Biden Gets New Dog, Ditches Old One

The replacement.

Biden just added a new dog to the Biden family, named Commander! The new dog is a German Shepherd, just like Biden’s previous dog, Major.

Oh, you’re wondering what happened to Major, right? The Bidens just handed him over to a new home. Why? You may remember Major as Biden’s presidential show dog, which had problems with biting White House staff.

As anyone who has owned a German Shepherd should know, what a German Shepherd needs is a strong leadership presence, otherwise, it will test limits and misbehave. And considering that Major’s leadership presence was Joe Biden, it’s quite predictable how things turned out.

I don’t see much reason to be nice about this, as few things are as upsetting as people who purchase animals for frivolous reasons, then get rid of them when they require too much attention. It’s even worse when these people then proceed to adopt another of the exact same animal. When people do this, it’s obvious that it’s just a show animal, purchased for narcissistic reasons.

I know that it’s somewhat of a tradition for presidents to have dogs, and it looks better when that dog furthers an image of strength. A German Shepard is indeed a manly dog to have and properly take care of. But when Major ran wild, biting people as it pleased, that goes to show just what kind of leadership that Major had to look up to.

That Biden got another German Shepherd immediately afterwards goes to show that he did not learn his lesson. And it might be interesting to pay attention to just how things go with the new dog, but we’re getting a far more interesting show as we watch Biden’s inability to run a country.

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