Ohio Becomes Ground Zero For Enormous Ecological Disaster

It’s great that we have an administration that cares about the climate. It’s also great that we have an information media that keeps us informed, so that when something goes wrong, we can make informed choices. What’s more, it’s great that we have such dependable infrastructure that can safely transport highly toxic materials.

Except when none of that is true.

If you live within 100 miles of East Palestine, Ohio, you might want to pay attention, because the story that’s being discussed might concern you. Give or take, depending on what the wind has been doing.

Last week, in the above mentioned town, a 50 car train carrying an assortment of toxic chemicals used in manufacturing had crashed. Fearing an explosion, officials preemptively set fire to the chemicals, causing them to disperse.

Read all about it.

If we have as many politicians as we do who pretend to give a care about rising sea levels, one might think they’d have something to say about an enormous spill of toxic chemicals into the environment. But it turns out that they’re just driving down the cost of beachfront property so they can buy it right up when it’s time to retire. It’s hard to come to any other conclusion when they join the corporate press in saying a whole lot of nothing about it.

And speaking of, some in the press who have attempted to cover the event have been arrested.

If I were to pretend to know a few things about chemistry, I think people would be able to see right through me. But I think it’s safe to say that the chemical cocktail that was dispersed into the atmosphere has the potential to break someone dead. Among the chemicals released was phosgene, which was used as a chemical warfare agent in WWI.

Reportedly, animals have been dying near the blaze, in some cases as far as 100 miles away. Which is cause for concern, as humans are made of the same stuff as animals. But hey, the EPA gave the all-clear for citizens of East Palestine to return to their homes. And who wouldn’t trust a three-letter agency of a government that isn’t much concerned about feminizing chemicals in the drinking water, or the fact that seed oils are ubiquitous in food?

As weird as all this is, it gets weirder when you consider that the residents of East Palestine are now living the plot of a drama that they helped produce.

Yep, that’s Adam Driver. And yes, this drama is about a train wreck dispensing chemicals into the environment, prompting a family to attempt to escape. And yes, the setting is East Palestine, Ohio, the very place where the real wreck had just occurred.

I like to think that I’m a rational individual, whose perceptions are firmly grounded in reality, and who knows the difference between fantasy and reality. I know how to parse reality, and recognize that fictional constructs ideally play no role in that process. But seeing these events play out so closely to a work of fiction, I can appreciate that that’s quite a thought-provoking coincidence.

Having seen all this, I’m curious as to how the crash happened. And perhaps we’d know, if it weren’t for the apparent media blackout. But that’s probably not as important as anyone nearby knowing whether they might want to grab their bug-out bags and run.


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