The New British Police Car is Elle-Oh-Effing-Elle.

There are stories that you read and either laugh hard, or just let the crying take over. Or maybe there’s some third possibility that I’m being too lazy to consider at the moment.

But anyhow, the Brits have updated their police cruisers, and here’s what’s now keeping the peace:

I actually love the British, so I find it sad when they make naïve decisions with obvious consequences, such as the time that they made anonymous knife-surrender boxes in an effort to fend off violent crime, but some criminals went and stole the boxes that contained the knives.

Is there a rape in progress? It’ll have to wait, because Jimmy called some obscure sexuality “invalid” on Twitter. The police in the UK are busy with what they consider to be important. If some lunatic tried robbing me, I’d rather fend him off with bare-knuckle boxing than be rescued by these garish jokes on wheels.

It’s interesting to think that a world-ruling empire that’ll have a person hung, drawn, and quartered if they commit treason is mere centuries away from calling in clown cars over someone’s feelings.

While this development is embarrassing for the Brits, it’s especially mortifying for the British police, what of them have any amount of self-respect. Perhaps that’s of design, considering the left’s adversarial relationship with the police.

If the UK is willing to go as far as designing their police cruisers to look like clown cars, why don’t they complete the motif by making their prisons look like circus tents?

The cars are merely garish. The real tragedy is behind what they represent: the British police are encouraging people to rat each other out over wrongthink. That the authorities are encouraging people to betray each other over differing opinions is something that’s now happening in the UK.

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