The Establishment is Terrified of Crypto; Check Out What They Wrote About the Death of John McAfee

Business Insider has reported that John McAfee, the man behind the McAfee antivirus software, has died at the age of 85 of “apparent suicide” in a jail cell. And yes, something about this sounds awfully familiar.

I’ll say right off the bat that I’m not really John McAfee’s biggest fan, and the same goes for his software. The predatory behavior employed by professional antivirus software companies rivals the producers of malware themselves. Even back in 2010, you did not want to pay for antivirus software using a credit card, or any bank information. If you did, the company would use this information to enroll you in an auto-renew that you didn’t know about because you didn’t find it buried in all the fine print that comes with the license.

What was I writing about? Oh yeah, John McAfee. Go ahead and follow the link to read the story, and consider the impression you’re intended to come away with.

Did you get that? The intended takeaway was, “Don’t trust crypto, and pay your taxes.” Nice psyop, Business Insider.

The establishment’s beef with crypto, Bitcoin in particular, is easy to recognize when you see that the establishment has no control over it. Because only a certain amount of Bitcoin is to be produced, it cannot be inflated, meaning more cannot be arbitrarily produced just to make purchases at the expense of everyone else who has the currency.

Just this week, China announced that they’d be cracking down on cryptocurrency. In the hours that followed, the value of crypto spiked downward. But immediately afterwards, crypto rebounded just as fast.

I hope the Chinese Communist Party was paying attention to the trend, because it means that crypto doesn’t need their love.

Business Insider has done a follow-up article, attributing to Q-Anon the conspiracy theories surrounding McAfee’s death. It seems like it’s still considered a conspiracy theory to point out that something seems screwy when it’s more obvious than Ikea’s indiscretion.

Right after muddying the waters themselves, Business Insider points out that the waters are muddy. There’s no accounting for good taste.

I might not agree with everything McAfee has ever done, but that’s not necessary for someone to be a great man. The world has just become less brilliant.

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