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PETA wants to ban animal name insults

PETA is no stranger to taking offense on behalf of animals. Now, they’re taking offense to the use of certain animal names as slangs, and are suggesting alternatives.

Examples include exchanging the slang “chicken” for “coward”, “rat” for “snitch”, and “snake” for “jerk”. PETA’s objection is on the reasoning that they imply that humans are superior.

Humans are superior to animals, and I can make the case for it, easily.

Suppose a race of extraterrestrials wanted to wipe out life on earth because they want an oxygen-rich terran planet on which to build an immense parking lot. Who do you suppose stands the best chance of stopping them?

Cats? No, they’ll be too busy destroying yet another set of drapes, while being too stupid to know why this pisses you off.

Dogs? No, they can’t even perform simple calculus.

Whales? Of course not. What do they even do?

If you answered “humans”, you’d be right. We’d be the most likely ones to detect those invaders the moment they’d enter our solar system, then vaporize them with all the ridiculously awesome weapons that we’ve been developing in the eons we’ve spent fighting each other.

Animals are like those worthless coworkers who have no idea how to do their jobs without making everything worse, so the best they could do would be to just stay out of the way. Except animals can justify their existences by being edible, and if they can prevent a bunch of humans from going hungry, they’ll have done their part in the effort to eventually save life on earth.

As for PETA, if they think humans are so mean, they’re free to go graze in a field, somewhere, and discover just how enlightened animals really are. And if they were to be eaten by some carnivorous or parasitic animals, they’d at least bring up the average number of humans who understand how the world works.

You can now “fight against disinformation” on Twitter with an app that blocks New York Times

Remember when using the internet meant curating your own content, and not having it done for you by a tech monolith that’s so rich, they could afford to buy the rights to colors, and are making no effort to conceal their agenda?

If you do, I just found something that might get the comments buzzing on your Xanga or LiveJournal: an app developer has just produced an app that blocks New York Times on Twitter!

The app, called Block The New York Times, works by blocking 800 NYT contributors, and it’s activated with just one click.

As you are likely already aware, corporate information media like Twitter and Facebook have acted on concerns over “misinformation”, such as asking the wrong questions about the 2020 election, making the wrong observations about the coronavirus apocalypse, or otherwise engaging in wrongthink.

But for some reason, the media oligarchs are being lax about the greater concern over corporate misinformation. In light of this oversight, it’s great that an app developer has risen to the challenge of taking on corporate misinformation that social media outlets have actively promoted, perhaps accidentally.

Thanks to Block The New York Times, each of us can now do a bit more to bring the internet back to its golden age of individual self-curation.

TWAT News: Transsexual Appointed Health Secretary

Rachel Levine. I did not edit this photo.

I have a series called That Was Actually The News, which examines crazy or hard-to-believe stories that make the news, sometimes with jabs at the outlets that consider these occurrences news. For the first time, I have my doubts that the category could do it justice. Wait ‘til you find out why.

President Elect Joe Biden has just appointed his health secretary. And it is a transsexual woman.

We’re really in for it, now.

Rachel Levine, who previously served as Health Secretary of the state of Pennsylvania, had been selected by Joe Biden as his Health Secretary. Rachel identified as a man for the first 50 years of her(?) life, before deciding she’d rather be a woman, breaking up with her wife over the delusion.

Rachel is also known for blowing her stack when an interviewer used the wrong pronouns on her, accidentally. I know that not every transsexual is militant about it, but there is an outspoken few who actually view misgendering as a form of assault.

And as though that weren’t bad enough, she was the one who ordered people who tested positive for COVID-19 into nursing homes, where they became surrounded by people especially susceptible to fatalities through complications. If you still haven’t figured out why that’s stupid, just read that last sentence again until you figure it out. No reader left behind!

With her new position of power, Rachel can be expected to spew intersectional propaganda under the guise of science, while shaping the medical world to the image of a sexual proclamation that only about 0.5% of people identify with, alienating the remaining 99.5% of people who are better in touch with reality.

Additionally, Biden wishes to impose 100 days of mask-wearing on all Americans, as though the results would be any different from the previous 300 days of doing the same.

Biden also wants to stick the arms of 100 million Americans (just under 1/3 of the population) with a vaccine that might actually cause sterilization, in under 100 days.

Incidentally, the vaccine manufacturer has been indemnified against claims of harmful side effects. Suspicious?

As creepy as all this is, ol’ sleepy Joe hasn’t even been inaugurated, yet.

A man pretending to be a woman is now one of the most powerful physicians on earth. Dark days are ahead for the medical world.

