Genius restaurant owner bans children


A North Carolina restaurant owner got tired of seeing the experiences of his paying customers ruined by poorly-behaving children, so he banned them from his restaurant.

That’s right. A restaurant owner finally developed the nerve to do it. So, let’s hear a round of applause for the restaurant owner, Yoshi Nunez.

The restaurant, named Caruso’s, has banned children under the age of five from entering its doors. As you’d probably expect, this move has resulted in criticism from those who don’t understand why the rest of us would want peace and quiet while spending some quality time with our wives and suitors while eating a steak that cost several hours of wage.

That smug glow of righteousness that comes from virtue signalling about ageism is spouted by people that want to be sure that they can take their screaming children with them anywhere they go, be it to supermarkets, shopping centers, and even to restaurants where their undisciplined bags of ugly noise can deter the prospect of procreating for those of us who are better suited to it.

Predictably enough, once word got out that there was a restaurant that served as a haven from other people’s children, reservations for that restaurant went through the roof. While irresponsible parents may have taken to social media to complain, the rest of us have voted with our money and decided that a kid-free restaurant was just what was needed.

Of course, the many left-wing news websites that reported on this would likely be at a loss once they come to the realization that the restaurant owner that banned children was well within his rights as a business owner to decline service to potential customers for any or no reason. To understand why, remember that these same news websites had no problem with lambasting Christian bakery owners for not making gay wedding cakes in violation of the bakery owner’s religious convictions, in spite of the fact that nearly every other bakery one could have chosen instead is not principled when it comes to this kind of thing.

Of course, the pedophiles would likely be upset by this development, as it would mean one less dating option for them.

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