TWAT News: CNN says cuckolding is great.

cuckold-printThis image came up in a DuckDuckGo search for “cuckolding”. It’s insane.

If I told you that there was a mainstream media outlet that came out in support of cuckolding, there might be some of you left that would still be surprised. Once that short-lived initial shock wears off, no surprise would follow that the mainstream media outlet in question is CNN.

Here is a link to the article. On the unlikely chance that CNN realizes what a stupid idea the article was and takes it down, you might be able to find it with the Wayback Machine.

Because CNN has become a champion of cuckolding, they would of course attempt to redefine it in a positive light, while taking aim at the supposed oppressiveness of the institution of marriage. Being predominantly left-wing, it follows that CNN doesn’t have a clue how to have a successful marriage.

There’s more to cuckolding than it merely being an adulterous affair. Cuckolding involves knowing that one’s wife is sleeping with another man, but doing nothing to stop it. It’s an insult because it’s a sign that the man is weak-willed and unable to maintain his authority in his own house. If a man knows that some other man is doing his wife, the natural reaction is for him to close up all the distance between his boot and the man’s ass in as little time as possible.

Because CNN has no problem finding an expert in the art of cuckolding, it follows that these proponents of cuckoldry have brought one in for a few pointers on how to ease your spouse into it:

“I’ve seen men who try to trick their wives into cuckolding them, and this never, ever ends up well.” -David Ley

So, treating your spouse like they’re stupid is likely to upset them. No kidding. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling me that most men have fantasized about it, as though that somehow makes it a good idea to try.

Lehmiller surveyed thousands of Americans and found that 58% of men and about a third of women had fantasized about cuckolding. -The CNN article

Because we all know that presenting unrealistically high numbers is how you turn a sexual quirk into a human rights movement. Whether it was intentional that someone’s wife is likely to read the article and come to the conclusion that her husband has a 58% chance of being a pervert, it’s hard to tell. Considering that leftists have become determined to ruin marriage at every turn, I have my suspicions.

Marriages are for people who win at life. Consider all the hurdles that a person has to overcome to come to the point that they marry another human being.

First, a person has to be able to overcome an education system that is run by passive-aggressive state employees who hate their jobs and couldn’t care less what becomes of you. The objective is to come away with some pretty good grades.

Next, a person must continue their education by pursuing a skilled trade. This involves more effort than the previous diploma-mill that merely processes a child until high school graduation, because now the person has to learn skills that are actually useful.

After that, that person has to use their skill to play a job market and attempt to get hired to a job that doesn’t pay total garbage. It helps if the skill from the previous step is one that employers have a use for. Auto mechanics are usually well-off. English majors, not so much.

Finally, that person will want to make enough money to afford a place to live, a car, plenty to eat, and have enough money left over to convince someone else that they can live comfortably with them. Afterwards, a person who previously massaged their own genitals can enjoy the luxury of having someone else do it for them.

After all that effort, you can be sure that if someone else moved in on a guy’s source of hard-earned fun, he’d go after that someone and ruin his day, and probably quite a few of his days afterwards.

Marriage is for winners, and cuckolding is for losers. Now we know which side of the matter CNN is on.

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