Planned Parenthood might sue. Could this backfire?

Let’s start this off by sharing a video that Planned Parenthood and the American political left does not want you to see. The following is the latest upload by the Center for Medical Progress:

The latest video is the most incriminating yet. In it, a former member of Planned Parenthood explains how babies were extracted alive then had their organs harvested, including a brain which was obtained from the living infant by slicing it’s face open.

Pretty disturbing stuff, right? And yes, it’s illegal. If the infant is extracted alive, killing it is a homicide.

So then, what does Planned Parenthood have to say about this? They’re thinking of suing.


Planned Parenthood is considering legal action against the Center for Medical Progress, the group that exposed their baby-part-selling operations.

Yes, Planned Parenthood, who themselves have been selling baby parts in violation of Federal law, which is a felony, no less, is considering taking legal action against the group that exposed them for doing so, saying that it was illegal to spy on them in such a manner. In the United States of America, whose government has spied on it’s citizens.

This isn’t Bizarro World here. People who have been committing Federal felonies for years are considering suing the people who exposed them. Again, in America.

Planned Parenthood is considering this course of action, as opposed to not bringing much attention to themselves, because if they did, they might end up jailed for the crimes that there is video evidence of them having committed. I can imagine that ending up in Federal prison might ruin their day, as it probably would for most people. Considering this, wouldn’t they want to keep a low profile, to avoid bringing attention to themselves?

Republicans have been calling for defunding Planned Parenthood. Is that it? While it’s true that Planned Parenthood should be defunded (they should not have been receiving Federal funding to begin with), this shouldn’t stop there. Leadership of Planned Parenthood should be arrested. They broke the law. Why aren’t they being arrested?

The Executive Vice President of Planned Parenthood, Dawn Laguens, demanded that the Center for Medical Progress submit “all of the videos and the source footage unedited, and they would hand it to Congress and law enforcement” as opposed to “splice it together in all sorts of crazy ways in order to tell a political story.”

Here’s the thing: if Dawn Laguens wants the full, unedited versions of these videos so badly, she can get them the same way everyone else has been getting them: by going to the Center for Medical Progress’ YouTube channel. They have been posting unedited versions of their videos in their entirety.

Didn’t she know that they were up there? Yes, there are edited versions about ten minutes long that get to the point. There are also corresponding FULL FOOTAGE videos, which happen to be far more incriminating than the edited versions. There goes the argument that CMP has only been uploading the most scandalous and heavily-butchered parts without sharing the rest of the conversations.

Also, I’m for Congress and law enforcement seeing these videos. I wouldn’t mind if every member of Congress saw these videos. However, I get the impression that Dawn Laguens doesn’t know how YouTube or the internet works. Turning these videos in to Congress doesn’t remove them from the internet. They’d still be on YouTube’s servers, probably on multiple servers to accommodate the high volume of traffic that these videos are getting. It’s likely that many people, anticipating efforts to silence the CMP, have downloaded the videos for themselves and might host them on their own web space or share them with a peer-to-peer service such as μTorrent. Once a file is on the internet, the expectation is that it will be copied many times and be around for a very long time, especially when the material gets significant media attention.

Another thing I find odd is that Planned Parenthood really seems to think that the American public is siding with them on this matter. That’s not the case. One thing that the comment sections of these videos show is that the people who have seen them are pissed. Big time. And as more people see these videos, there will be more people who will want to see Planned Parenthood’s leadership incarcerated, and the organization’s doors shut permanently.

Because of that, one would think that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t want to bring much attention to themselves right now.

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