Animal abusers swiftly punished (but harvesters of human organs still run free)

In the comments sections discussing the controversial videos that expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal selling of fetal organs, I remember reading about how the media is sparsely reporting the story and the political left is looking the other way, but if there were a video showing animal abuse, there would be immediate consequences.

As it so happens, a videotape by a group called Mercy for Animals has exposed blatant animal abuse at the hands of a farm in Tennessee. Immediately afterwards, Tyson Foods, who in turn supplies chicken to McDonald’s, terminated it’s contract with the farm.

So, there you go. Animals are abused, it’s caught on one video, and it gets immediate media coverage, and action is taken against the perpetrators immediately. However, when it’s human lives that are harvested for organs, and there are a number of videos, some of them hours long, showing evidence of the crimes that have been going on for years, it’s treated with a media blackout, and president Obama voices his support for the perpetrators without having watched any of the video evidence.

There seems to be a disease that is damaging American minds. The double-standard that the media is showing favoring livestock grown for food over their own human specie is just one symptom of it. There have also been more mass shootings in recent times. What this shows is an increasingly callous disregard for human lives.

One would-be incident was the possibly averted shooting that would have taken place at the Pokemon World Championships. There is a possibility that the two would-be gunmen were only joking. Even so, it’s become an occasion for some to use the incident to further their own agenda. There are a lot of people out there that have a problem with video games, and want to impose more futile regulations on them. And, of course, there are those who are out to take guns away from everybody.

Both guns and video games have been around for a long time, but mass shootings are a very recent epidemic. Even if you were to pad every wall and take all the sharp objects away from everybody, if the infirmity of mind that leads to mass killings remains untreated, they’re just going to keep happening.

The blatant disregard for human life is a growing epidemic in America, and the harvesting of human organs by Planned Parenthood is yet another symptom of it. As disgusting as this is, it’s even worse yet when you realize that the president of the United States himself is enabling it. If that’s where things are now, where do they go next?

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