocalypse is a really bad experience for those attending college, as much of the experience that one would get from lab work cannot be effectively recreated by attending school from home.

One of the reasons one wants to attend a more prestigious school isn’t because the coursework is more challenging, it’s because those schools offer more tools to help students to succeed. Prestigious schools such as MIT and Harvard have huge libraries and laboratories in which professors can hold workshops and students can collaborate on projects. What’s more, it’s at these prestigious schools that students can network with their peers and future employers in job fairs to help build their careers.

Without these valuable tools, the main reason to attend an Ivy League school is just to say you did!

These are some of the unsung tragedies of the lockdowns that were a gross over-reaction to a virus that actually wasn’t very bad. Sadly, any honest assessment of the situation is likely to be buried, while the content more likely to be promoted is drivel along the lines of “THE LOCKDOWNS ARE GREAT, THANK YOU, MORE LOCKDOWNS PLEASE,” or “KILLER CORONAVIRUS OF EVIL DEATH MURDERS PEOPLE“, because for some reason, coronavirus alarmism has become a left-wing viewpoint, to be promoted by Dark State media to the detriment of sense.

Was the WordPress block editor made by staffers working at home?

Biden Laptop Now In Hands of FBI Over Child Endangerment Suspicions

The hits keep coming, don’t they?

Remember the laptop that’s been getting Hunter and Joe Biden in hot water over their overseas connections? Now it seems like it’s vintage bad news for Hunter, as Rudy Giuliani has filed a police report over evidence of child endangerment on the laptop, and the laptop is now in the hands of the FBI.

By Delaware state law, a person is required to come forward if they believe in good faith that a child is being abused or neglected. Giuliani’s complaint concerned evidence of what he called an “inappropriate sexual relationship”.

I can imagine that Hunter Biden would be sweating bullets, now.

But he wouldn’t be the only one. Rudy Giuliani had previously indicated that more material would be on the way, including that which would explicitly implicate Joe Biden himself. When a reporter had questioned Joe Biden about the laptop, he brushed off the question, even going as far as avoiding public appearances until it was time for Thursday’s debate.

Speaking of, the topic of the upcoming debate was supposed to be foreign policy. But since the laptop reveals, the topic has changed. Therefore, Trump has pointed out that the debate commission is helping Biden, which they obviously are.

What’s more, in yet another example of the Dark State at work, legacy media is doing what they can to keep the laptop stories buried. This includes the classic tactic of blaming the Russians right off the bat, as though that were the first bullet in their chamber. Just afterwards, the FBI and DOJ point out that no evidence exists to back up their claim. The Director of National Intelligence himself pointed out that there is no evident Russian connection.

It would seem as though Hunter Biden really had his laptop dropped off at a repair shop, forgot about it, and it contains data with the potential to sink a Presidential run. Now it’s in the hands of the FBI, and some of the contents may be evidence of activities that are highly illegal.


I know that Donald Trump is not the ideal candidate, but if your interest is in normalizing the sexual abuse of children, you’re now much more likely to see Joe Biden as your rational pick.

I wonder what it’s like to believe in a man’s efficacy as a leader, but also see the need to insulate him from the intellectual criticisms of another man.

Google Faces Antitrust Case from DOJ

In the biggest antitrust case in over a decade, Google is being sued by the Department of Justice for antitrust behavior.

The tech giant has been making deals with cell phone companies, including Apple and Samsung, for Google’s namesake search engine to be the default for cell phones. The DOJ alleges that this behavior blocks out search engine competitors from being the default on these devices.

To say that Google is enormous is not an understatement. Not only do they have the most popular search engine in the world, they have numerous applications and services, including YouTube and Gmail, which are ubiquitous.

If you wonder how Google makes money by offering their products and services free of charge, they do this by collecting enormous amounts of data on everyone who uses these services, whether they have a Google account or not. This information is then sold to advertisers who use this information to serve you targeted ads.

It’s likely that Google already has an extensive profile on you.

I’ve warned before that the extensive information collected by tech companies and social networks is already in the hands of those who can abuse it. This information includes, but is not limited to, search engine terms, the websites you visit, the links you click on, the tabs you have open, how long you have them open, among other things. Using this information, they can determine things such as medical conditions you may not have been diagnosed with, possible mental illnesses, and perhaps even sexual preferences you may not be aware of.

If Google got into the business of blackmail, we’d pretty much all be screwed.

While the antitrust suit has bipartisan support, it’s notable that each of the eleven Attorneys General joining the case as plaintiffs are Republican. This indicates a certain hesitance of Democrats to get on board, regardless of their stated agreement with the development.

The fact is, Google has been a key player in the Dark State, having a strong left-wing bias that becomes evident in how they target right-wing content, while promoting left-wing content and propping up legacy media.

What’s more, their hyper-popular search engine plays a significant role in Google’s cultivation of public opinion. This is achieved by omitting certain pages from search results, and providing search term suggestions that clearly indicate their biases.

The reason I’m interested in the outcome of this court battle is because Google exercises way too much influence over public opinion for a privately-owned business. What I’d like to see is for the company to be broken up, and an end to come to their shady deals. Or at least for them to stop abusing their position of power to influence public opinion.

Because as they are, Google are less like librarians, and more like book-burners of the digital age.

TWAT News: Francia Raisa Tormented ( in her own mind?)

