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CCP, Do You See What I See?

It looks like Western legacy media aren’t the only ones who see a problem with declining birth rates. So does the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and they are taking pro-active measures to combat the problem.

The CCP has apparently recognized that feminist groups are bad for marriage and birth rates. Now that they’re recognizing the looming crisis with declining birth rates, the CCP is reversing course the way one would expect communists to do: by banning the groups that are no longer serving their purpose.

Once the “useful idiots” are no longer useful, the very people that they’ve propped up have turned on them and dumpstered them. Who could have seen this coming?

In the western world, we’ve come to the understanding that birth rates decline as the prosperity of the people increases, paradoxical as it may seem. This means that if you’re one of those sickening eugenicists that think that there are getting to be too many human beings, your intentions would be more likely to come about if you were to just shut up, piss off, crawl into a corner, and leave the rest of us to act in our own interests. Which is exactly what we’d want you to do, in any case.

While I’m not a fan of the CCP, I do recognize that there is a certain efficiency with which they can reverse course. When the higher-ups decide that it’s time for society as a whole to change, they can just give the word, and everyone is expected to act in unison. The US is a much better place to live, but the government is huge, inefficient, and bureaucratic. It’s because of this that, when there is to be a change in focus, there can be some inertia. When there are a few government agencies involved in surveillance, for example, they might not all know to look for the same thing.

The recent discovery that birth rates are declining in most places in the world goes against the dated wisdom that population growth is exponential, and considering that birth rates are declining to crisis levels, it’s going to be interesting to see how various groups that have challenged traditional gender roles cope with shifting government interests. In some cases, it might mean that the left-wing groups that propped them up will no longer do so. But as we are now seeing out of governments which, like the CCP, act with little restraint in their own interests, to silence those groups is not off the table.

This development is going to be troubling, not just for feminists, but also for the various elements of the LGBT+ community. Particularly so for the Trans community, whose leaders, such as Rachel Levine, has advocated for sex reassignment surgery for children, permanently sterilizing vulnerable members of the population who are too young to fully understand the consequences of their decisions.

What’s interesting is that the CCP is now more strongly backing traditional families. It doesn’t seem like an accident, as traditional families are among the ingredients of healthier birth rates, others being strong, masculine men, and supportive, feminine women. These are the very virtues with which the gender fad movements have long held an adversarial relationship, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens to these movements when they no longer have government support.

“We cannot afford the luxury of men whose minds are so limited they cannot adapt to unexpected situations.” -Grand Admiral Thrawn

CBS News, Do You See What I See?

As much as I’ve made fun of legacy media, sometimes they publish something that catches my notice, by reason of the fact that it lets on that they really know what’s going on. And in this case, it signals a potential shift in the narrative.

If you were to read the story, you might see it, too. I encourage you to do so. It’s a piece where they acknowledge that there is a pending crisis due to declining birth rates.

Isn’t it interesting how it’s not until after leftists have taken control of nearly every aspect of elected government, in addition to all the institutions they’ve previously infiltrated, that they finally figure this out?

This development is an about-face for the “depopulation movement” (as we’ll colloquially refer to it in this discussion), who in decades past had the idea that there was getting to be too many human beings for this ball of molten rock’s ability to support.

They were so persuaded of this idea that some of them have produced what is referred to as the “Jaffe memo”, which I previously examined here (I found the Jaffe memo here). The memo was produced in 1969 and presented numerous underhanded ways the depopulation movement could surreptitiously reshape society in an effort to slow population growth.

See for yourself:

Obviously, there’s no ethical way to subvert the family plans of millions of people. But for a moment, let it sink in that they actually entertained the idea of “Fertility control agents in water supply”. The 60s had some truly evil people.

Extrapolating from the ideas behind this memo, it’s easy to see why there was as much strength as there has been behind the various movements that actively tampered with the gender dynamic. These very same evil people have infiltrated society on just about every level, and they’ve been hard at work.

