They found him. Now, leave him alone.

After about two months of having been “released by court order”, Chris Chan has finally been found, and has been photographed minding his own business, shopping in a Walmart, presumably close to a new area of residence.

For the hypothetical few who still haven’t heard of Chris Chan, he’s a guy who became famous online for, among other things, stalking women while wearing a sign advertising his interest in a romantic partner, authoring and illustrating a shitty webcomic called “Sonichu”, flipping out at trolls on video, falling for the schemes of said trolls over and over again, and allegedly diddling his own mom.

Also of note is that Chris Chan identifies as female, but the trans community doesn’t much humor him, as there is a suspicion that he is attempting to use his transgender identity in an attempt to hook up with lesbian women.

Chris Chan is usually seen wearing a handcrafted Sonichu medallion, depicting his “original” character. This item is important to Chris, because it serves as an anchor to a paracosm where he imagines that Sonichu is real.

The guy is so fascinating that there is a huge wiki devoted just to him, his life, and his misadventures.

Nearly two years ago, Chris Chan was arrested on the suspicion that he was raping his elderly mother. He was then remanded into custody after a hearing in which he threw a fit over pronouns, and insisted on going back to his hotel room to pick up a few things, probably a few toys that he had just bought.

Chris Chan has also expressed that a dimensional merge was underway, wherein this universe would merge with various fictional universes inhabited by various cartoon characters, resulting in a reality like the one in Who Framed Roger Rabbit where humans interact with cartoons.

You’re probably thinking of a small harem of anime waifus, aren’t you?

During his time in jail, awaiting a trial that has been repeatedly issued continuances, Chris Chan started pretending to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, an act that seemed to come out of nowhere. The whole act was likely intended to expedite an insanity plea, which would demonstrate a lack of understanding of an effective insanity plea, which are intended for those who would not be aware of what they were doing at the time of the alleged offense, and couldn’t understand that they were doing something wrong. Chris also ascribed his sexual encounters with his mother as having a healing or shamanic quality to them, which sounds like exploitation per se, and is expressly forbidden under the law of his home state of Virginia.

But it seems like Chris Chan was ordered released, probably because the state somehow failed to get the charge to stick.

He’s out, he’s free, and he’s shopping at Walmart.

Just looking at him the way he is now, there’s no indication that he thinks that he’s the Messiah. In fact, putting aside the fact that he’s still wearing a Sonichu medallion, he looks like a two or three woman with bad taste in clothes, and needs to go on a diet. Not normal, but not out of place in a Walmart.

In fact, if it weren’t for that medallion, he probably would have escaped notice. Which, for him, is so appropriate. His delusions are what results in him getting noticed, and getting in trouble.

There has even been a sighting of him at a game store, playing cards:

What kind of game was the cameraman playing, by the way? The play surface seems pretty revealing, just from what little we can see.

But yeah, that seems like typical Chris Chan. He’s a free man, and has priorities to take care of. And among those priorities is to play cards at a game store. I wonder how long it would take for him to get banned, probably just because the business owner discovers who he is.

I know that this is likely to fall on deaf ears, but I’d prefer if Chris Chan were just left in peace. At this point, he’s got some problems to sort out, and he’s got a long way to go if he wants to live a normal life. And no, I’m not saying this out of pity for him, especially if it turns out he actually did rape his mom (why would he confess to such a crime if he didn’t commit it?). Many of his problems, he brought upon himself with the choices that he made.

But at this point, manipulating Chris Chan wouldn’t do any more to prove that he’s gullible, and he’s already been manipulated to the point of tragic circumstances, possibly even serious crimes. More than anything, trolling Chris Chan would bring attention to the troll, and it would probably be the kind of attention they don’t want.

Personally, I’m more for watching from a distance, and seeing what kind of choices he makes absent of the manipulation of weens, and if there’s some indication that he’s becoming less delusional or that the malign influence of the likes of the Idea Guys is wearing off, then something good is coming of this.

But we know how people are, don’t we? All it takes is one guy who refuses to let go, and insists on milking the dried-out teats of the most tired lolcow in all the world’s history, that results in the tragedy continuing on.

It’s obvious that Chris Chan is not getting what he wants out of life, such as to become a millionaire off a comic that’s famous for the right reasons, a trophy wife, and to hear the footsteps of little Crystal Chandler in his own home (but if he does pull these things off, that’d be great for him, especially considering that society is dicking even normal people around). But if he gets to at least enjoy some amount of sanity, and have a few things to laugh and smile about, that would be an immense improvement compared to the life that he’s been living.

But if things continue the way things have historically gone for Chris Chan, the Bittersweet Ending Saga will be averted.


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