Deplatforming: A Surprising Reason Why the Right is Better With Tech

The printing press (circa. 18th century), how Christians overcame censorship.

The free-speech elements of the right have just faced deplatforming due to Amazon’s decision to boot Parler from its servers, resulting in the temporary unavailability of the closest thing Twitter has ever had to a competitor.

While the left has long enjoyed the image of the resourceful managerial technocrat, their own proficiency with tech is overstated, they tend to overestimate their own intellect, and they underestimate the capabilities of their opponents.

Because of the establishment position of the left in big tech, they have a certain capacity for silencing the opposition through deplatforming, a capacity that they have abused for years. However, establishment is not the same thing as proficiency, and by repeatedly deplatforming their opposition, they have incentivized their opposition to learn to overcome the barriers that have been presented to them.

The irony is that while the left fancies itself as gurus of tech, most of them don’t know much about tech outside of end-user experience, and they tend to become conditioned to ease. Meanwhile, the right becomes nimble, being forced to do so by necessity.

For a person to say that they are excellent with tech just because they use devices is as naïve as saying that they understand cars because they drive them, or that they are excellent artists because they’ve used an expensive set of paints.

When a person is censored, they don’t give up on their ideology. Rather, they adapt, finding different channels through which they can connect, and they continue to speak to an audience willing to listen.

Christianity didn’t vanish because it was censored by the Roman Catholic system, it was driven underground. In time, Christians came to operate printing presses, by which point, they became unstoppable. Christians could print the Gospels faster than the Catholics could confiscate them, and as a result, people came to see that there was something wrong with the Catholic ideology, as it was plainly out of alignment with the clear words of the scriptures, which became available for all the world to read.

It’s interesting to see those who have long fancied themselves as “liberals” celebrating as their intellectual superiors are silencing the opposition through censorship, making it clear that they are not the free-speech advocates they may have claimed to be. However, history echoes their failures, making evident what comes next.

“You’re not the first person to try to rule the universe with a sword of injustice. They all failed. And so will you.”

Goku, Dragonball Z

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