Prank on Kamala Harris Shows Willingness to Accept Election Interference from Foreigners

Remember when a conspiracy theory surfaced that now-President Donald Trump benefited from Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election? You likely do, seeing as the corporate media ran with it for a long time, in spite of having nothing to show for it, and nothing came of it but yet another waste of taxpayer dollars by Democrats.

So then, we’ve established that foreign meddling in an election is something that the left takes seriously.

With that in mind, consider a prank phone call that recently surfaced targeting Kamala Harris, currently running for VP alongside the presidential candidate, Joe Biden. The fact that she was pranked wasn’t as exceptional as what the prank revealed about her.

The pranksters were a pair of Russian comedians, with one of them posing as popular young environmentalist Greta Thunburg. During the phone conversation, the impersonator offered Kamala a likely-nonexistent recording of Donald Trump disparaging Greta’s efforts, suggesting that it could be of use to Kamala as she campaigns against the incumbent President. Not only did she accept, Kamala said that one of her associates would get in touch with her and work together with her.

Greta Thunberg isn’t an American; she’s Swedish. And Kamala Harris was willing to accept a recording the Swedish girl would have secretly acquired of words that the President spoke to her in confidence. Kamala Harris would have happily cooperated with a foreign entity interfering in an American election.

Of course, this is far from the scariest thing about Kamala Harris, who…

  • Kept people incarcerated to exploit them for cheap labor, even paying them $1/hr to fight wildfires,
  • Put parents of truants in legal trouble, then laughed at their distress,
  • Attempted to prevent a DNA test of a man on death row when the test might have exonerated him, which it did,
  • Then demonstrated her accountability by blaming her subordinates for the attempted obstruction.

There is a recurring pattern of abusing and exploiting those who are powerless to resist. While Kamala might not have necessarily been involved, it was the California prison system that decided to experiment on male juvies with involuntary estrogen treatments. Something seems to be viciously wrong with the California criminal justice system.

“Fail with honor rather than succeed by fraud.”
-Star Wars, The Clone Wars

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