Francia Raisa, who donated a kidney to Selena Gomez, has complained of a harrowing experience on the 405 freeway, in which she was boxed in by Trump supporters, and tormented by reason of her Hispanic heritage.

She didn’t provide evidence of the tormenting itself, but she did produce a tearful Instagram video while driving, so the only crime she provided evidence of is her own distracted driving.

What was really happening was that a caravan of Trump supporters had formed en route to a fundraiser event. She happened to be using the road at the same time they were, so she ended up surrounded by people who have opinions that aren’t her own. Apparently, her mind was not strong enough to emotionally withstand the presence of people with differing viewpoints.

I share this story because Francia’s account provides an interesting look into the mind of the kind of person that leftism attracts. The kind that entertains paranoid fantasies to the point that they perceive them as reality, and they devolve into a sort of paranoid schizophrenia.

Racists are everywhere! Misogynists are around every corner! Plots congeal in the shadows! Don’t go anywhere alone, because gang-stalking!

When someone gets to the point of thinking like that, if they were to end up surrounded by Trump supporters, they might perceive their very presence as an attack on themselves.

The Dark State feeds into paranoid delusions because they stand to benefit from bringing people to the point that they shut themselves off from reality. What’s more, they face no repercussions from doing so, similar to how a cult can get away with damaging the minds of its adherents under the guise of a religion.

So, someone was surrounded by Trump supporters, and she believes they boxed her in and made fun of her. That Was Actually The News?

“What is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

Hitchens’s Razor

TWAT News: Jeffrey Toobin Caught DIYing During Teleconference

(Disclaimer: Ladies, you might wanna skip this one. Consider yourselves warned.)

Jeffrey Toobin, a CNN analyst, contributer to The New Yorker, and award-winning author for his coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial, was suspended from his job at The New Yorker and is on a leave of absence from CNN after an embarrassing teleconference mishap on Zoom, when he believed his colleagues couldn’t see him.

He was doing a DIY pickle-tickle.

What he didn’t know was that his activity was being transmitted. Not only that, it seemed like he, for some reason, angled his camera down to the scene of the action. Unaware to Toobin, the other Zoom callers could see him jerkin’ his gherkin.

Speaking to Vice, Toobin said, “I apologize to my wife, family, friends and co-workers.”

Especially to his co-workers, I imagine, who got a glimpse of his yogurt cannon. But hold on, he’s married? So he could’ve had assistance? But hey, maybe she was away, and Toobin didn’t want to walk maybe a couple blocks to the nearest rub-and-tug joint.

Toobin added, “I thought I had muted the Zoom video.”

Now Toobin is the latest lefty, joining ranks with Anthony Wiener, who couldn’t properly operate the basic features of popular software, and accidentally transmitted a rooster selfie.

Speaking of O.J. Simpson, he had the following to say about the matter on Twitter:

“Daaaaamn, Jeffrey Toobin. At least Pee-Wee Herman was in an X-rated movie theater. ‘I’m just saying.”

Natch, legacy media is doing what they can to keep this story buried, as is the case with Hunter Biden’s hyper-incriminating lappy.

Is this really That Was Actually The News? It’s more like Can’t Omit Creepy Kooks News.

What is the Dark State?

There is a phrase that you may have heard, the Dark State. You may wonder what this phrase means.

The Dark State is a colloquial term that refers to a certain movement that is collectively laboring to bring world affairs to a certain point, even if the different elements thereof aren’t necessarily part of a formal organizational structure.

To understand this, consider the concept of a stand-alone complex. This is a phrase that was coined by the popular anime, Ghost in the Shell. A stand-alone complex is what happens when the activities of different people or groups gives the appearance of collective action, when in reality, the different parties were acting independent of one-another.

Similar to this, the Dark State labors around the clock to bring about a global authoritarian socialistic system that empowers a political class at the expense of everyone else, under the guise of acting in the interest of ordinary people.

The use of the term Dark State allows us to identify the movement as a whole without having to labor to describe the relationship between the different groups (e.g. Antifa’s butt-buddies, the vast left-wing conspiracy, etc.).

For an example of how the Dark State operates on multiple levels of society, consider the effects a riot can have when the Dark State’s individual elements work predictably:

  1. An activist group, such as BLM, agrees on a time and place for a demonstration, communicating the intention for it to be peaceful.
  2. As the demonstration is in progress, it is co-opted by Antifa, who uses skillful agitation to turn the protest violent.
  3. Corporate media outlets with a left-wing bias use any police action against the rioters as examples of police brutality, discouraging their intervention.
  4. Left-wing Defense Attorneys dismiss charges against the rioters, sympathizing with their cause. Those released usually return to the riots.
  5. Rioters against whom charges have stuck are bailed out using funds raised by the likes of Kamala Harris (the rioters are then radicalized by the prospect of a lasting criminal record).
  6. The general population is terrorized, facing the prospect of violent opposition by rioters who can escape consequence, making people less likely to interfere with the Dark State’s agenda.

As this example illustrates, the Dark State is an insidious threat to American national security, in spite of its relative lack of organization.

But that doesn’t mean that the Dark State lacks sophistication, as they’ve already infiltrated corporate information media, the tech industry, social media, banking cartels, the education system, and various subversive movements designed to prey upon the disgruntled and the delusional.

The phrase Dark State may seem to have a flavor of conspiracy theory to it, which helps it to be catchy. Personally, I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I prefer to keep things grounded in what can be demonstrably proven. Those fighting against the machinations of the Dark State already have their hands full with that much.