Shower Thought: Reality’s Political Bias

“Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is famous for stating the above. But does reality have a left-wing bias, assuming that’s what he meant? It doesn’t, and it becomes evident from the following point:

Whether a person is in touch with reality tends to express itself in that person’s ability to survive in the real world.

If you were to drop an equal amount of left-wingers and right-wingers into the woods, each one on their own, to fend for themselves for a set amount of time, the expectation is that more right-wingers would survive, given similar circumstances.

This is because the right tends to be better informed when it comes to survivalism. They’d feel more at-home in the wild because they’d be more likely to understand how to bivouac, find potable water, make a fire, make basic tools from what’s available, and so on.

On the other hand, the typical leftist wouldn’t be expected to know what to do. While one might imagine that they’d meet their end in an encounter with a wild bear, they’d be surprisingly likely to be ended by a plant, as it might not even occur to them that a poisonous plant could pass for something edible.

Shanghai, From

Of course, most humans don’t live in the woods. So, how would the same people fare if made to survive in today’s connected world?

We actually have many, many real-life examples as far as this goes. The typical right-winger more often tends towards living in homes in suburbs and rural areas, and owning one or two automobiles. They’re also more likely to have a spouse and a number of children, which they are able to support because they tend more towards employment in skilled trades, which pay better but require skills for employers to consider hiring them.

As for leftists, they tend more towards living in cities. They are far more likely to live in one-bedroom apartments, and are less likely to be in a committed relationship. They’re more likely to end up in low-pay, low-qualification jobs in spite of their education, but are also less likely to have anyone depending on them.

Living in these conditions, left-wingers tend to be more bitter, as it’s plain to see that they’re not fulfilled living in such a state. Many of them could turn their situation around, if they would develop the introspection needed to understand that they are responsible for themselves.

Considering all this, it’s interesting to consider that right-wingers favor equality of opportunity, while left-wingers favor equality of outcome.

If you want to see who reality favors, pay attention to those who are better able to handle what reality throws at them.

“A great tactician creates plans. A good tactician recognizes the soundness of a plan presented to him. A fair tactician must see the plan succeed before offering approval. Those with no tactical ability at all may never understand or accept it. Nor will such people understand or accept the tactician. To those without that ability, those who possess it are a mystery. And when a mind is too deficient in understanding, the resulting gap is often filled with resentment.”

Grand Admiral Thrawn

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