It Seems Some Loser Got Trolled into Vandalizing Dave Cullen’s Property

You might remember Dave Cullen as the person who voiced skepticism over the coronavirus vaccine, and was later vindicated when an evolutionary biologist pointed out the unusual behavior of spike proteins in the ovaries of women who got the jab.

It would seem as though Dave has been getting plenty of engagement, in spite of having been banned on YouTube in February, as evidenced by the fact that his property was vandalized, as was public property near his new home, attempting to smear him as a “paedo”.

Dave himself outlines this in the video below:

I don’t have some special insight into the matter, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the people who vandalized Dave’s property acted on a dare. The first bit of evidence is the D-student nature of the accusation; “paedo” is what you’d call someone when you want to tear them down as cheaply as possible, in as few words as possible. Also, they misspelled his name.

The group mechanics of online organizations that engage in intimidation, such as ANTIFA, aren’t hard to understand. They largely come down to a bunch of trolls convincing gullible people to act on dares. It’s not much different from the neighborhood kids who convince some new kid to commit a prank, like ding-dong-ditch, on the pretense that “if you do it, we’ll respect you for it”.

But in reality, the opposite is true. A kid who acts on the dare is pegged as a bitch, who can be made to do anything that he’s asked to do, if put under enough pressure. In time, the bitch can be dared to steal or vandalize, while the ones that put him up to it don’t have to face the consequences if he gets caught.

Acting on a dare doesn’t win the kid respect, it only results in more dares. And he may only be a few dares away from having sex with patio furniture.

If you’re wondering what ANTIFA discussion groups are like, it’s pretty much a huge hive of trolls that try to goad whatever gullible imbeciles that meander in to do what they want them to do, so they don’t have to get their hands dirty by doing it themselves. Then they laugh themselves silly when an imbecile turns bitch by doing what the trolls want him to do.

The idea behind these groups is, “make someone else do it”. And that’s where those who are sincere in whatever the group purports to be about comes in. I don’t know, but I suspect that these groups are 90% trolls, and 10% sincere, with the occasional one among the sincere willing to go far enough to be a bitch.

(If you disagree with the use of language in this post, consider this: What do you think the trolls call the gullibly sincere behind their backs? And is that a title you’d want for yourself?)

The fact is, trolls are great at disguising themselves as someone who is sincere. It’s the whole reason they can so effectively manipulate other people into doing what they want. It wouldn’t surprise me if certain leftist fringe communities were composed almost entirely of trolls, who are collectively ready to pounce the moment that someone who is sincere in their convictions decides to show up and attempt to identify as one of them.

Then they get that person to do something stupid, and shortly afterwards, that person becomes yet another Encyclopedia Dramatica article. Then, there they go, that’s their prize for believing so hard in the cause that they vandalize someone’s home.

Did you really think that these leftist fringe communities existed for the betterment of society? No, the real point is to act as lul-farms, which milk the gullible few for whatever lulz can be drained from them. And once someone outs themselves as willing to stir up IRL drama for the cause, the trolls are just going to latch on and suck away. When do they stop? I don’t know, they can remain on the same guy for years. And if a record of the mis-deed remains on the internet for someone else to find, it’s hard to tell when interest in the lol-cow will reignite, long after it was thought to have died down.

If that sounds like an undesirable outcome to you, then these leftist fringe communities are something for you to stay away from.

But for at least one guy who messed with Dave Cullen, it might already be too late. His best bet at this point would be to get out of there before matters escalate beyond his ability to manage.

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