EDC: Stuff that I carry around


Above is a picture of a few things that I carry about from day-to-day, just about every day. This isn’t necessarily everything I carry from day-to-day, and I might decide to stop carrying a certain item or start carrying something new. From the picture above, you might see that some of these items are worn. That’s because I really do carry them around a lot.

By number:

1. Comb
Sometimes wind can mess up the hair. Having a comb on your person is convenient for doing your hair back up again.

2. Carabiner
The carabiner pictured here is not considered load-bearing, which may be a reason to trade up for one that is. However, this one functions well for what it does: it’s easy to add keyrings to it or remove them, and can even hold some of the other items on this list.

3. USB flash drive
A very handy item in this digital age, it allows one to carry files about. If a friend finds a cool picture that you think would be a neat desktop background, you can copy it to a flash drive and take it home with you. Or you can use it to take work around with you, such as class assignments if you’re a college student.

Among the things I keep on my flash drive:

  • Music
  • A copy of my resume
  • A folder with pictures
  • Sermons in MP3 format
  • School assignments
  • Some freeware games, which can come in handy if I’m bored and my own computer is not around
  • Several books in PDF format
  • Some charts which can be handy for electronics technicians
  • PDF copies of booklets produced by my church
  • And other things

By the way, my flash drive is actually a Micro SD card adapter, so the content is actually stored on an SD card, which makes the combination compatible with more electronics, such as cell phones.

4. Mini roll of Gorilla Tape
Gorilla Tape is like duct tape, but with a much stronger adhesive. I folded a paper clip so it would have a loop, and I wrapped some Gorilla Tape onto it. This configuration makes it much easier to keep it on a keychain. The Gorilla Tape pictured is the white variety, which holds up better in sunlight.

I have used it before. A young girl’s slipper broke, so I used some of it to hold it together so she could keep wearing it that day. Her older sister happens to be a woman I’m fond of, so it was nice to have the Gorilla Tape on me for that opportunity.

5. LED flashlight
Some businesses offer this kind of flashlight as a freebie, which is really nice considering how useful these things are. I’ve used this in dark places and while it was dark outside. It’s a handy item.

6. Chap Stick
Survivalists might have some uses for lip balm, but I find that this is nice to use for it’s intended purpose: to prevent dry, cracked, or sunburned or wind-burned lips.

7. Mechanical pencil, G2 gel pen, and blank cards folded in half
The mechanical pencil is a Pentel Twist-E Click, which is currently my favorite mechanical pencil. Most mechanical pencils have a small, stubby eraser that wears down quickly. The Pentel Twist-E Click has an adjustable eraser that lasts a while. The G2 gel pen looks like a red pen, but I added black ink to it. The idea was to discourage pen theft, as most people prefer black or blue pens to red ones. As for the blank cards, I find them handy for writing down things like reminders and schedules. I carried a pocket notebook around before, but the cards take up less space, and reminders written on them are more apparent.

Not pictured:
Leatherman Squirt
A nice multitool that can also fit nicely on the carabiner. However, it has a knife on it, so I decided not to take it with me to school.

Cell phone
Right now, I have an inexpensive pay-as-you-go phone. I primarily use it to make calls and send messages. It has a tendency to accidentally dial people while it’s in my pocket, and I’ve lost a lot of minutes because of this already. I often keep this phone in my dorm. However, I also have a Blackberry Torch that is not connected to a wireless network, which I sometimes use to listen to music.

Those are some of the things that I carry about day-to-day. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments section. If you’d like to share what you carry around from day-to-day, you can share in the comments, either by listing them off there or linking to your own list.

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