Knowing this, consider what it means that legacy media, one of the many, many infiltrated institutions, are acknowledging that birth rates are getting to be way too low, to the point of nearing crisis levels.

Intersectional feminism was one of the many movements that have been propped up, due to the potential damage it could do to the gender dynamic. The same could be said of the LGBTBBQ-silent-f community, and if you don’t also see it, you might be among the many victimized by the narrative, in some way.

The thinking behind propping up gender-aberration was the potential for reducing the replacement rate. But now, there’s a different problem: the replacement rate is getting to be too low. Now that the controllers of the narrative are acknowledging as much, that’s bad news for the various iterations of the gender-aberration movement.

Here is why: Because birth rates have already fallen well below the point of the depopulation movement’s liking, they no longer have a use for the various gender-aberration movements. In fact, those behind the scenes are now taking an interest in reversing the damage that these movements have already caused.

That’s pretty bad news for the gender-aberration movements themselves, considering that they’re about to lose the backing of the various institutions that have previously propped them up. Because they’re now expressing an interest in restoring the population replacement rate, they’d likewise want to prop up what has long been proven to result in a healthy replacement rate: strong masculinity, supportive femininity, traditional family, classical virtues, and a values-based society that focuses on building up each individual, rather than sacrificing individuals to feed the collective.

Sound like wishful thinking? Considering that legacy media is now acknowledging what’s happening, it doesn’t seem terribly unrealistic. When you consider just how much it takes to get legacy media to acknowledge what’s obvious to the rest of us, you can appreciate that this development was a long time coming.

Now the question is, how will those who have been tampering with society pay us all back for the damage that they’ve been causing?

I’m sure that the various victims of cancel culture, as well as everyone who has had relationships wrecked by feminism’s ideas, can think of a long list of demands. But I doubt that Bill Gates and his empire of fake meat will have the means to satisfy them all.

The CBS article made the following observation, and it’s a fun one for the many millennials out there that have been putting up with boomer-bullshit all these years:

“The cost of housing, the cost of education, all these things have become more and more difficult,” Dowell said. “I think the boomers themselves don’t realize how much harder it is for millennials today. And they think, ‘Oh yeah, when we were young we had to live, you know, on very little money, and we made do, and you can do the same.’ That’s the story, right? Well no, it really is a lot harder for young people today. It’s amazing how much harder it is.”

Even though they fancy themselves such great problem-solvers, boomers made fun of millennials with problems for having problems. Now they are paying for their arrogance by not having enough millennials around to pay for their retirement.

“Anyone can make an error, Ensign. But that error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”

Grand Admiral Thrawn

Why do a live-action reboot of The Powerpuff Girls when you could do a show about aging feminists?

Photo from Variety

I wish I was kidding, but they’re doing a live-action Powerpuff Girls, where Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are all adult women that look back with regret on their old lives as superheroes.

How depressing can you possibly be?

The Powerpuff Girls hasn’t been reboot as many times as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it’s getting to be up there. In addition to the poorly-received 2016 reboot, there has been an anime reboot that originated in Japan, called Demashita: Powerpuff Girls Z:

While the writing was pretty bad, it was still fun to watch, and the character designs weren’t bad. Few people seem to remember the show, which has much to do with the fact that its international release was limited.

In its various reboots, The Powerpuff Girls was intended to be little more than pure stupid fun. If you’re the kind of person who attempts to justify entertainment with its educational value, you weren’t likely to enjoy it (or anything else). There was no edge to it, nor was there depth.

Because of this, a live-action reboot taking place in a future time when the three girls look back on their heroism with regret seems like the worst thing they could do with the series.

Considering this, it got me to thinking. If The CN is up for some depression-porn, is a live-action reboot of grown-up Powerpuff Girls the best way to go about it? What if someone thought of something more depressing?

Then, I got an idea. Here it is: a live-action show about three washed-up feminists in their thirties, called The Sadderpuff Girls!

