Has DuckDuckGo been compromised?

A couple years ago, I took interest in DuckDuckGo while looking for alternatives to Google’s products and services. DuckDuckGo’s appeal was that it was a search engine that protects the privacy of its users, and that search results from DuckDuckGo faced relatively little censorship.

That last point is particularly important when looking for news outlets, as mainstream search engines usually prop up corporate information media with a clear left-wing bias. When a search engine is being trusted to provide information sources, and the corporate entity providing the search engine has a left-wing bias, there’s a clear conflict of interest, and they cannot be trusted to provide honest, unfiltered results.

While privacy is important, what’s especially important to me is that search results, particularly news results, remain unfiltered by the political biases of those presenting the information. In recent times, it has been especially challenging to find search engines that aren’t only pro-privacy, but also free speech.

It’s because of this that it’s disturbing that DuckDuckGo has been making donations to far-left groups, as was pointed out in the following video:

If you’re trusting a search engine such as DuckDuckGo to keep you informed as to what’s really happening in the world, it should be relevant to you that the same search engine may be making substantial donations to groups focused on ensuring that news outlets are presenting exclusively left-wing perspectives.

If you’re interested in something more tangible, I’ve conducted a simple, trivial experiment to see what sources pop up when running the search term, news, then opening the “News” tab. I performed this experiment using the DuckDuckGo search engine, and the following list is of the first ten sources:

  • CNN
  • ABC
  • TechCrunch
  • Business Insider
  • Forbes
  • Washington Post
  • Business Insider
  • Reuters
  • ABC

All of which are corporate sources, typically propped up by big tech, and whose appeal is to your parents and grandparents, who remember with rose-colored glasses the days of old when corporate media had uncontested control of information.

Next, I did the same with Yippy, a search engine that provides relevant results by grouping results into clusters. Here are the first ten news sources:

  • InfoWars
  • OANN
  • NY Post
  • Breitbart
  • Washington Examiner
  • Fox News
  • Media ITE
  • Townhall
  • InfoWars
  • OANN

InfoWars is pretty far from my first source of news. But putting that aside, I notice that this is an eclectic mix from a broad spectrum of political positions. Better still, these are mostly new media outlets, more relevant in today’s more connected world.

Out of curiousity, I decided to do the same with Google.

  • The Guardian
  • CNN
  • NPR
  • BBC News
  • Business Insider
  • NBC News
  • Seattle Times
  • BBC News
  • CNN
  • The Guardian

More of the three-letter networks, all presenting the exact same product with the exact same bias.

The internet, as it was in the 2000s, was a huge, free-and-open marketplace of ideas, permeated by diversity of thought. Today, if the internet were to be presented by to you by DuckDuckGo and Google, you’d be hearing the same idea over and over again, continually delivered by the same professional liars.

Because big tech has long-since been subverted by the far left in a manner reminiscent of Hydra’s infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s easy to be black-pilled into thinking that any attempt to make a free speech platform would be self-defeating, considering an inevitable subversion funded from the enormous wealth of the hot-tub elites of big tech. As they are today, the free speech advocates of the intellectual dark web don’t have the kind of sophistication as those looking for any excuse to silence them.

Rather than lose hope, what we should take from developments like this is that, as the free-speech advocates and diverse thinkers of the digital age, we have to be willing to change things up when one platform loses its viability.

Similarly, if a church-goer discovers that his church has doctrines that are in direct contradiction of the Scriptures, would he continually attend, knowing full-well that the sermons are lying to him? Would he continue to tithe, knowing that he was funding deceit?

As a preventative measure, free-speech platforms should make a policy of gatekeeping when it comes to positions of influence in the company, to ensure that those who can influence the direction of the company has the company’s philosophy in mind. After all, if a company’s philosophy is lost, that company loses its reason to exist, and becomes yet another corporate husk that justifies its existence solely through profits, competing with dozens of other media companies offering the exact same product in the short time they have left.

17 thoughts on “Has DuckDuckGo been compromised?

    1. Raizen Post author

      While DuckDuckGo is still usable, it seems to be losing the selling points that differentiated it from most major search engines. Right now, Yippy is worth a try.

  1. americathebetrayed

    I have noticed the same thing about search results on Duckduckgo lately. I never fully trusted DDG and I guess my distrust has now been substantiated, which is so frustrating. It is becoming very difficult to find unbiased information, it really has. I refuse to be gaslighted by the media and their overlords. As of now, thankfully, there are still ways to find true and honest reporting but it takes some digging and the ability to discern true motives. The biggest problem that I see is the fact that although Im willing to do some extra looking, I know most people are not willing to. Which means they are going to Google and clicking on first page hits, and that becomes their “knowledge”.

