Venomous snake killed by bite inflicted by toddler

scared king cobra

That title isn’t a typo. According to Fox News Latino, a toddler killed a snake by biting it.

The child’s mother allowed him to play in the yard. When the child was strangely quiet, the mother decided to check on him. When she found her child, the child had a venomous snake in his mouth, which was still alive and trying to escape.

Examination by physicians has determined that there was no venom in the body of the toddler, who was deemed to be in good health. The snake, however, succumbed to its injury.

Is this child in some way related to Chuck Norris? When I see a snake lying on the ground coiled up and minding its business (of laying still or whatever it is snakes do), I admit that I don’t think of it as something I’d want to try to take a big bite of. I wonder whether this child has a normal sense of fear. Even harmless snakes are kind-of scary looking. But this kid, he sees this snake in his yard and thinks something like “I’m gonna bite it.” And he does.

I remember hearing about an ex-marine who was attacked by a mountain lion, and he fended it off with a chainsaw. As awesome as that sounds, he had the assistance of a chainsaw. The toddler who bit a snake, however, killed it using his mouth.

This child might just be starting his career in fighting off animals that grown adults would normally be terrified of. Maybe as an adult he’ll punch walruses and suplex tigers. Not that it would necessarily be called-for, but because he’d be bored and they’d need a reminder not to step out of line.

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