The one in red is a professional victim who, after spending the prime of her life pursuing her career and threatening discrimination lawsuits to advance, suddenly finds herself desiring to finally settle down and start a family of her own! But she must fight an uphill battle with her own natural hypergamy as she finds that most men haven’t advanced as far in their careers as her! Will she compromise and become a cougar for a younger man? Will she score a knockout before the bell rings on her biological clock? Stay tuned!

The one in blue is an aging THOT who, after a decade of being a cam whore, notices as her view-counts drop by reason of her aging body. The show can follow her zany adventures as she attempts to find a new source of income, in spite of her online reputation, lack of skills, and that huge, massive, gaping hole in her resume! Or, failing that, she can try to find a man to care for her, directly competing with countless twenty-somethings with too much self-respect to pander to simps!

The one in green is a stereotypical butch feminist who, after years of being conditioned by her ideology into assuming the worst in other people, must pick up the scraps of her tattered life in spite of a damaged ability to form interpersonal relationships! Will she recognize her assumptions about other people for the projections that they are, or will she revert to activism in an effort to change everyone but herself? Oh, the suspense!

Antagonists? The Sadderpuff Girls don’t need any antagonists! The Sadderpuff Girls are their own worst enemies!

Is my show idea depressing enough for you? I aim to please.

They’re Making Lola Bunny Less Attractive, and This Was Supposed to Benefit Women, Somehow.

Hold on, what is this? I heard that Lola Bunny is getting a redesign, but that’s just gross. Is that piccie above really of Lola Bunny? She looks like some kind of freaky space-alien-looking-thing.

But that’s not the main thing about her that I’m hearing about. But before this post continues, here’s a short disclaimer:

WARNING: If you’re disturbed by mild sexualization of a cartoon character, you should probably get over yourself.

Now that that’s out of the way, apparently, Lola Bunny was given a breast reduction in an effort to make her less sexually appealing.

In the special way that Slate sees matters, “conservatives want you to be mad that Lola Bunny’s not hot anymore”. This lulzy position overlooks the greater problem that this is what feminism has done to women throughout the western world.

As depicted above, Lola otherwise still has highly feminine characteristics, including diminutive upper-body strength, narrow shoulders, softer eyes, broader hips, and so on. Those hips are quite well-defined, by the way. Those would be what’s referred to as “birther hips”, which are considered strongly appealing by, you know, men. Lola’s otherwise over-the-top feminine appearance makes her breasts all-the-more conspicuous in their absence.

As I see it, the designers of Lola’s character could design her as they wish for what they perceive as the creative benefit of the work that features her. Put another way, if it’s your character, you can design her however you want.

However, if it was the designer’s intention to distract from her sexuality, they’ve likely figured out by now how difficult that can be. In many ways, it couldn’t really be helped by virtue of the fact that sexuality is something that occurs in the mind. An artist can’t really control whether anyone could perceive a work in a sexual manner.

If an artist wanted to make something that was impossible to perceive with an element of sexuality, that in itself would be pretty-much impossible. Humans can perceive a sexual element, even in things that wouldn’t seem intrinsically sexual. Like pizza, which is a food item. I don’t get it, but it’s something that some people find sexual.

What’s more, sexuality is an intrinsic element of humanity. It might even be that sexuality is the most human of traits. The moment that something is humanized (such as, for example, when anthromorphizing a cartoon rabbit), it gains a sexual identity. The only time when it’s acceptable to not consider a sexual identity is when it’s not known, such as when the sex of an unborn child is not yet identified. But once it’s sex is known, it’s not acceptable to call the child an “it” again.

When you draw a cartoon character of your own, and call it a “her”, you’re acknowledging the existence of her vagina, provided that the character is a human female that is anatomically consistent with other human females. It is then assumed that this characteristic plays a role, even if slight, among other characters that they interact with (except in some cases when it is established that the character plays a non-traditional societal role).

