The NFL Says That Football is Gay. They said it, not me.

I’ll probably have to walk on eggshells with this one, for caution of offending a certain subset of society that doesn’t take it as well as they dish it out.

Football fans. Who did you think I was talking about?

While the NFL is far from the first to say it, the NFL has turned heads with the fact that they said it themselves. This is an obvious side-effect of intersectional marketing, because it’s apparently the hot thing to appeal to about 2.5% of the population while alienating everyone else.

There’s a strong chance that you’re not taking my word for it. I actually applaud that. But the NFL themselves have shared video evidence:

And don’t worry if you didn’t watch the whole thing. I didn’t.

There’s a number of points to ponder related to this matter:

  • For one thing, that we’ve come from the point when who a person chooses to get intimate with was their business, to the point that it’s considered the principle feature of their identity, for them to tell everyone about, with accompanying erotica,
  • That last point was such a mind-blower that I almost forgot the other points I wanted to make,
  • If you laugh at Walmart shoppers wearing NFL apparel, that now makes you an intolerant bigot who is also a racist and a Nazi, and also a pedophile, because the braindead are getting to the point that they default to that last one, and
  • The NFL now presumes to speak on behalf of all professional athletes regarding their sexuality. If my employer pulled the same stunt, I can imagine that the company-wide reaction wouldn’t be pleasant. Is the NFL going to screen athletes based on sexuality?

I wasn’t a huge football fan to begin with. Spending three hours on a Sunday watching a bunch of millionaires throw a ball around doesn’t appeal to me. But I know that many football fans can rightly be described as macho, and would take offense to their sexuality being interpreted as anything besides straight. This being the case, is the NFL ready to take the hit that comes with alienating such a huge part of their base? Have they already decided that they don’t need these fans, as much as they contribute to the organization’s income?

I’m surprised that football came out before baseball did.

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