Looks Like the Trannifesto Is Delayed, Again

Last week, social media lit up with the news that the manifesto of the Covenant school shooter, Audrey Hale, would finally be released to the public.

Great, we finally get to read it, right? Well, we got an update just this week:

It’s disappointing that we can’t yet read the words of the deviant behind the shooting, as doing so would allow us to better understand the motive behind the act, and put us in a better position to understand the nature of the deviancy that is plunging our society into moral decline.

But let’s be honest, here. None of us are likely to be surprised by the contents of the manifesto. The motives of the shooter are obvious on their face, just by the nature of the shooter, and her chosen target.

A tranny flipped out, and decided to attack a Christian school. The fact that the trans community has something against Christians is not a secret, especially considering that Christians are usually outspoken about the trans movement.

Even from a philosophical perspective, uncorrupted Christianity is incompatible with the trans movement, as both movements are characterized by a different paradigm of mind.

A central tenet of Christianity is its call to repentance, which carries with it the implication that, because a person may be wrong about their outlook, there is a reality outside of one’s own understanding, and that a person can and should change their thinking to be better in touch with the reality which exists independent of whatever a person may perceive it to be.

Such thinking is at direct odds with the notion that one’s mind determines one’s own reality and one’s own truth, which is a characteristic of the post-truth mindset that supposes that the reality of a matter is determined by one’s perceptions, and therefore any successful self-deception successfully creates a new reality. Transsexuals tend to ascribe to a kind of magical thinking where they determine their own reality, which they can change through force of will.

Audrey Hale targeted a Christian school. For one thing, it’s evident that her sick mind perceived a child as a valid target, and could not allow them to simply be innocent. But it’s also obvious that she hated the fact that Christians voice opinions that challenge her worldview, which intrinsically challenge the magical thinking that is a characteristic of her movement.

What’s more, she likely also hated the fact that Christian thinking had an impact on public policy. Just prior to the shooting, her state of Tennessee has passed legislation that protects minors from some of the more egregious excesses of trans culture, joining the growing number of states that are doing the same. If Audrey thought like the typical extremist of her movement (and the fact that she was willing to murder over it shows that she did), she viewed this legislation as a form of persecution, or even genocide, as the more radical among them often do, and therefore saw her behavior as justified.

In the absence of more information, we can speculate as to why the trannifesto is being kept from the public’s eyes. It’s likely the case that someone is using lawfare in an attempt to keep it from people’s sight, because it’s hard to imagine that it could do anything besides damage the trans movement. The language in the tweet above would seem to suggest that this is the case.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone were to leak it. That seems to be how it goes with this kind of thing, nowadays.


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