If you think I just stated a lot of highly obvious stuff, you’re well enough off to not have to be told as much. But not everyone out there is as well off. Particularly, the radical intersectional feminists who mistakenly view sexualization as a form of objectification. But the fact that they’re wrong isn’t stopping them from passionately trying to become authoritarian moral busybodies.

Intersectional feminists, being absolutely tone-deaf, misses the irony of the fact that, on International Women’s Day, the design change of a cartoon rabbit that isn’t real, and therefore cannot be an actual victim, makes the news by becoming less feminine. While this is occurring, women in the middle-east have almost no rights to speak of compared to men, and are legally kept in harems as sexual slaves.

Priorities, much?

As one might imagine, the furry community is furious about this news. They’ve become yet another western creative community that has become negatively impacted by intersectionalism’s obsession with making everything it touches less entertaining. They’re a sorta-dubious addition to the club, but they’re an addition to the club, non-the-less.

You know whose cartoon bunnies remain unaffected by western censorship? Anime.

Today has shown us yet more reason why more and more westerners are turning towards Japanese manga and anime. One can really hand it to the Japanese for making sure that entertainment is still entertaining.

If you’re siding with intersectional feminism and have managed to stick around this far, please stand by for a send-off from Akira Kogami:

When western entertainment fails hard, along comes anime to sweep up yet more viewers. How long will it take for Hollywood et al. to figure out the obvious? I don’t know, but there’s a continual flow of new anime to watch in the time it takes for it to happen.

TWAT News: Jealous Wife Stabs Husband Over Younger Photo of Herself

Let’s not be unfair to all women out there, since we know that not all of them are obsessive and paranoid. But this tends to be the case quite a lot, doesn’t it?

So, it’s easy to feel bad for a man who, thinking it to be a normal day, went out to get some yard work done. Little did he realize that leaving his phone indoors would result in the missus finding a pic of him with a younger woman.

As one might imagine, his wife’s imagination hard-railed to the most negative possible implication against her, and she assumed that the man was cheating on her. One might imagine that, upon returning inside, the man would have an opportunity to explain himself, right?

Except that wasn’t how it went down, at all. Instead, the woman went outside with a knife, and proceeded to repeatedly stab the poor man. Shortly afterwards, the police arrived and detained the woman.

The woman was detained? Is to take the woman’s word for it no longer the current year thing to do?

The kicker? The young woman in the photo was the wife herself. The photos were taken when the two were still dating, and the man had the photos digitized so he could take them with him on his phone.

Unfortunately for him, in the years since, the woman let herself go, and became so stupid that she couldn’t recognize herself in a photo only a couple years old. Also, there’s the dealie with her going dangerously psychotic, as evidenced by the whole attacked-the-poor-man-with-a-knife thing.

I suppose there are worse ways for a man to find out he stuck it in the wrong woman. But if you find that the woman you’re with has been rooting through your belongings, that’s a sign that she has dangerous trust issues. The news story above is an extreme example of what can happen when you end up with a woman who lacks trust.

But the fact that That Was Actually The News? It goes to show that there are some people out there that don’t quite trust someone enough to commit to them.

Dating Dynamics Have Shifted… Due To the Lockdowns?!

I’ve noticed a sharp increase in the amount of attention that I’ve been getting on dating sites from interested women, even though my employment has remained consistent, and most of my profiles haven’t been updated in months.

Ignoring world events, this might seem like an enigma, but we know better. It has to do with the lockdowns that were a response to the coronavirus epidemic. You know, the virus that’s so deadly that you have to take a test to know you have it.

Because of the lockdowns, men all over the country have lost their jobs, which is bad news for the numerous men out there who would otherwise be able to support women in their lives.

Worse yet, the moratorium on evictions is looking like they’ll expire in March, which puts many already-desperate women in a pretty bad spot.

Obviously, these circumstances are not favorable for everyone, except for a few: Those whose jobs have been deemed life-sustaining by their state governors, especially those not in low-paying service industry jobs.

