This is sad.

You know that a man has a passion when he’s willing to turn away a sweet opportunity for it. And that’s just what we see in the following video:

Your eyes didn’t deceive you. A woman who was at least average met a man who was well below average on a dating game, and the man dismissed her out-of-hand because she wasn’t into Marvel movies.

The more I think about it, the sadder it gets.

For one thing, the guy clearly has an addiction. That’s what it’s called when someone allows something to interfere with other, more important areas of their life. And from a biological perspective, nothing a person does is more important than the continuity of their genes. To that end, a person seeks a partner of the opposite sex. But Marvel Movie Guy turned down a woman who’s well out of his league because she didn’t care for his taste in movies.

What’s more, there’s the fact that he wasn’t willing to give her a chance, just like that, over something so trivial. The fact is, relationships succeed with compromise. The two people involved are separate individuals, and won’t agree on everything. Because of this, relationships work better when both parties understand that they won’t always see eye-to-eye. And when that comes to a different taste in movies, that’s not usually a big deal.

Except, with Marvel Movie Guy, it is a big deal. And with him, not liking them is up there as an instant dealbreaker like smoking and belief in astrology would be to most men.

While we’re criticizing the guy to a pulp, I’ll also take the opportunity to point out that Marvel Movie Guy is not attractive. He looks like he already has a thing going on with food, and it’s an abusive relationship. Aren’t Hawaiian print shirts normally a little loose? But that guy was filling his right up!

I’d have imagined that the woman would have been the one to dismiss him on sight. When it comes down to it, one’s appearance is the most obvious outward sign of one’s virtues, and to that end, physical fitness says a lot.

I don’t know what the guy plans on doing going forward. Especially now that he’s got an online rep for being the guy who turned down a woman because she wasn’t into Marvel movies. Once he develops some amount of self-consciousness, he’s going to realize that he’s got a lot to live down.

Also, the woman called Marvel movies “anime”. That’s cute.


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