Michigan Governor Faces Impeachment Over Lockdown

(I would have put an image of Gretchen Whitmer here, but my readership probably doesn’t want to look at her.)

Michigan representative Matt Maddock announced on Twitter that he is one of several Michigan lawmakers that will be pursuing the impeachment of Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer.

The impeachment motions would be coming in light of Gretchen’s announcement of new coronavirus restrictions, which she intends to last three weeks. Earlier this year, a federal judge ruled that Gretchen’s previous coronavirus lockdowns were unconstitutional, similar to another ruling in Pennsylvania.

Not only is Gretchen’s lockdown unconstitutional, it is in direct violation of a court order. What’s more, as Matt explains, she ignored due process and “Weaponized [contact] tracing databases to aid democrat campaigns”.

Of course, it’s also relevant that Gretchen is a dangerous, irresponsible fanatic, for reasons Matt gives in his Twitter post.

Personally, I applaud Michigan lawmakers’ pursuit of the impeachment of Gretchen Whitmer, as I believe that there should be consequences when leadership damages the livelihoods of ordinary citizens in violation of the law of the land. Considering the extent of the damage Gretchen has caused, impeachment is not enough. She needs to be held financially responsible for the damage she caused, as determined by a class-action lawsuit, out of her own pockets.

It would seem as though Gretchen was one of many children who believed that being governor meant that you could do whatever you want, but didn’t at some point learn that the U.S. of A. is a very rule of law kinda place.

Because Gretchen Whitmer thinks it’s okay to ignore the ruling of a federal judge, perhaps Michiganders should ignore her.

2 thoughts on “Michigan Governor Faces Impeachment Over Lockdown

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