And the award for the most ignorant tweet of the year goes to…

You ever have a difficult time sleeping because you know that someone out there is using the internet to say something ignorant? This time, we have the President of the United States to blame.

Before we get to his tweet, check out his header:

Ever the entrepreneur, the salesman in chief will take every opportunity to plug for his corporate interests.

While there have been a great many bad tweets this year, the Commander in Cheat has come through with a strong late-game push. Now, submitted for your amused disbelief, here’s Joe Biden’s own take on his own performance:

In the most transparent attempt by a D-student to give himself an “A”, Biden hopes that his attempt at weasel words will disguise what he considers a clever attempt to pat himself on the back. I suppose I could care who this hypothetical economic analyst is, but the term is so vague that just about any onlooker can claim to be one. But whoever it is, it’s likely that it’s one of Jabby-Joe’s corporate interests in big pharma.

Look, just because Beijing Biden’s corpo-buddies are making a killing doesn’t mean things are great for the rest of us. It’s certainly not great for those who want forgiveness for the student loans that they took out for a degree that basically comes down to a consumer product that wasn’t properly researched. It wasn’t great for the small businesses which collectively employ roughly half of Americans. The cost of gas and food is going up, which really sucks for those who barely afforded these things to begin with.

But apparently it was really great for the Biden family, which has the financial capital to be unaffected by the damage they help cause, and insulated enough that they have no problem kidding themselves into thinking that they’re actually helping.

Let’s go, Brandon.

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