There’s no defending Planned Parenthood anymore.

I had just watched some of the videos recently posted on the YouTube channel The Center for Medical Progress, and I’m floored. The videos in question expose operations by Planned Parenthood to sell aborted fetal tissue.

If you’re wondering, selling fetal tissue is highly illegal. It’s a federal felony.

You can watch the videos if you want. But if you do, you’ll probably be shocked and disgusted. These videos show a side to humanity that might change the way you look at people. The following embedded video is the first uploaded to that channel, so it’s works well as a place to start:

In the past, the issue of abortion has been a topic that’s been very politicized, to the point that if a person stated their stance on the issue, then you could figure out their political affiliation pretty quick. Planned Parenthood became the most famous offerer of abortions in the United States, so they became like a face for a controversial topic.

However you stand when it comes to abortion, you really should not be defending Planned Parenthood when it comes to this. This is the kind of thing you should want to distance yourself from, and fast. What Planned Parenthood has done is not just illegal, it’s morally repugnant and offensive to basic human decency. The president would have to try pretty hard for his next scandal to look worse than this.

These videos, more of which are pending, are the result of a three-year-long investigation. What this by itself indicates is that Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in dead baby parts has been going on for a long time. Hearing their employees and leadership speak of this in these videos as though they weren’t a big thing is pretty chilling. What’s obviously evil to the rest of us can be just another day in the office to someone who has long since reasoned away what they’ve been doing.

Planned Parenthood has since gone on damage control, saying that the videos in question have been heavily edited. Which might not sound like a defense against the accusation or a refutation of the evidence clearly shown in the videos, because it’s neither. It’s quite a lame defense for such a serious crime. It’s like if hundreds of photographs of the concentration camp at Auschwitz were being circulated in newspapers during WWII, and Goebbels answered this by saying that some of the pictures were taken at a Dutch angle. Also, “FULL FOOTAGE” videos of the investigation were, in fact, posted to YouTube on the very same channel, making the “heavily edited” defense entirely useless.

As hard as it may be to believe, the full footage videos may actually be more incriminating than the shorter ones that get to the point. For example, in this video, at about 4:27:50, a conversation starts between the investigator and a Planned Parenthood employee regarding another client. The client wanted a variety of baby parts to help them to make humanized mice.

Yes, humanized mice.

Planned Parenthood is knowingly in cahoots with a bunch of mad scientists who want to make humanized mice. It sounds like a cross between a bad sci-fi movie and a right-wing worst case scenario lecture. But it happened.

And yes, it’s highly illegal.

There’s no defending Planned Parenthood anymore. If someone would try to defend them, they’re either an obvious troll who is trying to get a reaction, or so far to the left that they fall off the side of the plane, or something else that’s probably a little difficult to explain. Maybe some kind of ideologue that Democrats would be happy to have voting for them.

So, what’s it going to be, America? Still going to wait for matters to get worse? It can get worse. We’re arriving at the point where those who do evil can do so without fear because they know that most of us don’t have the nerve to do anything about it. A lot of what we’ve seen lately has been pretty horrible, but that’s just the stuff we know about. There’s bound to be far more.

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