TWAT News: Woman Betrays Family Over Her Own Sexuality

Most of us would know that betraying one’s own family is an enormous no-no, so I don’t have to labor that point.

But it seems like not everyone is on the same page, because a Massachusetts woman outed her own family after discovering an online video of them from the capitol siege.

Her decision came after she was criticized by her family for her sexuality, and for wanting to participate in the BLM riots peaceful protests, probably because something about the rampant destruction civil protests made her feel left out.

Notice how she speaks of her decision as though it was hard on her:

“It was an emotional thing to decide to do this but at the same time if I did nothing I was, I felt that I was as bad as them,”

Helena Duke

Oh, how hard it must have been on Helena to cause her family members to face possible criminal charges, and may have even cost her mother her job.

But at least she got something out of the deal, and that’s the feeling of self-satisfaction that comes with standing up for her freedom to get it on with a woman, even though she was a grown woman, and could make her own choices with her life, anyhow.

I’ve heard that Helena has since raised some money on crowdfunding. At this point, I think it’s clear that she could use as much help as she could get. After all, she betrayed her family, so unless she already has the means to support herself, she likely has a long future of being a drain on society ahead of her.

If you’re thinking of befriending her, you might want to be careful about that. To understand why, pay close attention to something she already said:

“It was an emotional thing to decide to do this but at the same time if I did nothing I was, I felt that I was as bad as them,

Helena Duke, bold added

As bad as it is that she has treachery against her own family in her history, like many leftists, Helena Duke believes in guilt by association. If you slip up around her even slightly, she’ll feel an obligation to turn against you too, out of self-preservation.

We’ve been warned lately that the left eats their own. We can take their word for it when they warn us about it themselves.

Legacy media seems to be sticking up for Helena, and at this point, I doubt I’d be fooling very many people if I were to pretend to be surprised. If leftist institutions and their followers are in collective agreement that betraying family is okay, and they’re open about it, we can at least thank them for being up-front about their real values.

Don’t Buy Star Wars: The High Republic, Says Author Justina Ireland

Justina Ireland, fighting the patriarchy by writing boring sci-fi.

The author of the first novel in the new Star Wars setting, The High Republic, has told us not to purchase her new novel, and told us not to waste our time.

That’s not the full context, of course. But in light of that, it wouldn’t get any better, as it would demonstrate that a large faction of the Star Wars creative team and its leadership still haven’t learned their lesson.

The drama began when Ireland criticized a Twitter thread which involved a 9-year-old girl attempting to use a can opener. She was welcome to her criticism, and the routine sounds like it wasn’t my cup of tea. But hey, considering all the kids out there that think they understand the world better than grownups that have been around longer, there’s a place for yet more documented evidence of children failing to accomplish basic tasks.

However, that Ireland directed her vitriol towards white men in particular was an indication of a certain weakness, political in nature, that has been prominent among the low-information crowd.

You can read the exchange on Bounding Into Comics’ page, but succinctly, a commenter pointed out that it was still bad for business for content creators to continue practicing divisive politics, to which Ireland responded by doubling down hard.

Justina Ireland warned us about her book, telling us, “The problem is, if you don’t like my politics and my beliefs and my moral compass you aren’t going to like my books so let’s just go ahead and save everyone some time.”

When one uses their creative outlet as a vehicle to push their politics, there is a great potential for awkwardness, and a large portion of the audience is likely to be alienated, and discontinue participation. Sound like an expression in modern parlance?

Matters are not looking favorable for Ireland, considering that she’s apparently a far-leftist. If you’ve had to confront one, you’re already familiar with their tactics, which involves calling the other side names and and aggressively insulting their intelligence until their opposition (theoretically) bows down to their intellectual supremacy. What it comes down to is that either you’re marching in perfect lock-step with them, or you’re an X-ophobe, where “X” is a variable where they insert a descriptor for a supposedly-marginalized group, apparently at random.

We know that Disney is capable of producing excellent Star Wars content. The Mandalorian proved that by telling an interesting story with great new characters, and with cameos with established characters that people already care about. But it seems as though not everyone at Disney gets it, as Ireland is indicating that it’s reasonable to expect her books to become another reminder of the world’s problems, rather than the escape one might have preferred from fiction.

It’s gotten to the point that, if fans know that a writer has leftist politics, they’re quick to write off what they come up with. That’s because leftists are bad at telling stories without bringing in their politics. It didn’t take long for Justina Ireland to share her politics, and it doesn’t bode well for Star Wars: Glowstick Party of Friendship.

Deplatforming: A Surprising Reason Why the Right is Better With Tech

The printing press (circa. 18th century), how Christians overcame censorship.

