The botched reveal of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

pokemon ultra sun moon what

Nintendo just announced the next installments of the mainstream Pokemon games, as they showed in the following video.

Wait for it… Wait for it… Really wait for it…

There it is. Right at the end of a three-minute-long promo for the next Pokken Tournament game, we get twenty seconds about the next installments of the mainstream RPG. What earth-shattering new content do they have to show us?

It’s basically going to be a ROM hack. Only this time, Solgaleo and Lunaala have had chunks of Necrozma added to them.

If this sounds kind of familiar, that’s because this has already been done before. And not only that, the previous installment actually looked better:


I know that most Pokemon fans out there that were disappointed by today’s announcement were disappointed for a different reason. They wanted to see a Pokemon Stars version on Nintendo Switch. Me, I was expecting remakes of Diamond and Pearl. The reason being, for several years, the mainstream Pokemon games, whether remake or not, have had a great deal of effort put into them (the new Kalos region, the revamped Hoenn region, the new Alola region). Because of this, I thought it reasonable to guess that Game Freak had moved beyond ROM hacks and that the next games would return to Sinnoh with a region that is completely redressed with a 3D engine.

At the very least, if Game Freak were to show a new Pokemon game, that reveal would come with something more interesting than showing the cover mascots with black chunks superglued onto them.

But, as it turns out, old habits die hard. And what makes this news potentially worse is that these may be the final 7th generation games and the final 3DS Pokemon games, ending the 7th generation of Pokemon with a pathetic whimper.

I know that there will likely be more to show with these games, but I’m still feeling a level of disappointment comparable to the reveal of Metroid Prime Soccer.

The way that they just tacked this announcement to the end of a three minute long promo for a different game makes it seem as though Nintendo didn’t want us to find out about these games. It’s like they knew that we’d be disappointed in it.

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