So, You’re a Targeted Individual. What Can You Do About It?

It was a couple years ago that I heard about the Targeted Individual (TI) community. A TI is a person who is convinced that he is targeted by phenomena such as gang stalking or “psychotronic” harassment by electromagnetic waves, or by having been “chipped”.

As you could probably imagine, I’m skeptical. I do believe that something like that can happen, but it seems like in the majority of cases, the TI is actually experiencing paranoid delusions.

Pictured above is a QuWave Defender, a product that’s marketed towards self-proclaimed TIs. The claims made by QuWave, who markets the product, are pretty sketchy. The general claim is that the product, while powered on, provides protection to the person who keeps it near them.

Personally, I’d like to get my hands on one of these things, so that I could take the thing apart and find out how it’s made, then document my findings on a blog post. The thing is, I don’t really want to spend something like $300 just to find out that it does nothing but power an LED or two.

One thing that I’ve noticed about TIs is that they usually blame “the government” for their plight. How they’d know that it’s “the government”, I don’t know. But I suppose it seems to follow in their thinking, considering that they’re large and resourceful enough to be a likely culprit.

When TIs blame “the government”, what they’re demonstrating is that they’re ignorant to the fact that “the government” themselves seldom does the heavy lifting. If “the government” wants something shady done, they usually hire subcontractors to do the dirty work. That way, “the government” can avoid doing something that would be illegal for them to do themselves, and if the cover is blown on the operation, “the government” could easily distance themselves from the subcontractor, throwing them under the bus.

It’s because of this that, if you really are a TI, there’s something simple that you can do to make the abuse stop. It’s going to sound counter-productive at first, but when you think through it, you’ll understand it as the genius that it is.

What you do is you identify subcontractors that could possibly be targeting you, then you buy stake in those companies.

Here’s why this works: If you run a company, you should understand that if it’s found that your company has been harassing shareholders, it’s going to be insanely bad press. If you’ve been conducting unethical experiments on your own shareholders, and this comes to light, anyone who has invested in your company will drop your stock like a hot rock, in all the time it takes to finish this sentence.

Suppose that some data-collection company in the business of anti-terrorism has been found to have been somehow chipping people because they don’t like their religion. If they were to find out that someone that they’ve chipped has invested in their company, they definitely don’t want that person coming forward with their suspicions, especially to the press. Because if it’s discovered that the company chips their own investors, no one would want to have that company’s shares, and the stock value would plummet faster than a mark in the Weimar Republic.

This isn’t financial advice, and the typical risks apply when buying any stock. It can appreciate or depreciate. I’m just saying what can possibly happen as a result of taking a course of action, which isn’t guaranteed. Maybe the company that’s harassing you is tremendously idiotic, too much so to understand why conducting experiments on shareholders is a bad idea. That’s a possibility, too.

Then there’s the fact that the stock market is largely a big, rigged casino. I’m not telling you what to do. Besides, if you invest more money than you can afford to lose just because of some blog post on the internet, you’d be worse than paranoid; you’d be stupid.

1 thought on “So, You’re a Targeted Individual. What Can You Do About It?

  1. Targeted by Drone Mounted ELF Wave

    What a crock of shit. I’m a genuine extra judicial target of the police who have been using these ELF waves to attack and burn me for 12 years now.

    There is no q wave device or any other device that can assist with vircator millimetre beam / remote neural attacks. Save a heavy duty military style coffin (faraday cage) this is just another scam who have seen a market to con scared vulnerable people who may or may not be receiving unwanted attention from the forensic psychology department and police types operating illegally.

    Shame on you bottom feeding scanners


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