DJ Dimwits: Failing at a Gathering Near You

If you’ve spent time in malls, cities, or college campuses, you’ve probably run into a DJ dimwit.

What is a DJ dimwit? It’s someone who plays music loudly from their phone as they walk about or do other things around other people. I chose the word “dimwit” to keep this post somewhat family-friendly, but you can probably think of a number of other pejorative adjectives that also start with the letter “D”.

People who listen to rap aren’t the only ones who do this, but they seem to be far more inclined to do it. Another thing I’ve noticed about people who listen to rap is that they seem to spend a lot more money on earbuds and earphones, but not use them (a lot of them complain that they’re broke, though).

There seems to be a positive correlation between how often you hear music from the phones of DJ dimwits and how bad the music is. To demonstrate this correlation, I’ve made a chart:

DJ Dimwit Graph

The trend appears to be that DJ dimwits actively avoid playing anything of quality from their phones. It’s hard to know what to make of this, aside from that they do this as part of a concerted effort to demoralize our society with substandard garbage. Unless their idea of singing is to either talk or bark to a beat.

On the rare occasion that you hear a DJ dimwit play a song that’s good (probably accidentally), they still upset people because they don’t want to hear that song played by a DJ dimwit.

For the most part, DJ dimwits are bad judges of what the rest of us want to hear. It’s kind of like how most streakers at sporting events are male, even though the typical viewer of sporting events are also male. Like the streaker, the DJ dimwit is making an assumption about whether the rest of us care for what they have to share.

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