The free-speech elements of the right have just faced deplatforming due to Amazon’s decision to boot Parler from its servers, resulting in the temporary unavailability of the closest thing Twitter has ever had to a competitor.

While the left has long enjoyed the image of the resourceful managerial technocrat, their own proficiency with tech is overstated, they tend to overestimate their own intellect, and they underestimate the capabilities of their opponents.

Because of the establishment position of the left in big tech, they have a certain capacity for silencing the opposition through deplatforming, a capacity that they have abused for years. However, establishment is not the same thing as proficiency, and by repeatedly deplatforming their opposition, they have incentivized their opposition to learn to overcome the barriers that have been presented to them.

The irony is that while the left fancies itself as gurus of tech, most of them don’t know much about tech outside of end-user experience, and they tend to become conditioned to ease. Meanwhile, the right becomes nimble, being forced to do so by necessity.

For a person to say that they are excellent with tech just because they use devices is as naïve as saying that they understand cars because they drive them, or that they are excellent artists because they’ve used an expensive set of paints.

When a person is censored, they don’t give up on their ideology. Rather, they adapt, finding different channels through which they can connect, and they continue to speak to an audience willing to listen.

Christianity didn’t vanish because it was censored by the Roman Catholic system, it was driven underground. In time, Christians came to operate printing presses, by which point, they became unstoppable. Christians could print the Gospels faster than the Catholics could confiscate them, and as a result, people came to see that there was something wrong with the Catholic ideology, as it was plainly out of alignment with the clear words of the scriptures, which became available for all the world to read.

It’s interesting to see those who have long fancied themselves as “liberals” celebrating as their intellectual superiors are silencing the opposition through censorship, making it clear that they are not the free-speech advocates they may have claimed to be. However, history echoes their failures, making evident what comes next.

“You’re not the first person to try to rule the universe with a sword of injustice. They all failed. And so will you.”

Goku, Dragonball Z

Get a Load of This: Intersectionalists Illustrate the Most Naive Place on Earth

What the flip is this I don’t even.

If you’re like me, daydreaming can take you to places with ninja ladies, Nintendo, and nachos aplenty. This is because the typical man knows what rocks.

What would a militant feminist daydream about? There’s a reason that no one asks them, and that’s because they aggressively beat us over the head with it, regardless of whether anyone cares to know about it.

They don’t have artistic merit among them, but the U.N. scraped up the best they could come up with to show us the feminist utopia. You pretty much already saw it above, but here it is again, submitted for your amused disbelief:

Even ancient Greece in all its philosophical vanity, rampant pederasty, and unconstitutional democracy couldn’t produce something this insane.

This locale, called Equiterra, threatens to unseat CWCville as Empress Regnant of deluded paracosms. It’s intended to showcase what an ideal society would look like in the eyes of an intersectional feminist.

It’s a huge, voluminous mountain of horse puckey, to the point that the prospect of making fun of it can take even a seasoned satirist aback. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin. So I’ll pick an arbitrary point and then proceed on whim. Equiterra doesn’t proceed with sensible rules, so I’m under less pressure to do the same.

One thing I notice about Equiterra is the educational presence. This seems positive, until you realize that most degrees are consumer products, and most of them are absolutely useless. Most college towns fuel their economies with the debt of students that move into town, so Equiterra isn’t likely independent, especially considering Equiterra’s relative lack of production. Even if the education were “free”, who would be taxed to make this education possible?

Also, I’m noticing an emphasis on STEM. If women want STEM degrees so bad, they should just go for it. I’m not kidding. The college I went to was so serious about getting women into STEM that they even offered them private dorm rooms, something that men weren’t guaranteed. Even the fringe benefit of being surrounded by all the men they could dream of doesn’t seem to persuade them into STEM.

I noticed a wedding ad, a daycare, and reproductive services. Because Equiterra has no apparent source of food, how are its residents procreating?

There’s a “Violence-Free Alley”, as though violence weren’t already illegal everywhere. …grumble

I noticed Hindus and Muslims co-existing peacefully near the Inclusion Square, which brings to mind just how well these groups get along in places like India. I did take notice of the lone Jew planting a tree, showing that at least one Jew survived the attempt to bring Utopia about, this time around.

But notice any signs of Christianity? Me neither. That’s kinda unrealistic, considering that it’s the most popular religion on earth. I suppose all the talk about sin, reconciliation, Natural Law, and superordinate principle made the untalented artist uncomfortable. Kinda like Hitler.

There’s a centre for recycling toxic masculinity, somehow. It’s pretty far from the only element that suggests that men are the only ones that need behavioral modification. While men have a view of women as idyllic, the fact is, women amongst themselves can be highly toxic, and sometimes even vicious. Don’t question how I know.