Considering their circumstances, women are suddenly overcoming their natural inhibitions by taking initiative, pursuing relationships with men who may be better able to care for them. The alternative to succeeding in the current economic conditions may very well be for women to end up back with their parents, or worse, to end up homeless!

Considering this, it would greatly behoove women to avoid using their old tactics, such as psychological manipulation, because they really can’t afford to end up losing a valuable opportunity because something went wrong.

What’s more, they won’t have the same confidence that men would come crawling back, as though men are so desperate for some naked time that they could easily be made to give up their self-respect to get it. If it’s intimacy that men are after, there are now many more women who are offering it, and some of them happen to be much better at being women.

Such as Asian women, for example. They have a knack for being kind-hearted, submissive, and non-belligerent. It’s because of these attributes that western men, having been vexed by western women, have historically turned to the far-east to find their spouses. Those women tend to be eagerly accepting, in part because they find western men attractive, and in part because they see America as offering a brighter future.

Everyone gets off well from the deal, except western women. Whether they like it or not, they do have Asian women to compete with. Which is a great reason for them to get competitive.

In times past, dating sites have been a blast for women, while men have found them exhausting. If you’ve ever wondered why this is, it’s because of the disproportionate amount of women who have used dating sites frivolously. In many cases, they’d already be in a relationship, but they’d use the site anyway to gauge their attractiveness. As a result, men have come away from dating sites feeling dejected, having no idea that they’ve been played for dopamine hits.

Matters are changing now, as women are becoming competitive again, there being too much at stake to treat dating sites as a big, stupid game.

As refreshing as this is, it’s true that these circumstances are not ideal, particularly for the men who aren’t as well off. The job market is already being flooded with men who became unemployed due to the lockdowns, but dating pools seem like they’re being flooded with women who actually have an interest in getting relationships to work out.

As if I haven’t already hammered away at the point, there’s also the fact that dating sites are a recent invention. That’s not something that people have had ages and ages to adapt to. For that matter, the same could be said for dating in general. For much of human history, for a person to choose their spouse was something infrequent. It usually came down to marriages arranged by parents between families, usually in the interest of ensuring that communities remained tightly-knit. Royalty did something similar, arranging marriages that were intentionally designed to ensure familial connections. Modern ideas of “love” seldom had anything to do with it.

When you understand this, it makes intuitive sense why it seems like, when it comes to the dating game, people don’t seem to have any idea what they’re doing. That’s because humans are better-accustomed to having mommy and daddy pick someone out for them. In the absence of this, people instead meander about from one date to another, afraid to slip up over the slightest goof. In recent times, men have had to learn shifting rules as they go, often pulled about by marketers that want them to buy diamonds (which aren’t actually rare), gross lobsters, expensive chocolates, and other carefully-marketed bullcrap that women aren’t always interested in, anyway.

Women might want to bring their A-game, because I’m already considering buying a two-way ticket to Japan, and a one-way ticket to bring someone back with me.

TWAT News: Transsexual Appointed Health Secretary

Rachel Levine. I did not edit this photo.

I have a series called That Was Actually The News, which examines crazy or hard-to-believe stories that make the news, sometimes with jabs at the outlets that consider these occurrences news. For the first time, I have my doubts that the category could do it justice. Wait ‘til you find out why.

President Elect Joe Biden has just appointed his health secretary. And it is a transsexual woman.

We’re really in for it, now.

Rachel Levine, who previously served as Health Secretary of the state of Pennsylvania, had been selected by Joe Biden as his Health Secretary. Rachel identified as a man for the first 50 years of her(?) life, before deciding she’d rather be a woman, breaking up with her wife over the delusion.

Rachel is also known for blowing her stack when an interviewer used the wrong pronouns on her, accidentally. I know that not every transsexual is militant about it, but there is an outspoken few who actually view misgendering as a form of assault.

