T.W.A.T. News: Biden Tests Positive For COVID

It’s been a shaky couple days for news of the health of the worst President in the history of the republic. Just today, the White House has announced that Joe Biden has tested positive for COVID. This announcement comes just a day after Biden stated in a speech that he has cancer, yet another Biden blunder that was clarified by the White House, pointing out that he was referring to skin cancer treatment that he had received prior to assuming the presidency.

The announcement also comes one year after Biden stated that if a person was vaccinated against COVID, they would not catch COVID.

Biden was vaccinated and boosted twice.

Considering the lethality of COVID, it might not be the reason he gets replaced with a better leader. But even then, the current veep is Kamala Harris, who is like a Chuck Norris of evil.

In any case, it’s clear that Joe Biden isn’t benefiting very much from this experience. Especially if he loses his sense of smell, which could end his career of hair-sniffing.

In any case, it’s clear that Biden is not all there. There’s no telling when he’ll fall off another bike, or fall going up a flight of steps. When the time comes, will you have decided what to drink to celebrate America’s return to energy independence?


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