AOC Lied: She Wasn’t In the Capitol Building During the Riot

If you’ve been watching the news your grandpa watches, you’ve probably already seen AOC’s recent rant in which she complains about her near-death experience at the Capitol building during the January 6th riot.

If you’ve been using the internet instead, you know that she complained that she felt threatened by the security personnel whose job it was to protect her, because even when it comes to perceived danger, it matters more to her how she feels rather than what she thinks. And she apparently thinks little of taking the people who protect her, and throwing them under the bus.

AOC has just been treated to a second helping of her foot. It turns out that she wasn’t even in the Capitol building at the time of the riot. When she said that rioters forced her to take shelter in a bathroom, she was making the whole thing up.

Having watched video of AOC already, I can tell you that she doesn’t come off as having the stability and confidence of a leader. She comes off more as an eccentric aunt trying to shoo an annoying boy out of her room, so she can retreat to some comfort animal that she takes with her to a supermarket in her purse.

She doesn’t come off as the kind of person who has ever faced any legitimate danger. I doubt that she’s ever been struck by a car. I doubt that she’s ever been attacked from behind with a skateboard. I also doubt that she’s ever gotten into a fight and left some guy in the mud, saved her best friend from drowning, challenged the neighborhood ruffians who were harassing a friend even though outnumbered, or stood up to kids who were bigger (multiple times).

But I have.

But as for AOC, she’s not for real. She’s not hard or street. AOC is only frontin’. She can take that fake stuff, and get out of here.

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