Want to prove that you’re a cool guy? Why not shout at pedestrians?

A while back, I was walking along a sidewalk, when a car passed by and someone shouted something at me. I don’t know what they said, but when someone does something like that, it’s typically some kind of obscenity.

“Great, another one of those guys.” I thought. You know what I mean, it’s yet another half-wit who only has the confidence to shout some mean words at someone because he’s doing so from the safety of a moving vehicle, with no apparent means of retaliation from the recipient.

Then something interesting happened. As he was shouting, he was approaching a traffic light. And it had just turned red.

So there I was, with the opportunity to approach the vehicle, and ask the passenger what he said. I decided to take it. So I walked up to the car and did just that.

Curiously, the passenger of the vehicle didn’t remember saying anything to me. A case of face-to-face amnesia? Whatever it was he said, none of the vehicles two or three other occupants cared to remind him what it was.

So, what did I do after that? I just walked off. Apparently, something about being in arms reach made them lose their nerve. What they did after that, I don’t care, but they presumably sped off at the first opportunity while high-fiving each other over how they handled that situation.

What’s the point of this story? I don’t know. Maybe that there are three or four cowards living in Maryland somewhere. Also, shouting at people from a moving car seems like a pathetic way to try to prove to your friends how cool you are. And if they’re impressed with something that has no risk involved, then their idea of a good time is probably watching the same Monty Python skit a dozen times. Not that I have anything against Monty Python, but there are people out there that can watch the same routine many times and still laugh. I really don’t know why.

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