  2. Jason

    I am just noticing this this morning(3/18). I’m trying to follow up on a story I heard on a podcast concerning a pregnant woman that disparaged conspiracy theories concerning pregnant woman and the vaccine. She got the shot and the baby died days later. Duck duck go is giving me nothing but mainstream articles promoting that pregnant woman get the vaccine. Apparently Brave is putting together their own search engine.

  3. Kathleen

    As of APRIL 21, 2021 it appears that YIPPY has been TAKEN OVER BY Duck Duck Go.

    Every attempt to access the Yippy.com domain gets redirected to DuckDuckGo.

    I’ve been searching for news for two days.

    Is there any word on this.

    The loss of Yippy is huge and seems intentional

  4. Kathleen

    As to the subject of the article, I noticed a definite pattern of leftist slant with Duck Duck Go searches about 2 years ago. I moved it to the bottom of my list of search engines. Then in 2020 things got MUCH worse with both it and Start Page. So I was using Yippy almost exclusively for the past year, outside of some mundane shopping searches.

    They seem to have the entire internet echoing how wonderful both Duck Duck Go and Start Page are though.

    I’m going to give Metager and Mojeek a try but I’d really like Yippy back.

  5. Justin

    I use Presearch as my search engine. Presearch is decentralized search engine that is privacy searches and shares revenue with users. Presearch is working toward being powered by user nodes, who will also get revenue share. The next phase for Presearch is becoming as decentralized as possible meaning the community makes decisions for the company and not a board of directors.
    Why not use a search engine that is privacy, revenue share to users and decentralized.

  6. Dan

    As a Brit living in Scotland curious about how the AZ audit was going, I DuckDuckGo’d it, then DuckDuckGo’d DuckDuckGo left wing bias, I’m so disappointed.

    Both with DuckDuckGo and America, I’ve never seen the victorious so terrified they’re about to get caught out any minute.

    At first it was funny, Donald Trump’s biggest crowds were so big you couldn’t see the extremities over the horizon. Biden’s smallest crowd, had they carpooled would’ve fitted into a single minivan.

    Then it was just sad, a mother falsifies a college application for her child and gets sentenced to jail for mail fraud. Biden confesses to committing fraud in different ways at different times on TV, commits the greatest mail fraud in history and gets sentenced to four years in the Oval room.

    We definitely need a decentralised search engine operating safely out of the jurisdiction of an installed “president”‘s totalitarian minions.

  7. Kathleen

    Unfortunately, Presearch will not function unless cookies are enabled.

    A number of theoretically “privacy” oriented browsers also require cookies.

    The first thing I check is whether the engine functions with cookies BLOCKED.

    Yippy functioned fine without cookies.

    MetaGer and Mojeek, while not as good on producing results as Yippy, also function with cookies blocked.

    Still watching for any news on Yippy. And watching the brave engine project.

  8. Dryden

    Disappointed duckduck has succumbed to money, I downloaded tor browser, apparently it’s not free anymore booo, yipee not available on ap store

  9. Mark

    I’m done with DuckDuckGo. Last several searches make it CLEAR that censorship is rampant here as well.
    Looking forward to T’s return, and the demise of the Kazarian Mafia.
    God Wins. WWG1WGA

  10. Michael

    Duck Duck Go has a VERY rightwing bias. A rightwing bourgeois liberal bias. It’s results are very often distinctly anti left. Anti-real left, not rightwing liberals, but socialists, anarchists, anti-imperialists. The OP’s Overton Window is far-right, so for them the centre, the liberals, look leftwing, but liberals are anything but.

  11. 8675310

    I have tried going to Yippy.com. It is apparently part of Duck Duck Go, as every time I tried to get there, I got Duck Duck Go instead. I did finally get a page that claimed to be Yippy, but the Go button was the Duck Duck Go logo; it would not allow a search.

  12. timmy

    DuckDuckGo uses the bing search engine, so any censorship on bing will affect duck.
    try putting “Chan” and a naughty word and you will find no image results.

  13. Dad

    I hate to rock the boat, but NEWS comes from places that tell the TRUTH. On Fox News, you hear the same idea over and over again, continually delivered by the same professional liars. If you aren’t aware of what vaccinations have done for the world, I pity you.


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