And as though that weren’t bad enough, she was the one who ordered people who tested positive for COVID-19 into nursing homes, where they became surrounded by people especially susceptible to fatalities through complications. If you still haven’t figured out why that’s stupid, just read that last sentence again until you figure it out. No reader left behind!

With her new position of power, Rachel can be expected to spew intersectional propaganda under the guise of science, while shaping the medical world to the image of a sexual proclamation that only about 0.5% of people identify with, alienating the remaining 99.5% of people who are better in touch with reality.

Additionally, Biden wishes to impose 100 days of mask-wearing on all Americans, as though the results would be any different from the previous 300 days of doing the same.

Biden also wants to stick the arms of 100 million Americans (just under 1/3 of the population) with a vaccine that might actually cause sterilization, in under 100 days.

Incidentally, the vaccine manufacturer has been indemnified against claims of harmful side effects. Suspicious?

As creepy as all this is, ol’ sleepy Joe hasn’t even been inaugurated, yet.

A man pretending to be a woman is now one of the most powerful physicians on earth. Dark days are ahead for the medical world.

Children’s Book Author Arrested for Child Abuse

Not pictured: starvation and savage beatings.

When I think about friends, I think about hanging out with the guys and accomplishing a whole lot of nothin’. What friendship doesn’t bring to mind is vicious beatings and locking people up in a room.

Floridan Jennifer Wolfthal wrote a children’s book about friendship (pictured above) so one might think she knows a few things about friendship. But, apparently she is not very well practiced in her professed area of expertise.

This is the conclusion that one can come to when one of her children arrived at a hospital with suspicious injuries. A subsequent investigation of her home found that several of her children had signs of abuse and malnutrition.

Jennifer’s husband initially covered for her, but he later admitted that she abused her children. When the abuse got bad enough for him to intervene, he claimed, Jennifer responded by attacking the man. He even claimed that she locked him in a laundry room to punish him.

If this is true, it sounds like this Jennifer was quite the vicious beast. How she was able to overcome and lock up a grown man is an interesting question, but it stands to reason that a few malnourished children were no match for her.

This story isn’t getting a whole lot of coverage from the usual three-letter networks, which may have a lot to do with the fact that it doesn’t quite fit the narrative. I mean, a woman being on the administering side of abuse? Who’d have thunk it?

Believe it or not, women actually can be abusive. In fact, they generally are better at getting away with it because they know how to take advantage of perceptions that favor them. In many cases, it’s psychological abuse, which is sometimes dismissed as not being real abuse, further enabling the abusers to continue in the abuse they know they can get away with.

I suppose that’s yet more reason to be careful about the people you make friends with. Perhaps that would have been a great point for Jennifer to have made in her book.

If you’re wondering what Jennifer Wolfthal is up to now, she’s since been released on $76,000 bail, and her children are now in protective custody. She had a WordPress page, but it since went private, which probably has to do with the fact that she’s not as big a fan of taking abuse as she is of dishing it out.

I’m no psychic, but I suspect that she’s going to be spending some time behind bars, where she’ll learn why locking people up is a hurtful thing through empirical observation. Then there’s the abuse… There’s a reason why people who abuse children are singled out for the worst treatment in prison. People in prison would give anything to see their children again, but Jennifer abused hers.

When it comes to this kind of thing, “innocent until proven guilty” usually holds up. But considering the preponderance of evidence, the occurrence of the alleged crimes seems certain. Still, she’s in the hands of the legal system now, so don’t go doing anything stupid. She’s the monster, not you.

Get a Load of This: Intersectionalists Illustrate the Most Naive Place on Earth

What the flip is this I don’t even.

If you’re like me, daydreaming can take you to places with ninja ladies, Nintendo, and nachos aplenty. This is because the typical man knows what rocks.

What would a militant feminist daydream about? There’s a reason that no one asks them, and that’s because they aggressively beat us over the head with it, regardless of whether anyone cares to know about it.

