Stupid T-shirts, and what they say about the people that wear them

Each person has an image that they’re in charge of. Let’s look at a few T-shirts that demonstrate that they don’t know how to manage it.

math t shirt

Nothing says “herp derp” quite like a shirt which tells the world that you detest simple problem solving.

loud t shirt

In apartments, particularly ones in cities, among the most frequent complaints are noisy neighbors. When a person wears a shirt like this, what they are saying with it is that they make a lousy neighbor. The fact that the heart has a stoner face says the rest of what you need to know.

mirror t shirt

A person might find this shirt clever for a few moments, and that’s all the time that they’d need to purchase it on eBay. Afterwards, they’d probably figure out just how unclever it is to buy a T-shirt with a gag that’s incomplete without a mirror in close proximity. But not everyone.

t-shirt fbi

The words: “FBI: Female Body Inspector”. The message: “Please stop questioning my sexuality.” Interestingly, when I found this image, “unisex” was among the tags.

school shirt

Not everyone wants to work for Walmart. The ones that do may as well be the ones that aren’t motivated enough to become qualified to do something else. The message on this shirt is also available on hoodies, so one can nap face-down in class with added isolation or conceal the earbuds that they’re wearing while thinking the teacher doesn’t notice.

Why would anyone want to wear T-shirts like these? And if someone would make T-shirts like these, why wouldn’t they also make T-shirts that advertise that the wearer doesn’t wash his hands? It seems like there are plenty of people that would wear such a thing.

If you tell enough people that it’s possible to be the worst at something, you’ll see some of them race to the bottom. Perhaps it’s because they’re eager to stand out for anything, and they imagine that there’s less competition to be mediocre. However, if you see some of the T-shirts people are wearing, it becomes evident that this is not the case.

2 thoughts on “Stupid T-shirts, and what they say about the people that wear them

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