Looks Like We’re Done With the Federal Mandates.

Joe Biden, in a meeting with state governors, went over plans on how to handle the Covid-19 epidemic. During which, he had this to say:

“Look, there is no federal solution. This gets solved at the state level,”

Joe Biden

We know how the United States of America works: Each of the states has the authority to govern their own affairs, with limited intervention on the part of the federal government. That’s one of the basics of United States government, and one of the reasons why some states may have different laws than others.

It’s great that Biden has come around to realizing the obvious, but it brings up a question. Actually, it brings up a few, but here’s the big one:

Did Biden just admit that he’s giving up on his vaccine mandates on employers?

Because that’s what it sounds like. Granted, Biden’s OSHA scheme was issued a stay by a federal court by reason of grave constitutional concerns, and at this point, it’s looking like it might not go much further.

While Biden’s statement fell short of admitting that he was wrong to issue federal vaccine mandates, in saying that there’s no plan on the federal level (outside of providing assistance to states that request it), Biden is pretty much giving up on federal intervention as far as handling Covid-19.

While I’m among the many who are ready to move on, I think we can agree that there should be consequences for the damage that the Democratic party helped cause when it comes to how they handled Covid-19. While they may be backing down now, I haven’t forgotten that it was the Democrats that were the ones that got behind excessive lockdowns that threatened or destroyed livelihoods for millions of Americans, resulting in a wave of suicides. Even now, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic, America is facing a mental health crisis.

It’s plain to see why Democrats are backing down: midterms are coming, they’re facing a big red wave, and they can see that their president and their own policies are unpopular. What’s more, parents are freaking out because they’re finding out what pure untreated sewage that schools are pushing on their kids.

People are pissed, and we could end up seeing record turnout at primaries to get the establishment out. It’s no secret that people have had different values than the political establishment, and the Democratic party is as establishment as it gets.

They’ve pissed me off to the point where I got involved. I didn’t originally want to get involved in politics. To me, a fun time is hanging out with friends, drinking beer and playing games. But then, what leftists did had an effect on me, and on people that I know. That made it personal.

It’s because of this that their little attempt at saying “You can have your freedoms back now, just please don’t be mad at us in the upcoming midterms” is going to be met my me looking back at them, and saying, “no”.

Having said that, the left is certainly free to back down from their hardline positions in an effort to reduce the consequences against them. Depending on what they do to make peace, it might somewhat work. But they’ve got a lot to damage to repair, so they’d better get started.

Okay, now on to the second question: What exactly has Biden and his leftist buddies been doing all this time?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Democrats have been exploiting everything about the virus in an effort to accrete more power to themselves. At the outset, it was “fifteen days to slow the spread”, which wasn’t even about eliminating the virus, it was more about preventing hospitals from being overwhelmed by a sudden influx of visitors. But as people complied, more demands were added in an apparent effort to see just how far people could be pushed. We’re now about two years in, and some places have yet to see the end of lockdowns, and blue states in particular have borne the brunt of the most unfair restrictions.

When the vaccine was introduced, at first it was like “take this, then you can have your old life back”. But when people took it, Democrats proceeded to blame everyone who didn’t want to take a vaccine that hasn’t been sufficiently tested, and proceeded to place restrictions back on people who already took the vaccine.

At first, bribes were offered to motivate people to take the vaccine (like a lottery, for example). But then, they started threatening the jobs of the unvaxxed, because nothing says that they care about someone’s safety and well-being quite like destroying their livelihoods and putting them out in the street without a home.

And then, they attempted to coerce people into taking a booster, then a third shot, then a fourth…

And now we’re to the point where the left is figuring out there could be consequences to them in the mid-terms, so we’re now seeing Biden backing down and leaving the matter to states.

And now Anthony Fauci is out doing damage control in an effort to avoid being justifiably pilloried:

Hey Fauci, I have something to say about that. Come closer. Lean in. Ready for it? Here it is: NO FLIPPING JOKE! That’s exactly what those of us on the ground had already known from the outset of the epidemic! Did you really just figure this out?

And then, on top of that, Fauci admits that children with Covid-19 are being counted among those who were hospitalized of Covid-19, thus inflating the numbers. And if you can’t tell the difference, you might have a future in government.

Enlightening. Maybe next he’ll tell us that people who are “fully-vaccinated” can still spread Covid-19, right? Oh wait…

It’s great that Fauci figured out the value of keeping society running, but personally, I suspect that some amount of self-serving is behind his new position. Being a government employee, Anthony Fauci’s income is entirely dependent on people who, unlike Fauci, produce value. Therefore, it’s to his benefit that people are allowed to actually produce value. Thus, it’s counterproductive to continue calling for measures that disrupt business and supply lines. When you understand this, it’s plain to see that Fauci’s favored policies fit nicely under screwing the pooch.

I’d like to close this article with an observation. Notice how Fauci is now coming out and saying things that most of us already knew since the start of the epidemic, particularly as things are going badly for his pet policies?

This is reminiscent of an interrogation technique employed by American intelligence during the War on Terror. When a terrorist that was suspected of having information was detained, he’d be exposed to news stories during his confinement. Those news stories were carefully selected to show that things weren’t going so well for his fellow terrorists, which had the effect of inspiring a why-not-tell-all attitude in the terrorist, resulting in him giving up valuable information.

Perhaps something similar is happening with Fauci. It may be that he sees what’s going on, and just how poorly things are going for Biden, the Democratic party, and for his own legacy, so he’s starting to give in and come right out and say what’s been obvious to the rest of us for a long time.

“Longing… Impurity… Joy… Pain… I have cast them all away. Pick them up and carry them with you. All that you gather is your value.”

Belaf, Made in Abyss

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