They don’t have artistic merit among them, but the U.N. scraped up the best they could come up with to show us the feminist utopia. You pretty much already saw it above, but here it is again, submitted for your amused disbelief:

Even ancient Greece in all its philosophical vanity, rampant pederasty, and unconstitutional democracy couldn’t produce something this insane.

This locale, called Equiterra, threatens to unseat CWCville as Empress Regnant of deluded paracosms. It’s intended to showcase what an ideal society would look like in the eyes of an intersectional feminist.

It’s a huge, voluminous mountain of horse puckey, to the point that the prospect of making fun of it can take even a seasoned satirist aback. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll pick an arbitrary point and then proceed on whim. Equiterra doesn’t proceed with sensible rules, so I’m under less pressure to do the same.

One thing I notice about Equiterra is the educational presence. This seems positive, until you realize that most degrees are consumer products, and most of them are absolutely useless. Most college towns fuel their economies with the debt of students that move into town, so Equiterra isn’t likely independent, especially considering Equiterra’s relative lack of production. Even if the education were “free”, who would be taxed to make this education possible?

Also, I’m noticing an emphasis on STEM. If women want STEM degrees so bad, they should just go for it. I’m not kidding. The college I went to was so serious about getting women into STEM that they even offered them private dorm rooms, something that men weren’t guaranteed. Even the fringe benefit of being surrounded by all the men they could dream of doesn’t seem to persuade them into STEM.

I noticed a wedding ad, a daycare, and reproductive services. Because Equiterra has no apparent source of food, how are its residents procreating?

There’s a “Violence-Free Alley”, as though violence weren’t already illegal everywhere. …grumble

I noticed Hindus and Muslims co-existing peacefully near the Inclusion Square, which brings to mind just how well these groups get along in places like India. I did take notice of the lone Jew planting a tree, showing that at least one Jew survived the attempt to bring Utopia about, this time around.

But notice any signs of Christianity? Me neither. That’s kinda unrealistic, considering that it’s the most popular religion on earth. I suppose all the talk about sin, reconciliation, Natural Law, and superordinate principle made the untalented artist uncomfortable. Kinda like Hitler.

There’s a centre for recycling toxic masculinity, somehow. It’s pretty far from the only element that suggests that men are the only ones that need behavioral modification. While men have a view of women as idyllic, the fact is, women amongst themselves can be highly toxic, and sometimes even vicious. Don’t question how I know.

Also, we can do away with the notion that men are the only sources of sexual aggression, because women are certainly capable of the same. Though I suppose that not all men have made the same observation.

Equiterra has a government building, and to no one’s surprise, it’s filled with people sitting around, accomplishing not-a-damn-thing. When you’ve already screwed over all the freedoms that people already had, what would they have left to do?

Quick, how many vehicles did you notice in all of Equiterra? The recycling truck? And that’s it? Exactly. The already-dark environmentalist dystopia gets even darker with the implication that there’s no easy way out.

Not pictured is the wall citizens are climbing to escape, because people prefer a world where they can eat steak and have sex.

As ridiculous as Equiterra is, I almost want to see someone attempt it, preferably avoiding the bloodshed and genocide that precedes most failing utopias. If the U.N. thinks a town like this is such a great idea, let’s see them fund it. It’s hard to imagine they would, as the financiers of such a project would likely anticipate the return on their investment in a completely non-productive society. There’d also be an awkward moment in which they’d have to explain why they are turning down the pitch, in such a way that doesn’t explicitly confess that their professed political ideology is woefully insufficient for building a successful organized society.

“So, you want a few schools, a laboratory, your own government, oodles of reproductive services, a male toxicity treatment plant, and let’s not forget a fashion boutique. I’m double-checking; are you sure you’re not interested in any agriculture? Okay then, how many unicorns can we put you down for?”

The investment banker we all envy.

Maybe if it has a feminist tinge, socialism will finally be accepted as the real thing when it’s attempted, and we can finally apply the book-end to one of history’s most miserably stupid ideas.