Also, we can do away with the notion that men are the only sources of sexual aggression, because women are certainly capable of the same. Though I suppose that not all men have made the same observation.

Equiterra has a government building, and to no one’s surprise, it’s filled with people sitting around, accomplishing not-a-damn-thing. When you’ve already screwed over all the freedoms that people already had, what would they have left to do?

Quick, how many vehicles did you notice in all of Equiterra? The recycling truck? And that’s it? Exactly. The already-dark environmentalist dystopia gets even darker with the implication that there’s no easy way out.

Not pictured is the wall citizens are climbing to escape, because people prefer a world where they can eat steak and have sex.

As ridiculous as Equiterra is, I almost want to see someone attempt it, preferably avoiding the bloodshed and genocide that precedes most failing utopias. If the U.N. thinks a town like this is such a great idea, let’s see them fund it. It’s hard to imagine they would, as the financiers of such a project would likely anticipate the return on their investment in a completely non-productive society. There’d also be an awkward moment in which they’d have to explain why they are turning down the pitch, in such a way that doesn’t explicitly confess that their professed political ideology is woefully insufficient for building a successful organized society.

“So, you want a few schools, a laboratory, your own government, oodles of reproductive services, a male toxicity treatment plant, and let’s not forget a fashion boutique. I’m double-checking; are you sure you’re not interested in any agriculture? Okay then, how many unicorns can we put you down for?”

The investment banker we all envy.

Maybe if it has a feminist tinge, socialism will finally be accepted as the real thing when it’s attempted, and we can finally apply the book-end to one of history’s most miserably stupid ideas.

Has DuckDuckGo been compromised?

A couple years ago, I took interest in DuckDuckGo while looking for alternatives to Google’s products and services. DuckDuckGo’s appeal was that it was a search engine that protects the privacy of its users, and that search results from DuckDuckGo faced relatively little censorship.

That last point is particularly important when looking for news outlets, as mainstream search engines usually prop up corporate information media with a clear left-wing bias. When a search engine is being trusted to provide information sources, and the corporate entity providing the search engine has a left-wing bias, there’s a clear conflict of interest, and they cannot be trusted to provide honest, unfiltered results.

While privacy is important, what’s especially important to me is that search results, particularly news results, remain unfiltered by the political biases of those presenting the information. In recent times, it has been especially challenging to find search engines that aren’t only pro-privacy, but also free speech.

It’s because of this that it’s disturbing that DuckDuckGo has been making donations to far-left groups, as was pointed out in the following video:

If you’re trusting a search engine such as DuckDuckGo to keep you informed as to what’s really happening in the world, it should be relevant to you that the same search engine may be making substantial donations to groups focused on ensuring that news outlets are presenting exclusively left-wing perspectives.

If you’re interested in something more tangible, I’ve conducted a simple, trivial experiment to see what sources pop up when running the search term, news, then opening the “News” tab. I performed this experiment using the DuckDuckGo search engine, and the following list is of the first ten sources:

  • CNN
  • ABC
  • TechCrunch
  • Business Insider
  • Forbes
  • Washington Post
  • Business Insider
  • Reuters
  • ABC

All of which are corporate sources, typically propped up by big tech, and whose appeal is to your parents and grandparents, who remember with rose-colored glasses the days of old when corporate media had uncontested control of information.

Next, I did the same with Yippy, a search engine that provides relevant results by grouping results into clusters. Here are the first ten news sources:

  • InfoWars
  • OANN
  • NY Post
  • Breitbart
  • Washington Examiner
  • Fox News
  • Media ITE
  • Townhall
  • InfoWars
  • OANN

InfoWars is pretty far from my first source of news. But putting that aside, I notice that this is an eclectic mix from a broad spectrum of political positions. Better still, these are mostly new media outlets, more relevant in today’s more connected world.

Out of curiousity, I decided to do the same with Google.

  • The Guardian
  • CNN
  • NPR
  • BBC News
  • Business Insider
  • NBC News
  • Seattle Times
  • BBC News
  • CNN
  • The Guardian

More of the three-letter networks, all presenting the exact same product with the exact same bias.

The internet, as it was in the 2000s, was a huge, free-and-open marketplace of ideas, permeated by diversity of thought. Today, if the internet were to be presented by to you by DuckDuckGo and Google, you’d be hearing the same idea over and over again, continually delivered by the same professional liars.

Because big tech has long-since been subverted by the far left in a manner reminiscent of Hydra’s infiltration of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s easy to be black-pilled into thinking that any attempt to make a free speech platform would be self-defeating, considering an inevitable subversion funded from the enormous wealth of the hot-tub elites of big tech. As they are today, the free speech advocates of the intellectual dark web don’t have the kind of sophistication as those looking for any excuse to silence them.

