Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of new YouTube service for gamers, gamers strike back

Jimmy Kimmel might want to have a little chat with the people who write his material, because his recent routine on YouTube’s new video game channel isn’t going over well. His routine makes fun of the new service, calling it the “We Should All Be Ashamed of Ourselves for Failing as Parents” channel. That was how he began his routine. It wasn’t a strong start.

He did manage to get some laughter from his audience by saying that when he was young, he only watched other people play video games when he ran out of quarters.

His routine went downhill, however, when he brought up how much money YouTube personality PewDiePie made last year, which was in the millions of dollars. The applause started, but fell flat, perhaps because the audience thought that he crossed some line. It’s kind of surprising to me that he had a live audience for his routines. I would have assumed that his applause was canned. It has this artificial sound to it. Personally, I suspect that he has several people planted in the audience that are paid to whip them up into applause, as though they needed some cue to laugh at something they found funny.

Personally, I doubt that Jimmy Kimmel identifies with his audience. Jimmy, who is an entertainer, is probably a millionaire. If he wanted to play a video game, he’d just go out and buy any one he wants. In fact, he could probably go over to a Gamestop and buy a copy of every game on the shelf as well as the systems to play them on, and still have more than enough money for seven Jacuzzi parties in the same week.

Then there’s the rest of us. There are people living in America who can barely manage to scrape $60 together to buy a new game in a month’s time after living expenses, and if they did, they’d probably do something different with that money than buy a new video game. It’s not like everyone can afford to buy every game they want.

Bringing up PewDiePie and how much money he made was a mistake. PewDiePie makes as much money as he does because his channel is monetized, and there are a lot of people who like watching his content. If there is such strong demand for video game content on YouTube, that’s an indication that we live in an age where interactive entertainment is not taboo. So is the fact that video gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry (perhaps over 100 billion dollars).

It’s evident that Jimmy’s perspective on video games is very dated. It’s no longer the age of arcades, where home consoles are in relatively few homes. This is the age of big-budget, photo-realistic big-name games and gaming-to-go on cell phones. It might actually be very difficult to find someone who has never played a video game.

This being the case, making fun of gaming culture is a huge misstep on Jimmy Kimmel’s part. I doubt that he writes his own material, but he should have at least recognized that something was wrong with the script that was handed to him. But, he recited it anyway on his show.

As of now, the likes to dislikes ratio of the YouTube video of his routine is perhaps the most unfavorable I’ve ever seen. Currently, it has 46,876 dislikes, and 3,937 likes, many of which were probably accidental. A video would have to be especially bad to be viewed by so many people and have a higher ratio of dislikes to likes than the trailer for Metroid Prime Federation Force.

Jimmy compares watching people playing video games to watching other people eat at a restaurant. But, again, Jimmy fails to connect with his audience. Jimmy is rich, of course he can afford to eat out whenever he wants to, perhaps for every meal, if that’s what he wants. Those of us who budget their income to get by, however, have a different lifestyle. There are many people who rarely eat out, primarily doing so for special occasions. Besides, there is a television channel that people can watch to learn about restaurants and cuisine. It’s called the Food Network. Perhaps Jimmy already made fun of that. I don’t know, I don’t normally watch his routines.

I don’t know what Jimmy Kimmel’s career looks like right now. That’s not something that I’m especially concerned with. What I do know is that he made fun of something that he should not have.

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