Chauvinist Restaurant Shutters Doors

Handsome Her sign.png

A sexist Australian eatery is set to close. Because, of course it is. It’s sexist.

The sign pictured above was posted at Handsome Her, an Australian diner that gathered media attention, and many negative reviews, for its controversial chauvinist stance against men. Except it did a terrible job of riding the wave of controversy, because I didn’t even notice that it existed until it was time for the place to shut down.

Because rule number 3 in the sign above is ideologically incompatible with their first two rules, there’s little reason to suspect that the restaurant owner would possess the clarity of mind to last long in the highly-competitive restaurant business. But the restaurant staff gives us more reason to doubt them:

“We tried to demonstrate ways of doing business more ethically and responsibly by abandoning take-away cups, single use straws and napkins, by shopping locally and supporting woman owned businesses.”

As it turns out, making business choices informed by chauvinism and fad environmentalism doesn’t result in a lasting business. And, to further limit the appeal of their business, it’s also vegan. It’s almost as though Handsome Her is challenging as few people to give a care as possible.

Because the gender-wage gap has been debunked many, many times, there probably isn’t very much I can say about it that hasn’t already been said. But there is another aspect to the matter that doesn’t come up as often. It may very well be that most feminists are ignorant to the true nature of the gender wage myth. But it’s hard to imagine that all of them are so naive that they wouldn’t see past the obvious lie, but they peddle it anyway, recognizing it’s usefulness in cultivating a following. In either case, it looks really bad.

When it comes to a following, quality matters a lot more than quantity. When a lie is used to recruit, it cultivates a following of the gullible. The propagation of the gender wage myth to further the feminist cause has a lot to do with why the typical feminist is an overly-vocal ignoramus.

As I’ve said before, if it’s necessary to lie to get people to accept what you’re trying to sell them, perhaps you shouldn’t believe it, either.

You want to know something interesting? If you want to expose someone as being misinformed, just let them keep talking. The more they say, the more inconsistencies you’ll find in their arguments, and the sillier their non-sequiturs. The best part is, they’ll have no idea that, by giving them a platform, you’re really not doing them any favors.

“We strived to bring lesbianism back into fashion. What, you didn’t know it was out of fashion? Well for many of us, it is.”

I know that lesbians can speak for themselves, but I suspect that many of them would agree that it’s not a fashion choice. But considering that we’re talking about restaurant management that actually believes that it can sell chauvinism to a progressive society, it’s hard to put the idea past them.

“The Man Tax blew up the internet – an idea that we didn’t think was all too radical. Yet the way the world responded showed us how fragile masculinity is and solidified the necessity for us to confront and dismantle patriarchy.”

There’s something amusing about the self-centered morality and lack of introspection it takes to perceive a crime and then wonder at the backlash for committing the same crime. Also, hypocrisy. There’s that, too.

“Yes, we are the evil, discriminatory, man-hating dykes who charge men more when didn’t you know the wage gap doesn’t even exist!?”

If you know that the problem isn’t real, then you’re the malicious kind of recruiter. Again, if you have to lie to get people to go along with you, maybe it’s not a worthy cause.

“…While it is a shame to lose the physical space (and we understand how essential it is for women and lesbians to hold space),”

It’s because feminists love having a nexus with which to formulate collective action. For some reason, feminists do almost nothing outside of collective action. You see, if men get upset over something, we act for ourselves, even if it means that we are acting alone. We don’t have any need to run anything by a group, nor do we need to stew over a perceived wrong until a weekly gathering. Could it be that feminists don’t have real confidence?

“Meanwhile gentlemen’s social clubs live on and strong around Melbourne and the world over…”

“Gentlemen’s social clubs” exist because “gentlemen” like women. Natch. It’s a preference that’s apparently shared by the Handsome Her zeitgeist, so one could imagine that the restaurant owners could at least empathize.

It’s been a short ride, Handsome Her. I imagine that you’ll find more swords to fall upon in your quest to make whatever point it is that you’re trying to make.

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