Rather than lose hope, what we should take from developments like this is that, as the free-speech advocates and diverse thinkers of the digital age, we have to be willing to change things up when one platform loses its viability.

Similarly, if a church-goer discovers that his church has doctrines that are in direct contradiction of the Scriptures, would he continually attend, knowing full-well that the sermons are lying to him? Would he continue to tithe, knowing that he was funding deceit?

As a preventative measure, free-speech platforms should make a policy of gatekeeping when it comes to positions of influence in the company, to ensure that those who can influence the direction of the company has the company’s philosophy in mind. After all, if a company’s philosophy is lost, that company loses its reason to exist, and becomes yet another corporate husk that justifies its existence solely through profits, competing with dozens of other media companies offering the exact same product in the short time they have left.

Creepy New Website Doxxes Trump Supporters

A new website has popped up which doxxes Trump supporters. Specifically, it doxxes those who have made financial contributions to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

The site claims the information it provides is of “Americans who Give Money to Support a Racist.” Donald Trump has condemned racism, though the left likes to pretend that he didn’t.

The site’s information was made available due to the fact that those who make campaign contributions must share their full name and address. But there’s a further twist to a site that’s already substantially twisted: it abuses MapQuest by providing directions to their homes.

To the surprise of absolutely no one in the entire universe, the site’s registering company is based in California, which has a substantially different culture as compared to the rest of the civilized world.

It’s pretty obvious that the purpose of the site is intimidation. It’s existence is to make the point that if you donate to Trump, some violent out-of-control freaks are going to come for you.

As one could imagine, there’s so much potential for this to backfire. For one thing, Trump supporters and conservatives in general actually work for a living, and as a consequence, can get to be physically fit without even going to the gym. They might have dogs, too. Not those wimpy little comfort animals that weirdos take with them to grocery stores in their purses, I mean real dogs.

Then there’s the fact that they’re likely to have guns. Let that sink in, and you’ll realize that your usual Antifa pansy that’s about as lanky as those pictured above would do well not to antagonize their political opponents, as the resulting one-sided stomp-fest would be quite predictable.

Not that that’s any skin off the website maintainer(s) face, since its whole point is to make other people fight their battles for them.

The existence of the site provides an illustration of the worldview of the extreme left; they are polarized to the point that they actually believe that their political opponents are the worst people, and that anything they can do against them would be justified. They actually believe that attacking ordinary people is doing service to mankind because they convinced themselves that they’re targeting the worst of humanity.

While you’re asleep at night, or while you’re at work, or while you’re feeding your family, some creep in another state is conspiring against someone just like you, all the while performing psychological gymnastics to convince themselves that they are taking on Nazis and white supremacists.

But in their unhinged minds, they fail to comprehend that America would be measurably more peaceful if their own kind populated the prison system, where they belong.

The left’s finest weapon against the forces of fascism would be introspection, if they were to develop it.

Biden’s Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization?

Sometimes, it happens that a person says the wrong thing, but we all know what they meant. However, Joe Biden had just made (yet another) gaffe that has some people suspicious that it’s less of a mistake and more of a Freudian slip.

Here’s what the Presidential nominee had to say:

“We’re in a situation where we have put together – and you guys did it for our admi … the president, Obama’s administration before this – we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”

Interpreters the world over immediately got to work to figure out just what it was he said. However, one flub in particular stands out:

“we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”

It’s possible Biden meant to say something other than fraud, but Joe himself might be the only one who knows for sure, but even then, I have doubts. But because it’s difficult to place what he meant, it might actually be a case of accidentally saying the quiet part out loud.

It’s also possible that someone hacked the world’s most influential teleprompter. Our own guys really need to step it up, because it’s looking like the Russians are the only ones that are any good at hacking stuff.

(By the way, that was a joke, not a challenge. I know that American intelligence agencies excel at spying on Americans.)

What makes Biden different from your usual politician is the sheer number of gaffes that come right from him, such as this gem from just last night, when he forgot who he was running against:

‘Four more years of George, er, George, er, he – we’re going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world,’ 

His wife, who was present, appeared to silently correct him, but it’s amusing that he said the same name again as he attempted to correct himself.

FYI: George W. Bush hasn’t run for office since 2004.

What I find amusing is his sentiment that ‘if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world’. Nice try, Biden. But Trump was already elected. He’s up for re-election; he’s the incumbent.

If you’re a Biden supporter, you’ll be relieved to know that he’s called a lid on press events until the election, reducing the likelihood that your guy will slip up on camera.