Is This YouTube Ad Insensitive to Gays?

The above ad has been appearing on YouTube lately. The evidently stupid thing about it is that a person doesn’t need to take some online quiz to know their sexuality. It’s as stupid as saying “What’s your favorite color? Take this online quiz to find out!”

People like what they like, and don’t need some online quiz to determine what their preferences are. If a person needs to take an online quiz to affirm their sexuality, just imagine what all else they can’t do without help.

If any of my readers are gay, I’m interested in their opinion on this. I suspect that turning their sexuality, which in this current age is a protected class, into some mere triviality to take an online quiz on may be insensitive to them. I know that if I were to find a “Find out whether you’re straight” quiz, I’d see a cynical and underhanded agenda from a mile away.

But I know that gays can speak for themselves, so if you are one, let me know what you think about this. Did you determine your own sexuality without an online campaign trying to convince you?

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