The Proposed Stimulus Stipulation Smells Rotten

In a previous post, we examined a video by Dave Cullen which explores the possibility that the coronavirus vaccine is a scam designed to sterilize a percentage of the people who get it in an effort to curb overpopulation. I know that such an idea would sound crazy to most people, but considering the preponderance of evidence (and the fact that the vaccine makers have been indemnified from side-effects claims), I think most people should be a little suspicious.

I bring this up because representative Steve Stivers (R-Ohio) has suggested that a proposed $1400 stimulus be withheld, except for those who got the coronavirus vaccine. Rep. Stivers wasn’t the first to bring up the idea of incentivizing vaccination, a similar suggestion has been brought up by Rep. John Delaney (D-Maryland).

That’s interesting, considering that it was just a couple days ago that we’ve examined the Jaffe memo, which suggested, among other things, “Payments to encourage sterilization”.

It is possible that it’s just a coincidence. However, suppose someone was a mean-spirited pork-belch with way too much influence, way more money than they deserve, and with a HItler-esque interest in reducing the world’s population. If a sterilizing vaccine is how they intended to pull it off, they’d achieve far greater success if vaccination were incentivized, especially if a significant portion of the population has been brought into dire financial straights.

That would be conspiracy theorizing, of course. But people seem to forget that being skeptical, having doubts, and seeking out motives can actually be a good thing, especially when there are some seriously sketchy things going on.

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